Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Peek Into my Bedroom

When I first came to Perth, I stayed at a residential college for an entire year. At the college, we get our individual rooms, we had 3 meals fully prepared for us, washrooms cleaned, and room service once a week. It was pretty much a very comfortable, and sadly, a lazy life since I did not get to do many chores which a normal house would require. Yes, convenience was provided to the maximum and the environment was extensively conducive for university studies life. I had a great time there, met people from all around the globe and learned plenty of awesome stuff during my stay, but of all the people that come and go, usually there was one universal complaint.

The individual room was just too small.

Well, not exactly that small to me, honestly the room in the residential college was slightly larger than my own room at home in Malaysia.

After a year, I moved out with some beautiful people and rented a place very near to the university. Life changed ever since, and the most significant change was the size of the room. It was almost 3 times LARGER than the college room. It was sweeeeeeeeeeeet !!! I mean, having so much space, and somehow, it just gave me a sense of freedom.

Beyond That Door Knob

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I stayed in that HUGE room for more than a year, and given all dramas and traumas that happened last year, I returned to Kuching for half a year, completing my professional practicum and fulfill all the criteria to graduate as an engineer from this miserable university. So yeah I was away from my room, but a good friend has been taking over my place, and keeping that place for me.

But now, I have returned to Perth.

And many people have been asking where I am staying. I am still at the old house. When I came in not too long ago, I had to share my old room with this good friend of mine whom had stayed in all the while I was gone. Well, technically, it was not my room anymore, since that friend paid the rent and all while I was gone, but I was grateful and lucky enough to have someone to let me in and crash for the time being while I get everything done. Wait, it was my room... MY HUGE ROOM !!

The Kind of Books I Read.... SADNESS...

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You see, everyone treasures their privacy, and that includes me. By sharing your room with someone, you can't watch porn while beating it off whenever you want. You can't blast your music all you want, and believe me, sometimes I blast my music to sleep. You can't sleep at anytime you want, and you can't pretty much have that much privacy in phone conversations, let alone MSN chatting !! I could not blog at peace, I am so used to blog alone. Heck, I can't even walk naked all I want. Yes, I do walk naked around my room. What? No ones watching ok?

Of course, those who have shared room with others people will understand the issues, not to mention other things like hygience and sharing common stuff and agreement on basic stuff and everything...... oh it just never stops.

But do not get me wrong, nothing happened between me and my friend. We pretty much compromised on everything and we do enjoy having each others company for the past few weeks. Ok, that sounds very, very inappropriate, now do not even DARE to think of anything weird happening behind the four walls. We are perfectly normal friends, nothing more than that, and he was kind enough for me to bunk over at the meantime. I mean.. heck, it used to be my room ok !! MINE !

My M:Robe and Lappie

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Until recently, one of my housemates moved out to another house. Then, there was a vacant room, which was situated at the back of the house, on the way passing to the bathroom, laundryroom and toilet. Every night as I walked pass that room to take a piss or before taking a warm shower before bed, I felt as if the empty room was calling to me. Spooky eh? Yes, you heard that right, I felt this attraction coming from the room, and the more I thought about it, the more I realize that it was time to move out from my old room.

There was only one tiny disadvantage. This room, is waaaaay smaller than my previous HUGE room, infact, even smaller than the residential college room which I used to stay in for one year !!

But I decided that I want to have a room of my own. I want my full privacy. I want to blast my speakers anytime I choose to, even to sleep if I want to. I want to wank to my porn collection anytime I decided, and I made that decision happen.

I managed to move all the furnitures and had the room ready in three hours. Talk about will power !! Hmmmmpph.

Here, have a look of what I have done with the room, and do give your suggestions and feedback.

Looking From My Bed

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My Study Table

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My Self Arranged Shelves/racks

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It seriously felt so comfortable in that room, despite the tiny size. I actually enjoyed the change of size for once !! It was actually getting too crowded in the previous room, so yeah, now I can breathe more freely again. I have a space of my own ! How sweeeeeeeeeet.

Another Angle

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My Soft Warm Comfy Bed

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Don't you guys think there is something missing in that picture?? RIGHT !!! What is a bed without simply ROBIN Cam-whoring on it right? Right?

Cam-Whoring in My New Room

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Aaaahhhhh... I forgot to mention earlier, I could not cam-whore at peace with another witness in the same room !!! Now, I can cam-whore ALL I want, Muahahhahahahahahahahhahahaaa....... Total sweeeeeetness.

So guys, do let me know what you think of what I did to my room so far. It is kept simple and neat. I do not intend to turn it into something too fancy or over-decorated. I just want some place comfortable, a place of my own, a place where I truly can find peace at any time of the given day. Of course, at the moment, I am still working on improving the appearance and all, I have just moved in for a few days. But yeah, you get the whole main layout.

