Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dinner and Coffee at Tiamo

Tiamo simply means "I Love You" in Italian, and Tiamo is also the name for a restaurant/cafe in Nedlands, near to the place I stay currently. I seldom go there for dinner, usually just for a cup of hot coffee in the cold nights of Perth. I really love the coffee that they serve, I am no coffee expert, but I can tell you there is a distinctive taste in the coffee that they serve there that beats the crap out of Coffee Bean and Bing in Kuching. Besides coffee, Tiamo is reputable for their wide range of European food priced considerably lower than other typical restaurants of its class.

Tiamo I Love You

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It was after the brief stroll along the river where I coincidentally bumped into dolphins, (well not exactly bumped into those mystical creatures, but yeah, you get the idea) I was supposed to meet up with Zhong Yu, Sarah and Marco for a Vietnamese dinner at Hampden Road. Unfortunately, as we arrived at that place, the restaurant was closed down for repair. Not wanting to travel too far, we settled down at the nearby restaurant which happened to be Tiamo. We did not have any reservations, and our seats were located outdoors, since the in-house was full that particular night. It was after all a very popular restaurant.

It was rather sad, not sitting indoors meaning, I could not take any pictures from the inside. No, my face was not that thick until I can "chiong" in recklessly and shoot every angle with my point and shoot camera. That would be suicide.

Anyway, enough about the restaurant, lets talk about the girls !!

This is Zhong Yu.

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Zhong Yu and Sarah

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We were supposed to have a get-together dinner few nights before, but she had her hands full with uni stuff and another open event that she was co-organizing for Singapore Students Society in UWA. She is such a cheeeeeeerfffuulll person !!!! Frankly, she is the liveliest and most charismatic girl I have met in the entire Western Australia. I do not know how to fully describe this, but everytime I talk to her, she seems so warm and so engaged in the conversation. If only we can have more girls like her, I believe guys would have better lives. Serious.

Robin and Marco

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Meet Marco, from Switzerland. I believe this is the first and only Swiss I know in my life up to this point. I got to know both Zhong Yu and Marco from the previous residential college that I stayed in. Marco used to hang out with this group of Japanese girls and also a few other Hong Kong girls whom happened to be my friends as well. I really admire him for he mixes so well with so many different Asians. I still remember one of the Swiss traditional salad he made for Cindy's (a Hong Kong chick) farewell gathering, it was simply scrumptious.

The Entree

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I had...

Spaghetti Carbonara

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Spaghetti + Bacon + Ham + Mushroom + Cheese + Sauce.

As you can see, I was too hungry to the point of not being able to hold the camera steady. Man..

I know I eat a lot, and I eat way more than a guy my own size, but to tell you guys the truth, that plate can be divided into three separate meals for me. The portion was crazily HUGE !!! Stuffing them all down was a tough job, but for the sake of the Bacon and ooohhh cheeesse..... I cleared the plate mercilessly.

We all had conversations ranging from all sorts of topic. The one topic that stood out prominently was the use of Sing-lish (Singaporean English) and Mang-lish (malaysian English) by Singaporean and Malaysian Students in Australia. Singlish and Maglish are both rather similar, and formed by so many local languages and dialects, such as Malay, Indian and Chinese. Having those extra influence over English, the original language is somehow transformed into an entirely new language with the distintive accent, slang and vocabularies of its own. You can speak Singlish and Manglish with an Ang Moh and that Ang Moh will most probably not able to catch even a single word you speak.

Marco was impressed rather blurred out since three of us on the table can speak and understand fluent Singlish/Manglish. Nevertheless, we tried our best to speak the "proper" English when we are in foreign lands, and make a note to improve our communications. Cutting off the "lahs", "lohs" and all sorts of cool uber vocabs off the normal conversations is not an easy task !! I am sure many of you Malaysians and Singaporeans have similar experience when you speak to an Ang Moh and all they did was stare at you blankly waiting for an explanation.

This is a classic example.

Robin: Hey, you know what, lets just photostate this and I can do that now.
HOT Chick: What???
Robin: Oh I can run down to the library now to photostate all this.
HOT Chick: *staring at me like I am from planet mars or something*

After a few moments of silence...

HOT Chick: Did you mean you want to "PHOTOCOPY" all these now?
Robin: Yeah !!! Photocopy !!

Man, no wonder that hot chick was not even looking my way.

Before rounding off the night, of course, at Tiamo, I always, always have a cup of...

Cafe Latte !!

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Being away for so long, being deprived of good coffee... that Cafe Latte was just orgasmic. OOOOOoohhhhhhh...

Anyone free for a cup of coffee soon?

Man, I am addicted to caffeine.


  1. hehehe..photostate is malaysian while photocopy is australian!

  2. hey wuching,
    yeah, photostate vs photocopy.. whats the difference?

  3. wow i see u are surrounded with the company of hot chicks! lose the gay guy and u can have a 3some hahahaha! Tiamo! Tiamo! hahaha!


  4. hey marcus,
    LOL... lose the gay guy....
    but then, even if I can lose the gay guy part, i am still sweet and innocent.

  5. i used to visit tiamo all the time when i stayed at monash ave! i liked their chicken caesar salad so much which always came in huge portions. wonder whether they still have it?

  6. Hey di,
    Yes yes, of course they still have it !! They serve food in such HUGE portion... scary..

  7. u yamcha like... everyday as if retired. MAN. i'm jealous. like seriously.

  8. hey samantha,
    errrmmm, not yum cha everyday lar !!!! Where got????
    OMG.. i think my blog readers would think that I have all the time in the world.. not a good thing, not good at all...
    must do something bout this.

  9. wow, the latte looks delicious! but I'm allergic to coffee or any drinks with too much caffeine in it....too bad, huh?

  10. hey arth,
    allergic to coffee??? Serious???
    I have never heard of that before though...