Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Miserable Gloomy Tuesday

Have you ever had one of those days when everything would just go wrong?

Yeah, depressingly it happened to me today.

I was on the bus to the city, and the bus was getting fuller stop after stop, and there was this cute hot chick lovely young lady who came and sat next to me. The bus went on and on, and suddenly, she looked straight to my face, and said this:

"Hey, are you alright? You looked very worried. Is everything ok?"

I answered politely with a faked smile that everything was fine, and thanked her for her concern.

You see, it takes a lot to actually bring that "troubled-worried" look on my face, and when it does happen, it is dead obvious, and when it happens, things are usually beyond my control.

There are times when everything just does not seem to work the way we intend them to. There are times things just go so wrong that you start to question how unfair the world can be. This morning, was one of the times.

If you ask me now how I am doing, I can honestly tell you I do not know.

However, I all I can say is that I will be fine, and I will survive this.

I know I am meant for something more in this life. I will find it one way or another.

What I usually do to calm myself and find peace in the midst of all chaos and confusion?

I walk. I take a long stroll from the city back to my place via the riverside drive, approximately more than an hour normal-paced walk. I just love the view of the river. I love the feel of the wind crashing on me. I like the sound of the water rushing to the river shore. And the best part of all, I am always amazed by how the sky and waters always relfect the way I feel from the inside.

Dark Gloomy Tuesday

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No matter how dark and gloomy the sky can get, they still look breathtaking. I just hope this would apply to my current situation as well.

Another thing I choose to do in those kind of days, is to indulge in something sinfully sweet.

Gelare Ice-Cream on Waffles with Cream and Syrup

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No wonder people get fat over depression. Sugar helps to calm the nerves.

Do not worry about me, I believe after a good sleep, and a few tuning there and here in few days to come, things will start to look brighter. I have hope, and that hope shall be the strength I use to pull myself through this mess.

No matter how dark and gloomy the day is, I will still look to the sky !!


  1. Ah, the good old pancake comfort food! I think I'm getting fat just lookign at it ... and I'm on a diet!!! :-)

  2. hey dabido,
    aaahhhh.. then u shall look at it MORE !! Screw the diet, ahahahah...

  3. Cheer up robin! You're the robin who looks up and not down remember? Hope it gets better soon, meanwhile..milkshakes at Fast Eddy work pretty well too. (^__^)

  4. Hey di,
    Thanks for ur kind words, I appreciate it !!
    Aaahhhh fast Eddy, I havent stopped there since my return yet !
    Must go there some day...

  5. dude first off thanks for putting up that pic of the gelare waffle! the batter just tastes better than the ones they use to make the waffles in spore!

    secondly, i have no idea what u mean! i was reading your post and was waiting for the part where u say u were walking on murray street and a can of paint fell on u, then u got caught in the rain, missed the last bus, lost your wallet, locked yourself out of your house, computer crashed and all your episodes of grey's anatomy are wiped out and and.... i even read your post twice just to make sure i didnt miss anything!

    so u see its not such a bad day after all if all that didnt happen.


  6. hey marcus,
    yeah, I kinda left every bit of the details out eh? ahahhaha..
    anyways... its not entirely true that none of the things u mentioned happened today though...

    I did, however locked myself out of the house when i rushed out in a hurry to catch a bus with a thousand things going on my mind.

    Sucks though, had to wait for my housemates to come back after working hours...

    Anyway, that is not the part that toubled me, ahahahaha...

    no worries dude, I will be alright.

  7. You know,

    you could've talked to her a lil more and gotten her number or ask her where does she usually hangout. turn ur day into a better one ey? always look forward to the next best thing. be creative. at that moment there... a hottie asks you what's bothering you. gosh. what were u thinking? LOL

  8. hey sammantha,
    creative you are !! unfortunately, that was one of the last few things going on my mind at that time, on normal days, i would gladly do so !!

  9. devil devil devil!

    i miss gelare low fat choc chunk chip yogurt! and of cos tight arse tuesdays in gelare


  10. ey chrissie...
    yeah... gelare must go on tuesdays !! ahahaha...

  11. did u see me waving back down on u?

  12. hey wuching,
    no, you must be invisible then ....

  13. Hope everything turns out fine at the end of the day. :) Chill.

  14. dammit! i keep going back to see the photo of the gelare waffle!

    u are so brutal...


  15. hey marcus,
    why not fly back here to perth, we can go have gelare, anytime !!

  16. i will except that i might be going hong kong first so raincheck perth.

    now got budget airlines to perth but the taxes are brutal. imagine $50 one way flight to perth end up being $300+ total!. so round trip is $600++


  17. You'll pull through, Robin. God bless, and don't overload the sugar. ;P

  18. Hi Robin!
    How's things? Can assume that u r back in Perth?
    Wow! Have been so out of touch, so what r u doing over there?

  19. hey marcus,
    no worries... if everything goes according to plan, i will be here for quite some time, u can come anytime !! I dun think gelare will close down anytime soon.
    Hey why dun u start a blog? U can share ur trip to hong kong with the world !!!

    hey dienasty,
    Thanks !! I just hope things arent so rough... thats all.
    but bout the sugar part.. hmmmm...

    hey chan gang,
    Oh goodness... we have lost touch !!! How is everyone in the gang doing?? Its so nice to hear from you again. Hope things are doing great in singapore for ur family !!