Friday, April 20, 2007

I Have Seen a Thousand Ducks

So tell me people, how many ducks have each of you seen in your entire lifetime? Living ones of course, 10 of them? 100 of them?

I have seen...

A Thousand of DUCKS, and more...

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I can honestly tell you without bragging with real, vivid evidence here that I have seen over a thousand wild ducks swimming merrily along the majestic Swan River of Perth. I was on my way back from the city riding a bus when I spotted the breathtaking sight of thousand ducks flocking together in a HUGE group along the blue waters. I knew I just had to stop the bus to go down and take the pictures.

Ducks, Ducks, and more Ducks

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Even More Ducks, Matilda Bay at the Background

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A Closer Look

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Here is a video clip that I captured, just in case you guys wonder if I just bought a thousand rubber ducks (the ones gays bring along in their bath routine) and set them floating along the river, and a little touch up of photoshop to make them look real. If you seriously think I am capable of such cheap trick. you can go and have a thousand roasted duck backside for dinner tonight.

The Clip

Roasted Duck With Rice

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Roasted Duck with Rice for lunch tomorrow, anyone?


  1. omgggg! u make me crave for roasted rubber ducky at 3.40am!! :S

  2. hey san,
    ahaha roasted rubber duck is delicious !!

  3. That's a wonderful sight! Being a Malay, I rarely eat duck rice. I wonder why Malays dont really eat duck hor?

  4. Hey Leenmafia,
    I guess duck is considered as Chinese Food.. and you find dishes like Hong Kong BBQ Duck, or Bei Jing Duck.
    Duck dishes are not that popular in Malaysia too, and duck is waaaay more expensive than other meats like chicken or beef.
    not to mention not that many people know how to cook duck properly, getting rid of the foul taste.

  5. eeee. the ducks so cute but i prefer to see 1000 ROASTED ducks. yum!

    cheng sim

  6. hey cheng sim,
    aiyerr !!! 1000 roasted ducks... kejam nya banana ini !!

  7. hey wuching,
    ahaha donald was delicious...