Friday, May 25, 2007

How to make Yourself Young Again

It seems rather odd, that people grow so much, and at such great speed that when I stop at one point of my life and take a glance back, it feels like I was still 5 years old, begging my grand-dad for an ice-cream when he took me for a brief walk along a nearby supermarket. Time has passed, and many things changed. The supermarket, previously Upwell at Jalan Song Thian Cheok was closed down, I am no longer five years old, I have finished uni, and my beloved Grand-dad has moved on to a much better place. We inevitably grow old.. and it is how nature intends us to be, but somehow, I believe our hearts do not quite catch up to the ageing rate in the physical sense.

Products available in the market to treat, or rather artificially and superficially slow down the ageing process in the appearance/cosmetic level have always earned a secure place in the consumer's heart. More than ofteh, people are willing to give anything to look even just a few years younger, or even sadder, just to think and "believe" that they do look that way when none of the alternatives actually bear any results. I guess it is just common survival instinct that lurks inside our very conscious existence, and the outer beauty and appearance have become something to be idolized and prioritized by mainly everyone, some in louder ways than other, and some, very secretly. Age degrades beauty.

My views, can never be any more dissimilar than what I have just described. At the end of the day, we do have plenty of those moments when we wish our time during the younger days could last a little longer. Childhood, yes, those innocent and care-free days. Anyone would give anything to relive them again (provided non-dramatic and traumatized one). Too bad, time does not travel backwards.

I bought myself 2 new books.

I know some of you will probably laugh your heart out when you saw the title of the books.

Yeah, it has got something to do with feeling young again....

No, it is not the Dummy's guide on fighting ageing... nothing of that sort..

But rather...

HuckleBerry Finn

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and.. Tom Sawyer

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Both books written by Mark Twain, long, long time ago, in a place far far away from anywhere I have ever been to.

Right... take a pause and laugh all you want now and when you are done you can kindly resume reading.

So what do these books have anything to do with making myself young again? Yeah, you guys would have known that those books are classics, written in the jurassic era, when people still live on trees and fly around the neighbourhood on UFOs. How can books as old as that be any use in the part of making anyone young again?

I believe, to make yourself feel young again, first of, it begins within you. You grow old, or young, it all comes from inside. You will never realise the power of your inner mind/thoughts until you really put it to test.

The books basically describes in fine details about the lives of two very young boys. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, both have crossed each others paths in many occasions. I am already halfway through Tom Sawyer, and I cannot help it but feel myself being filled with so much excitement and joy that I have not felt since my childhood days. All the thoughts and emotions that run through their minds, I have most certainly thought and felt them before at one or more encounters in my childhood. The book itself is a clear reflection of what boys are, and what they think of, and capable of doing in the younger days, and this generally applies to everyone. It is scarily interesting that though the books were written ages ago, it can still mirror who I was, and the things that went through my mind !! Not a century can change a nature of a child I suppose, the core that makes a boy a boy survives modernization.

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You know, back in my secondary years, my batch was the first SPM year to have English Literarure being introduced into the education system. The novel chosen for our literature studies was The Jungle of Hope, written by someone I would never give a damn about. The book sucked so bad, that after reading less than 50 pages I just chucked it aside and never touched it again. Yes, it was that horrible, why? 1) It was originally written in Malay Language, trannslated into English. Tell me, how can we actually learn anything from a translated work?? 2) Well, the story sucks. 3) Everything about the book sucks !! Yeah, I said that to my English teachers too, and I believe they do agree that the book was not probably the best choice for a Form 5 literature studies. Anyway, I hated literature, never really was my favourite.

I cannot help thinking but thinking what if the books chosen for form 5 literature was Tom Sawyer instead? English Literature would have been my favourite subject of all time !!

It is really refreshing to have something so old as a reading material, yet making myself feeling so young again. When I read those books, I pretend that I am Tom Sawyer, or Huck Finn, and imagining myself acting their stories out as if I am really living it. Oh what a fun way to escape this cruel reality, just the thing I need right now. While I am reading the book, while I am being Tom Sawyer, I feel that I can be.....

Forever Young !!!


  1. these books aren't exactly childrens books. they are classics that were adapted for children so that they won't get bored reading it. in fact some of the nursery rhymes and stories we were told when young were adapted from much more grizzly prose. would u believe that snow white was actually a prostitute who had sex with 7 men but still remained a virgin? how about the wizard of oz? its motive was political and the cowardly lion with the fearsome roar was actually a political figure who could talk the talk but not walk the walk.


  2. I love reading childrens books, in fact, even at such an old and grizzly age of 24, I find myself browsing the children books section and buying some of the books that I read constantly throughout my childhood.

    These books are relaxing, easy to read, full of innocence and laughter. It's lovely to read them and in a way, feel young again.

    Btw, on a totally unrelated note, are you a St. Thomian? Coz my sis reckons that she knows you!

  3. Anonymous has a point. Classics are great. My friend & I used to scour our university's library shelves for Asterix comic books. They make a good and entertaining read with political connotations of course. You just have to approach it from a different angle. Forever Young Robin!

  4. Huckleberry Finn has a very strong Anti-Slavery and Anti-Racism message in it. I wouldn't laugh at you buying it, but I woudl laugh with it [as it has some great moments, like the two shysters with their Shakespeare plays]. :-)

    A lot of children books do have 'adult' bits hidden in them to keep the adults entertained.

    Not sure about Marcus 'Snow White' story. lol But I know in the original 'Sleeping Beauty' [which was a Russian tale], the way the Prince woke her up was to take her virginity [and it wasn't a kiss].
    [Yes, Marcus is right about most Fairy Tales having other more grizzly pasts, as they were mainly adult tales retold for kids - and a lot of them have serious adult messages].

    I know the Wizard of Oz was written by Frank Baum for his kids, but don't doubt that the Cowradly lion was based on a politician [probably all politicians! lol]

    I hated some of the stuff I had to read at school too. School is often many art movements behind what is being written. not that it is bad. Some of the good books I read at school for literature include:
    Huckleberry Finn
    To Kill a Mocking Bird
    Orange Wednesday [Aussie novel]
    Captain Midnight [I think that's what it was called - comedy about an Aussie Bush Ranger]
    Pride and Prejudice
    All the Shakespeare they made us read. [Great plays ... and not childrens stuff].
    And the classic, 'Go Dogs Go' ... okay, I added that last one for comedic effect. :-)

  5. hey marcus,
    ok, the part with snow white having 7 men and still a virgin is new to me, kinda interesting now thinking about it, it does make sense. I guess those books do have plenty of double messages that when we read them during our younger days we just missed those details out.

    hey di,
    Im glad I am not the only one reading those kind of books !!
    Anyway, yeah, I was from St Thomas, and who is your sister btw? how did she get to know me? I was not exactly a popular material back then you know !!

    heys erenity,
    Whoah... Asterix rocks !! aahahaha though I never did read that much of them...
    if only we can stay forever young, ahahhahaa...

    hey dabido,
    I have not started reading on Huck Finn yet, but I have a feeling I will love it, just like I am loving Tom Sawyer now.
    What an interesting twist, a kiss vs "something way more than just a kiss" to wake the princess up...
    Lucky you, got Huckleberry Finn for your literature studies... all we had back in malaysia were some stupid non-English material, but translated into not so attractive english literature and we had to endure them !!!

  6. oh thank you robin for showing me how to be young & pwetty again!

  7. hey wuching,
    you are most welcome my dear..