Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It is good to be Remembered

There is this sweet sweet girl in Kuching, her name is Samantha, together with other sweet sweet bloggers who went out recently, and of many things that they chattered and dreamed away, they still remembered this innocent and sweet soul who has been away for quite some time...

Taken from the blog entry...

".......By the way, the last photo is for our friend Robin Wong. Hello from us all Robin!"

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"This would've been an awesome postcard photo to send to Robin"

For the entire entry, please be directed to Samantha's blog on their outing. Thanks Sam, this dedication of yours is sure a meaningful one !

I think Aaron looks gorgeous doing that pose, while Ivan seemed like he was going to burst out in laughter in any second !!

I miss everyone there, seriously. Of all the things that have happened to me lately that kinda made life seem miserable and depressing (hence the short hiatus), it is just pure uplifting to see that people do think of you even when you are not there, and they would do something to make you smile, even when you are so far away. Sincere gestures like this, is something that keeps us moving, and alive I must say.

Everyone seemed like they were having a BLAST !! I want I want....

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Thanks for remembering me guys.. I truly am grateful and feel glad. How I wish I could be there drinking coffee and chatting crazy stuff while laughing my heart out over some things that probably do not make any sense. I am smiling to myself while writing this entry. It is a sweet and happy smile.


  1. Pity they're all inKuching, else they could have come to my party! lol

  2. splendid post about us all! ;) u revamped ur page again. what were u trying to do in sequence? lol

  3. in addition, robin u're in auS and u should be having a great time there. what's bothering u?

  4. aiyo! its the robin's fan club!

  5. hey dabido,
    I am sure they would love to come too !!

    hey samantha,
    ahahaha, I just changed the header image thats all. If I tell you that those sequence was just random, would you believe me? LOL...
    I guess things did not work out as I planned... but not everything is destroyed... just that things are moving too slowly for comfort. I have not started working yet, got issues with PR and visas.. and oh well.. story is endlesss. But I am alright... and I am sure things will be alright.

    hey wuching,
    Aiyaaa.. what is it compared to wuching's fan club?