Saturday, May 05, 2007

City Lights

It was two Fridays ago that i went Camera window shopping with Sandra. I did find some really catchy new cameras, which was depressingly pointless for me since I had not the cash for any luxury purchases at the moment. Though a digital camera has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury item for me at the moment, all I could do was just smile at the cameras.

We had Subway for Dinner.

SUBWAY Ham, Mustard and Honey Light Meal

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Right after Sandra left to the train station, I decided to take another stroll down the city shopping center: Hay Street and Murray Street for some photo-taking since I do not usually come out on Friday nights.

It was difficult because I was not armed with a tripod, and the decision to take photos came quite suddenly that I was not even equiped with fully charged batteries. I just went on and did what I could, and yeah. In the midst of all those issues and confusion and heavy thinking, I do find photography (as beginner-ish as I am) rather comforting at times. When the mood and timing is right, taking pictures actually consumes a huge part of my focus and thoughts, and becomes an effective tool in diverting my mind off the real world for a short while. Refreshing.


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Though those pictures are no where near how I expected them to turn out to be, but I was satisfied. I miss those nights when I have friends who would come together, take a bus ride down to the city, and just walk aimlessly and kill off the one night that marks the end of a uni week: Friday. Sessions would usually end either having an ice-cream from Gelato/Gelare, Bubble Tea from Utopia, or Coffee from any Cafe, or Dome. We would walk up to Northbridge, the "happening" territory and just walk around watching people living their lives off by alcohol and doing silly stuff being wasted. Thank goodness I am no where near transforming into one myself.


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It is funny how desperately I fought to come back to Perth. And now that I am finally here, everything turned out very, very differently from what I expected it to be. The "plan" itself does not seem as bright and as good of an idea as it was in the beginning. Plenty of things changed, and I just wish that coping and dealing with those changes do not have to drown so much of my energy.

Now, I do not even know where I am heading. I hate being helpless like this.Everything seems very uncertain. I just pray, and pray that things will clear off soon.

This road that we travel,
May it be straight and narrow,
God give us Peace and Grace from you...
All the way through..

Jars - This Road


  1. 'You wonder what I am doing? Well, so do I, in truth. Day seems to dawn, sun to shine, evenings to follow, and then I sleep. What I have done, what I am going to do puzzle and bewilder me. Have you ever seen a leaf fallen from your tree in autumn and been really puzzled about it? That's the feeling.' - TE Lawrence

    Then comes spring.And flowers bloom again.

  2. r u gonna be aussie & stay in perth now?

  3. first off, props to the cam whore! u sure showed the world that u can take great pics even when u aren't in it yourself! city really looks splendid at night! the orange hue befallen on the walls kinda reminds me of melbourne too!

    anyhow my trip to hong kong is cancelled so i might end up in perth instead! but in the winter!


  4. w00t! I recognise that city! :-)

  5. you shouldn't worry much about where you wanna live in or what you gonna do next. You're still young and there are so many things in life for you to choose from.
    Life itself is an adventure. So many things to discover along the way.
    You'll find the right track for you one day, I'm sure.

  6. hey di,
    Whoah.. so "deep", kinda a lot to digest there !! Anyway, if I can hold up till spring, I am sure things would have been alright by then.

    hey wuching,
    Take a pick.

    hey marcus,
    Yes !!!! You are coming soon !! Woo hoooooo...

    hey dabido,
    Its sad I seldom go out on friday nights though..

    hey arth,
    I sure hope what u say there is true. There is so much uncertainties now in my life now, and the worst part, I have no control over anything that has happened, and going to happem.
    Just hope things wont be so bad.. thats all.

  7. I always believe uncertainties in life are good. It means your life is evolving because if it stays the same, it's going no where right?

    I wish all the best for you Robin Wong! I'm sure you will achieve your goals one way or another.

  8. Robin,
    Have faith. We can't really plan all the things according to our will, what we can do is how we deal with the given situation and time.
    Perth is so nice. You make me wanting to go there too!