Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Blogger at Work

Just a short entry here to follow up the previous entry about trip to the ICE shop, northbridge with Cynthia and Kian.

I know many of you guys have always seen me camwhore, pictures of food that I ate and places that I have been to. There are also times I post up pictures of other beautiful people too. Yeap, if you are up my blog, you are indeed, beautiful !!

Of all the things that was in the past, there is one that has never been shown.

And this one could just be something simple, like everything else.

Something simple, but first to be shown here.

simply ROBIN at Work !!!

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A blogger taking a picture of the food he was about to consume. How typical.

Man, I never knew that I can look so SERIOUS when I take pictures !! Half of your conversations to me when I am deep into that state of mind would be chucked off to oblivion. It is scary on the locked-focus look on the subject I was about to snap, and how sometimes I could just ignore everything else that happens around me just to make sure that my hands do not shake taking pictures under dim condition. With such limited capabilities of my budget camera, all I am able to do is to ensure 1) The picture is not blurred 2) The photos are bright enough and 3) Good compositions. No wonder I have bad compositions, because it was not prioritised.

I am usually unwillingly intense when I want to do the "blogger thing" capturing pictures around. Therefore, usually when I am out with friends, whom are non-blogger or those who would give you that one kind stare like you come from mars or something, I prefer to set my camera aside. I mean, photographing is already one task, convincing them that photography is a harmless hobby might just take too much unnecessary energy. It is not worth my time to explain myself.

A Blogger is also a Camwhore

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Thanks Cynthia for that shot. She took the picture with her brand new (ok, not so new by now) Canon S3 and I just have to say that the colours and skin tone look way more natural that what my camera produced.

On another note, I am currently still constructing the new template of my blog. My theme would be again: simplicity. I want it plain, simple, clean and neat, with nothing overly fancy or over-designed. The layout itself shows who I am and portrays part of my own self whenever people look at it.

My Previous Layout

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Why change since I liked my old template so much? Yes I do love my old template, it is just that I got really sick and tired of WHITE, and it has been a year since I last used that template, I think maybe a change now would be good. And I am sure those loyal readers of mine have gotten sick over the brightish white background.

What do you think of the layout so far? Suggestions and comments. Feel free to say something please !!


  1. The new template seems to be coming along fine - I love the header image, but .. ehheh. Don't really like brown.

    But that's just me speaking, and you know I love green, so that's biasness.

    As long as readability is maintained I'll be happy, though.

  2. hey dienasty,
    thanks !!!
    Aaaahhhh... u love green, but brown goes with green well !! I mean, earth and grass...
    Oh scrap that, never mind, ahahahahaa.
    Yeah, I am still working on improving readability. Still not finished playing with the template yet.

  3. Wah Liu eh, you comment fast.

    No worry - it's memang easy to read. I was going to suggest bigger fonts, but then I realized it's kinda hard to pull that off elegantly within blogger.

    I must've been playing around with Wordpress too much, hehe.

    Still - everything's looking fine so far. I'll come back and check when you're done with it. ^.^

  4. hey dienasty,
    but of course, thats what I am known for, replying comments fast !! aahaaahaha...
    thanks, maybe I should increase the fonts slightly. I shall give that a try and see if it works.

  5. hi, this is my first time to drop by your post. Personally I feel the color is nice, and the header photo is special..but if you can separate between the side bar is better.

  6. hey maria,
    Thanks for visiting this humble blog !!
    I shall take the seperating sidebar from main body into consideration. Thanks for suggesting !!

  7. I like the new template :D

  8. Very much easier on the eyes. But very brown at the same time. (Obessesedoverpurple)

    You're look to the sky but your face is facing downwards? =P

  9. hey sam,
    thanks. purple? not my colour.
    yes, I am always looking to the sky.
    And how can you tell the sky is upwards?

  10. If your feet were on the ground, it would be. But, true also. People have different ways of looking at the sky. Straight ahead, upwards, downwards.

    As long as there is the sky to look at =)

  11. hey sam,
    LOL.... if you remember my old header, my body is facing upwards, but the world behind me (city landscape) is downwards. So where is the sky? ahahahahhahahaaa
    oh well... sky is mysterious and deep.

  12. nice new 'skin' for your blog.

    eh, i tell you what? my friends and family all very get used to me taking photo of food. they will 'seng mok'..indeed, wait for me to take photo even b4 they eat.

    there was one time, i forget to take photo..and everyone on the table was soo quite; I ask my uncles, aunties..: eh? What happend lar? dont you guys wanna eat?

    then they all said: WAIT FOR YOU LAHHHH!!

    me: wait for me? for what lar?


    see! good or not? Haha =P

  13. hey robin: yr blog make-over looks good. yup, white gets a bit blah after a while. nice!

  14. hey cynthia,
    oh my goodness... what have you done to their minds and thinking? you hypnotize them or something?
    ahahahaha but its just kinda rude though when everyone wanna makan then those who dunno me, I just take take take pictures, aaahhahahaa... oh well.. if everyone understands, then its ok.

    hey serenity,
    thanks !!! yalor, I myself got sick over white.. LOL..

  15. fresh new look! :D love it hehe.

    and yesss u do look veryyyyyy serious while taking pics. hehhe.

  16. hey san,
    ahahhaaha.. must be serious mar, if not all the photos become cacat later how how?

  17. Hey there,
    You got a cool layout there. Bloggers have the advantage of creating their own layout where as for Wordpress users we can only stick to the predefined templates.

    Keep up with the camwhoring activities if that's what you enjoy doing. Haha. It's nice to see you introducing places and food.

  18. hey daniel,
    thanks !!! LOL.. camwhoring, oh well, lets just say that there are times when we have nothing better to do.
    food and places? yeah, thats what I do most of the time.

  19. Love the clean new layout. I wana revamp mine too! Hehehhe kiasu!

  20. hey leenmafia,
    thanks !! aaahh its not kiasu, lets call it, a chain reaction !! ahahahhaa...

  21. Daniel, not so. Wordpress themes are easy to do, if you know how to do PHP.

  22. hey dienasty,
    People who use wordpress told me that they have more freedom in playing and modifying with whatever thing on their blogs.
    I myself have never given it a try. But yeah, I am comfortable here with blogger.

  23. the new layout does look fresh. and the sky of surf city looks more like a painting than a real sky ;)

  24. hey samantha,
    thanks !! Painted sky eh?

  25. Wise photographer10/02/2012 10:56:00 PM

    I found this nearly same. Any wise person will guess that the layout is quite same. Only what changed is the pictures. But definitely I like the quote of the previous layout - an ordinary boy, but he was looking the sky. These type of wise quotes always inspire the people to look high. There is one of very relevant quote Mahatma Gandhi - Always believe in your dreams, because if you don't, you'll still have hope.
    But the quote on new layout shows some ego. So if possible try to put something inspirational.