Friday, April 27, 2007

Evidence That Steamyx SUCKS

I do not have Streamyx, but that does not even stop me from stumbling upon countless proofs pointing that the only available consumer broadband service in Malaysia, Streamyx by TMNet actually, does suck, and I mean it sucks big time.

Like many others who actually apply for broadband services, I use it for one main purpose, gaming. I do not play that many online games, and the one constant game I have been loyal to for almost 2 years now is none other than DOTA. If you are not playing Dota, or have not even touched Dota in your entire life, you are either gay, or know nothing about the wonders of computer and internet. Seriously…. Those who do not play Dota, you do not know what you have missed out in this lifetime!!

Ok, back to the point why Streamyx sucks.

I play Dota using Australian Internet connection, and since my recent return to Perth, I have had troubles connectiong to one of the popular servers here, Bored Aussie. I am noob when it comes to computer stuff, no kidding Out of frustration, I decided to join the BattleNet Asia network instead.

My internet connection is only 512kb/s, and since the plan that we subscribed is one of the cheapest and crappiest most economical available, our bandwidth gets shaped (restricted) down to only 56kb/s, a standard dial up modem connection once it hit the limit. The download limit for a month is 28G in total, and yeah, out of 4 housemates sharing, it does run out pretty fast.

When no one else uses the internet, under the shaped connection of a snail dial up speed, I connect my computer to BattleNet Asia, and joined hosts from both Malaysia and Singapore.

I encountered several weird incidents. The most striking one happened today, when there was one big time lagger from Malaysia. You see, once you lag (your speed does not measure up to the requirements, making you slow, and everyone else slow too) people will curse and curse you like you are worth less than a pile of cat poo. It is that frustrating having laggers in a game. That unfortunate Malaysian lagger apologized, and he said to everyone “sorry lar, I am only using 512kb/s streamyx, not 1.5Mb/s connection, sure lag lar…”

And I replied…

“Dude, Im connecting from Australia, with 56kb/s connection, and I am lag-free.”

What a contrast.

This is not the first time. In fact, most of the laggers come from Malaysia, and Singapore seems to have much more steadier connection. It is either those Dota players download gay porns while playing online, or Streamyx is gay itself.

Oh and besides online gaming, other activities like browsing, MSN-ing and Torrent-ing are all smooth and constantly stable. I have never had problems with MSN connection or having suddenly disconnected or anything.

I know it is not fair to compare. It never is fair to begin with, the maximum broadband service provided to Western Australian currently shoots up to 24Mb/s at consumer level only, which means, you could get that kind of connection (ASDL2) at home. In contrast, Streamyx only provides 1.5Mb/s currently… well you do the math.

If you get an Aussie to use Streamyx and play Dota, I think he would rather shoot himself dead than dying of frustration due to laggy connection over the net.

Oh and yeah, Malaysia Boleh !!

Side Note: I know everyone is complaining over the ridiculous amounts of pictures I uploaded in my recent entries. So yeah, this one is non-graphical, to balance things up a little.


  1. one of the many reasons why u are in perth rather than msia.


  2. hey marcus,
    ahahhaha... as much as I love Malaysia, and proud to be a citizen, i must admit this country has plenty to catch up on !!!

  3. steamyx sux? but there's no other choices isn't it?

  4. hey wuching,
    its the monopoly that is why they never bothered to improve in service...

  5.'s proven that streamyx sucks.. really. even those big corporate companies are complaining their service sucks. Heck, even me, the ONLY person in the house using streamyx thinks it's slow. You've used it before so you should know kua =P

  6. hey Chunchow,
    yeah.. but I thought that time when I when I used ur internet and complained it was slow, something was wrong with the server itself? It was like.. loading hotmail and yahoo also need to wait for more than 10 seconds... weird..... ahahhahaa...

  7. hey, y do u said that ppl who dun play DOTA is gay?

    i dun play DOTA and what does DOTA stands for?

    i seriously dun know...

  8. hey Iwan,
    Aaahhh... it was just a light joke lar, dun take it so seriously ya? Anyone who has been to my blog knows that most of the times I make fun of people in general.

  9. yup i second that. one is not necessarily gay even if he/she doesnt play DOTA.

    its just like saying tennis players who hate soccer are gay! sweeping statement right?? HAHAHAHA!


  10. Haha... So advise for you is... Come back Malaysia don't apply streamyx ar~~~

  11. hey marcus,
    ahahahha.. yeah, but come to think of it, nothing can ever be more gay than football !! so many men in a team.... gosh...

  12. hey wong,
    ermm.. like there is any other choice?

  13. I don't play dota wor.. I play tennis but I hate football wor... oh damn.. hahaha.

  14. hey chun chow,
    tennis rocks !!! Dota too !!