So anyone wanna come play with me on my bed?


  1. hahaha... me the first to congratulate u!!! congrats!!!! hehehe.. now your butt doesn't have to suffer no more from your ex roommate..ooppss.. LOL

  2. hey chun chow,
    ahahahahaha imaginative u are !!!

  3. hahah now we know the truth. btw ur room's as small as mine. too crampy for my liking tho. hehe

  4. hey ivan,
    LOL.. what truth?
    yeah... the room is very very crampy.. miss my old room already !!
    but freedom and privacy important mar...

  5. haiya! potong stim only! can't see any dildos by the bed & no naked men posters on the walls wan! *runs*

  6. My goodness ur room is soo neat and tidy

  7. Robin was my next door neighbour in Currie Hall. i came 1 sem earlier than him and my first encounter of him was on a sat/sun. he was blasting his stereo in the morning & since the walls are bloody made of cardboard, roused me from my beautiful sleep. naturally i went to his door and told him to turn it down. he was soooo apologetic! soooo innocent! kept saying sorry hahaha! so thats how i first met Robin the cam whore! Dont get me started on the weird moaning sounds emitting from his door at night!

    actually i really miss the tiny room in Currie Hall. very cosy. i always left my lights on all day only til i wanted to sleep. probably thats why fees keep rising! oh and i had a little fridge stocked with cold beer and snacks! oh and i had a 21" TV as well! used to watch late show with letterman just before i sleep. there was this aussie show called bloke's world! wicked stuff! miss those days where i wake to feel the cold metal bar of the bed on my toes. flipping the light switch on just next to my bed . i angled the light to point directly in my face so that it will burn holes in my eyelids to make me get up for classes haha! those were the days man!

    - Marcus

  8. hey wuching,
    i suppose you have dildos and naked men pictures in ur bedroom??

    hey nicktay,
    Well, i just moved in the room, of course it is neat !! Give it half a year and see what happens, but I think its easier to maintain a smaller room though...

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. hey marcus !!!
    Aaaaahhhhh... the memories of living in currie hall... oh goodness... I do miss that room too !!
    It was strange coz I thought i was the only one staying in that section of the floor, thats why I blasted my music. Silly me, LOL !!! I guess u of all people understands my needs and urges to play music loudly eh? ahahahahhaa thats why sharing room with me would not be a beautiful thing.
    Ohh goodness... the currie hall room gets soooooo cold that i just find it so hard to get off in the morning ! And in the first winter I was there I had early morning class every single day !! Unbearable. ahahhaahhaaaa....
    and not to mention the dining hall is always sooooo cold too.... bbbrrrrrrrrrr....

  11. Ahahahaha sweet! It's not that small and privacy is indeed priceless. I hate sharing my space with another coz I do everything that u said u do (except for watching porn and wanking, that I cant understand why guys do it) LOL. Good job on arranging the space!

  12. hey leenmafia,
    thanks !! Like u mentioned, privacy is indeed more important.
    guys watching porn and wanking? it is more like a need than anything else, ahahahaa... u cant truly understand this unless you are a guy urself !!

  13. I have the same ikea mousepad in my room! Hehe.

  14. hello. u have nicely organized ur space! so neat unlike what u find at my place. u've seen it all *shrieks*

  15. hey di,
    aaahhh i think quite a lot of people have that thing from ikea, but I did not use it as a mousepad though... LOL...

    hey samantha,
    well, it is not fair to compare just yet !! I mean, I have just moved in that room, and mess takes time to pile up !
    your room isnt half as bad as mine when I am stressed out during exam times, especially my final year....
    being hit by tornado is an understatement.

  16. i must say, posters definitely are good :) nice room btw....

    u make me wanna put a post up abt my room now :P

    i won't complain abt how small my room is now :P

  17. hey kristine,
    aaaahhh... posters !! I shall find more and more..
    yeah, why not blog bout ur room?

  18. the last photo turn me on, big time

  19. Technically speaking, you could still walk around your room naked even with a roommate around. Just ignore the roommate. Heheheh

  20. hey cynthia,
    LOL !!!

    hey merv,
    well, to be naked, I'd rather be alone, or with an insanely hot babe. Not my room mate.

  21. ahha! robin! beating yourself off and watching porn! its true, though most guys don't admit it or say so on their blogs :P

    robin walking naked with roommate around? man is that a nice sight?? XD

    apart from that, the room is pretty clean and neat. haha

  22. hey ronnie,
    you see, the point of having my own room now is being able to walk around naked without a room mate !!! ahahhahaa...

  23. i did do a post on my room recently, tho it is rather messy :P i'll blog abt it again once i've cleaned it up :P

  24. hey kristine,
    ahahaha why not a make-over for your room? change would be refreshing !!