Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Power Rangers Craze and Farewell

Alright, I know my previous entry on tongue speaking may have raised some eyebrows, and stirred some fire in discussions, thus raking in more traffic to this hunble blog. I woke up in the morning discovering my hits shooting up, doubling the usual average.

But much to my surprise, as unexpected as this may sound, the traffic did not come from those reading the tongue speaking entry, well, at least not the MAJORITY of it. You know what I found out instead?

POWER RANGERS (click to read that entry)

Yes, there was this entry I did more than half a year back, and God knows why and how, there are people from all over the world, mainly from US and UK hitting and jamming that page in the last 24 hours. The visits to that page contributed to 250 out of 335 page hits. Anyone out there, please, if you have a plausible explanation for this, kindly drop a comment !! I am deeply puzzled, and also troubled to some extend to find out about the sudden craze on power rangers.

I Googled and Yahooed power rangers, but could not find the link referring to my website in the top searches, so yeah, it IS mysterious.

My friend Jason suggested that, maybe it was some university students doing some research on the popularly received and long-lived television show. If it is true, would two universities, at different parts of the world (both US and UK) do the same research on the same topic, on this very same day? What are the odds?

Alright, setting the odd attention on our childhood fetish aside, here are some important matters I wish to address to you guys.

I am leaving Kuching to KL on the 11th March (this coming Sunday)

I will be staying over in KL for 4 days.

On the 15th of March (next coming Thursday) , I will depart Malaysia to Perth, Australia, a place that I deeply miss.

I have made plans on meeting up with some bloggers and friends in KL during my coming brief stay there. Should anyone want to have a drink of tea with me, or someone generous enough to buy me dinner, please kindly drop me an email (preferably with your contacts as well, so I can get back to you) at

If you have followed my blog for some time, you would know why I am flying to Perth. If you do not know, I suggest you dig up my archives and read every single entry up to date. Alright alright, I was kidding there. But seriously, I am fighting my way back to Perth, and I am doing exceedingly well in that. This is not the first struggle.

Kuching by day and night

Knowing that I will leave Kuching, my beloved hometown, I truly feel very, very heavy-hearted. I do not entirely sure how to describe this feeling, but everytime I leave home, it just gets harder and harder. Being away from home for so long for years has made me ackowledge and appreciate my home even more than before. And now, the most difficult part is, I have to go off again, leaving everything behind. In these last days, I do somehow feel as if there is something weighing my heart down. Literally, I feel heavily weighed down.

How I wish time could strecth on longer, but that would be foolish, and a selfish wish coming from me. There are things in life, greater than just what I desire or love. Responsibilities and obligations must be paid attention to, and there are times it seems to be totally unfair for me to carry so much burden so early. There is no point pointing fingers, or run away, dodging all those pit fires, but I know life goes on, and I must go on too. No matter how bitter, no matter how heavy, I cannot afford to fall now. Not now.

Serious talks aside, I do wish to utilise what time I have left in Kuching with friends and family. Feel free to contact me, and I shall try my best to make time for you.

Soon, I shall be looking into the skies of Perth, once again.

Side note: You guys are free to ask anything about me, but I cannot guarantee I can answer them all. For the support from my dearest friends, I give you my sincerest thanks.


  1. On the bright side, no haze in Perth in the middle of the year onwards.

    But you'll miss Idle Nights 2 at the end of this month. :/

  2. hey gette,
    Yeah, no haze, but it will be extremely cold in the middle of the year !!!
    Gaaaarrrrhhhh idle nights 2 !!! Why such a long waaait... nooooo

  3. Hi robin,you eventually choose to move on to Perth, whereas Kenny Sia selected to stay in Kuching after thinking the dilemma of new job offer and family carefully. Anyway, good luck in your endeavours.

  4. hey anonymous,
    you see, it wasnt a choice really, I have always wanted to return to perth, and I have never had any dillemas and doubts about that. There was nothing much to be thought about, my family supports me, and all thats holding me back are some unforeseen circumstances.
    thanks for your well wishes.

  5. How come Kuchingites (want to) leave Kch so much?
    LoL...Have a great time in Perth!

  6. naturally i'm suppose to say bye and all and then buy u that coffee which i still owe u lol.

    but but but under these circumstances, welcome to perth in advance! lolss. look me up when u're here then i'll get u the coffee which i still owe u tsk tsk.

    anyways, good luck and all! :P

  7. hey sam,
    ... mainly because, perth is such a lovely place to be...

    hey sandra,
    Yessss... my freeeeee coffeee... looking forward to see u soon !!

  8. You're leaving Kuching!? For good? NO!!

  9. hey dienasty,
    not like i wont come back lar...
    but i will be gone for a long time, eheheheee

  10. robin! will u be working in perth ey? or will u be working there for a while then come back. aaron did ask me that. answers pls ;)

  11. hey sam !!
    Yeah I will be working, and I shall be staying in Perth for a long, long time. I might not even make it back for cny 2008 though...

  12. Here's wishing you all the best in whatever you do in Perth.

    Get a job and get a car soon so that you can drive me around when I next visit Perth! Just kidding!

    I know that you'll do well in Perth. Cheers!

  13. hey fh2o,
    yeaaahh.. i must a get a car real soon too... ahahahaha
    and look for me whenever u come to perth !!