Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Delightful Birthday Surprise

A dear friend from Kuching, Jason Chew whom I have only met in Perth is turning 21 this very day, hence good friends of his have secretly gathered and planned something sweet and beautiful to commemorate this special occasion. Getting a cake, a pressie and a number of friends together, we marched into his place (which happened to be extremely close to mine too) to celebrate his 21st birthday !!

Here is the video of Rachel (the sister) getting the cake ready while the rest of us tip toeing at her back to the living room to surprise Jason who was chilling and watching Prison Break on TV. Oh yeah, and we caught him half-naked !! Woo hoooo...

The Surprise

Jason seemed to be caught off guard for a while, but gathered himself together (and put on a layer of shirt on) and thanked everyone in his sweet, sweet smile. He is 21, which means, he does not have to remain innocent to be sweet. go figure. Experience speaking here. *grins widely*

The Chocolate Cake

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My Slice

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Jonathan's Slice

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Oh goodness, this has got to be one of the most heart-melting cakes I have ever tasted in my life. It definitely beats the crap out of anything you get from secret recipe, no kidding !! Alright, maybe I am saying this in the midst of over-ly worried and troubled mind, but hey, like I said in the previous entry, one of my ways of dealing with such situation is to indulge myself into something really sweet. A rush of sugar into the head can be as good as any drugs.

The People

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There were more than 10 of us present to celebrate Jason's Birthday. Coming together, sharing joy and laughters, and eating a slice of cake each somehow made the night a very meaningful one. I hope Jason feels the same way about it !!

The Family Photo

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Jason with Everyone

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It was indeed an awesome experience for me, and I always love to see people happy !! The smile and look of joy in everyone's face, and especially on the birthday boy, was just nothing short of priceless. There is just something about birthdays that can bring out the magic of happiness, everytime, without fail.

Birthday Boy and his Pressie

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Well, kinda cool don't u guys think?

To Jason, may the blessings of the Lord be with you always, and in everything that you do I wish you all the best !! It is great having you as a friend, and rock on dude !!
oh btw josephians suck !!


  1. Wow! What a surprise. lol Is funny watching that stream of people heading into the house to surprise him. lol

    I was once 21 ... it was 21 years ago ... almost! lol

  2. Err Robin, nothing to do with your post but..did you go to Carousel tonight?

  3. hey dabido,
    yeah, it was kinda funny when u have a group of people following the cake from behind, and into the room to surprise the boy !!
    It was fun !!

    hey di,
    OMG !!! Yes I was there... u were there too??? U did not come say hi???

  4. Haha, I knew it was you, were you in a blue shirt?

    It was such a funny moment, you walked past me, and I took a second look and tugged my friend's shirt so hard that I accidentally pinched him and said ' That's Robin!!'

    Sorry I didn't go and say hi, but you were already walking towards the food court and we were going home. Too shy lah (=^^=)

    The weird thing is, just before meeting you I was thinking ' hmm...I wonder whether I'll see Robin walking about Carousel tonight'

    Hehe. It was nice to meet you.

  5. hey di,
    wow... u sure had sharp eyes !! And it is so not fair, u get to see me, but I did not even notice you !
    next time do come and pinch me, ahahaha... then I shall pull out my ever-ready camera.. *grins*

  6. *drool*

    that cake looks yummy.

    *stomach rumbles*

  7. hey, u have some really chun syt friends!

  8. hey aaron...
    yeah.. its as nice as it looks !!!

    hey wuching,
    Of course !!

  9. You guys were at Carousel last night?

    I'm always late. I drove past it twice today! Didn't see anyone I knew!!! :-)

  10. hey dabido,
    seems like everyone is going to carousel last nite... this is getting scary !!

  11. hey robin can you get me in touch with Judy Goh please? We were classmates from about 4 or 5 years ago. And I know Rachel and Jason chew's family too so this was a very enjoyable post. =) cheers!

    (sophia_wong at hotmail dot com)