Saturday, April 14, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

It has been one and a half year since I first started blogging on Blogger, and wow, look how far have I come. Like many bloggers out there, I strongly feel the need to create a proper about me page, or more accurately described as FAQs. For those IT-illiterate retards out there who eat bird brains for breakfast everyday, FAQ simply means Frequently Asked Questions.

This entry shall be my attempt to clarify a few blind areas about me or this humble blog, simply ROBIN and to tie up some loose ends. Of course, some questions will still be left unanswered, if you know everything about me, that would kill of the mystery and interest would it not? The questions are mainly collected over the years through MSN conversations, comments on entries and chatterbox, as well as a number of response and feedback emails from my wide range of readers. By saying wide range, I really mean very wide range.

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Here goes.

1. It is an interesting choice for the blog tag-line/slogan: “Just a boy, just an ordinary boy, but he was looking to the sky”. Does it bear any hidden or significant meaning about you or your life at all?

I have used that tag-line since the first day I blogged, and never changed it ever-since. If you asked me what that sentence means, I can honestly tell you that the entire tag-line perfectly describes who and what I am. I am after all, just an ordinary person, like any other guys out there. An ordinary boy, because I am still learning and growing in this ever expanding world. However, there is something that makes me different and distinguishes me from the general crowd. I was looking to the sky.

I am looking upward and hoping that one day my life can change. I have dreams. And the sky symbolizes my dreams and hopes that seem so high up. The sky seems unreachable and untouchable, but it is just there up above out head. As ordinary as I can be, I do have great ambitions and strong desires to achieve greatness. I am on my way of making a history of my own, and this blog is a medium that chronicles my development and progress towards the realization of that destiny.

2. Cam-whoring seems to be your favourite highlight in your blog. Seriously, you are not that good looking, and you are not physically attractive as well (think 6 packs, think). Why do you cam whore so much?

Who is to say who is good looking and attractive and who is not? I do not have issues on how I look, I am perfectly happy about my looks and appearance. Of course, like any vain human being out there, I am doing what I can to improve on that. Camwhoring is not just an activity, it is an art. I am not ashamed to show myself to the world, and I appreciate and admire those who would do the same. Besides, I have to feel darn good about myself before I can put up those pictures for public eyes, don’t you agree?
It is the matter of self-esteem and confidence. Not being sexily sizzling hot does not make me view myself any less than others. I am who I am, and I am proud to be who I am.

3. Your blog seems to be attracting quite a significant number of readers, and it is growing constantly. Are you happy at your current status? Do you intend to gain more readership and popularity?

I do not blog for fame, that is not my purpose of blogging. If you truly want to know why I blog, please visit the previous entry on the reasons I blog here. It is only natural that readers come and go. I am comfortable with my readership currently, but of course, more readers would be much appreciated.

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4. Many people have often mentioned that you copy the blogging styles of Kenny Sia and the likes of Kenny-wannabes in Malaysian and Singaporean blogosphere. What is your take on that? Were you trying to imitate or become like Kenny?

I was a huge fan of Kenny for once, and of course, like many other bloggers out there, I got inspired by him to start out my own blog. My writing styles and content may be a little bit similar to his blog, primarily because we were both from the same hometown, Kuching and we both spent a great deal of time studying and working in Perth. Other than that, if you really follow my blog and at least read several entries from time to time, you will notice that I have an identity of my own, and my blog is more peaceful and neutral in many ways.

And yes, it gets annoying when someone comes to me and tell me that my blog is becoming like Kenny’s blog.

5. Those people who have followed your blog have noticed that you insert indirect jokes with very sharp sarcasm targeting one very apparent blogger: Kenny Sia. Do you have issues or anything against Kenny, or was it entirely just for fun? Are you anti-Kenny Sia?

Yes, I admit I did include certain jokes and insults assaulting poor Kenny. I have nothing against him, he just seems so nice to bully once in a while. I am not anti-Kenny, but I am not pro-Kenny either. Kenny is just another Kuching guy and…. Please stop talking about him already !!!!

6. You have keen interest in Photography. You have taken quite a number of good snaps. Yet you are complaining that your camera is inadequate and not performing up to your expectations. Why not get a D-SLR? Do you intend to venture more deeply into photography?

Yes, I have deep interests and passion for photography. In fact, I view photography and blogging as two separate activities. I may stop blogging one day, but it does not mean that I will stop taking pictures, and this goes vice versa. For now, I do not see the necessity of using a D-SLR, mainly because I treasure mobility and comfort more than anything. You do not just bring out a D-SLR to a local coffee chop and snap just a bowl of Kolok Mee and a glass of The-O-Peng, that would be ridiculously retarded. I need convenience; a compact higher end consumer camera would suffice. I see photography as a hobby, I do not have much further ambitions than just a hobby.

