Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I am taking a break from blogging, a much needed break. For how long? This I have not decided. Maybe until the clutter clears off a little. Maybe.

I have just finished Stephen King: The Eyes of a Dragon. Terrific book it was, gripping to the very end.

Worry not my dear readers, for Robin Wong will gladly and surely return in near future. All I hope is that you folks will look forward to that.

As for now, I shall tend to my much needed hiatus.


  1. i need a break too... save me robin!!!

    damn work

  2. Well, just make sure u rmb your username and password when you return

  3. u no need break la..ur super robin!

  4. Hmm. that's a first from u!

  5. Have a good break. Hope you'll come back soon. I'll miss reading your long posts which I usually save for the weekends. Hehehe

  6. I don't blame u if u need a break. Blogging does require lots of energy, doesn't it? hehe
    can you not post up pics of Perth. It makes me miss the city very much! =(