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7. You blog so often that it seems like blogging has taken up much of your time of the day. Seriously, with such constant updates, don’t you have a life to live?

In contradiction to that, actually it is because I have a life to live that I have a reason to blog !! I share what I went through in my life with the world through my blog, and the reason why I blog so constantly is because I have so much in life to share with everyone !!

8. Since you are raking in quite a high number of readers are you considering to earn cash through your blog? Why not join Pay-Per-Post (PPP) or any other advertising through blogs programs widely available out there? You could be paid serious cash you know.

If I ever give in to blogging for cash mentality as the drive for my blogging activities, all that I am, all that this blog is known for would be compromised. I am not against advertising on blogs, if it is your reason for blogging, or if you want to do it just to earn that extra cash, by all means, go ahead. But do get your priorities right. My priority of blogging is not to earn money, and I cannot emphasize my purposes of blogging more than enough through this entry here.

I mean, try to imagine that instead of the nice places, the delicious food, the cool events and beautiful people and occasionally odd twisted views on life that I could churn out for my blog, all you see would be advertisements from top to bottom of the sidebar, at the top of the header image, inside the header image, above the post title, next to the comments, and what is worse, inside the main entries body too!!! It is a disaster I tell you. Tell me, how can my readers me interested in what I have to write anymore?

9. Why have you not described about your personal/love-life in your blog? And why have you not mentioned much about it either?

I can blog about a lot of things, but there are many things best kept silent too. I know where I stand, and some things you guys just do not need to know.

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10. Do you have blog haters?

Interestingly, I do. I mean, I am so sweet and innocent that I do not know why there are people who would want to flame me. Seriously… I am neutral when it comes to most discussions. Well, I guess some people have nothing better to do but get the fun of ticking people off in odd ways. Those are the same kind of people who have the special ability of putting their faces between their legs and kiss their own asses.

11. You always complain that you are cash-less and poor. Why don’t you get a job and find cash, not only spending it like there is no tomorrow?

A little correction there, I do not spend my cash like there is no tomorrow. And in my final year in University, I did work as a tutor for second year engineering students which was more like an obligation for my final year project, rather than a part time job. When I returned to Kuching, I did my industrial training for 3 months which I was required to work in an engineering consultant for full office hours.

So who said I did not work? Who?

12. You tell so much about yourself and those around you through your blog. Are you not afraid of stalkers and people doing harmful things to invade your privacy?

I may have blogged a lot about myself, but do not judge me and assume that you know who I am through my blog. I have the absolute power to choose what I want to write and publish in this blog, and as much as they may seem to be, they are just a small part of my life that I carefully chose to share with everyone. I do not blog everything about me and my life. I do know where the line is, and I am keeping myself safe beyond the line.

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This entry shall be fitted at the sidebar “Blog Navigation” under the About Robin tab. More FAQs shall be added over time. Feel free to post up more questions.


  1. Number two made me feel like standing up and clapping.

    You go, Robin, you go! =)

  2. hey cynical idealist,
    ahahaha... u can expect plenty of camwhoring pictures coming soon.

  3. Great pics of Perth once more. I can sense your frustration with some of the questions because I've had them myself.

    Now that you've got the FAR-QUE, maybe you'd get less of those kinda questions. You hope.

    And yes I pronounce it that way. Say it fast. :D

  4. hey mooiness,
    thanks.. those are just random pictures anyway..
    and yeah, I do not hope for those kind of questions to come by any less often, but if they do, I will just easily refer them to this one entry with my explanations. Save plenty of effort and time in near future.

  5. na..i never ask u questions lidat one! i take u for what u are lah! who cares what other ppl think or say about u, u dun owe them anything! camwhores unite!

  6. hey wuching,
    yea i know u, thats why i love u deep deep also !! Yes, camwhores unite ! Muahahhahahaaa

  7. Your tag line comes from the song Ordinary day-Vanessa Carlton no?

    And nice pictures, They fit into your new layout well.

  8. hey sam,
    yes that tagline comes from vanessa carlton, i thought no one listens to that song !! good song it is.

  9. Well put. Standing ovation for Robin. Love the pics! Hope you are well there!

  10. hey leenmafia,
    thanks !! I am doing alright here I guess. Everything seems good so far.

  11. Hmm.. I've thought about this alot..... it sure raises a few questions..

  12. i absolutely love your writing taste, very interesting.
    don't give up as well as keep posting due to the fact it just very well worth to look through it,
    looking forward to look at more and more of your own articles, goodbye :)