Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Pizza Before Graduation

Here is a short entry before the promised graduation entry.

The early evening, right before the Autumn Graduation Ceremony of UWA, in the very last minute Charmaine rang me up and asked me out for a get together session. She suggested we have our dinner nearby the place where I stay, and only one place rang out loud in mind: Broadway Pizza !!! It was such a last minute plan that we did not have time to grab hold of others, and since Charmaine does not have that much free time to spare this semester, this dinner was a MUST, or else I wont get to see her for a long, long time.

I know Chun Chow must be screaming as he reads this, well, not exactly on the dinner before graduation part, but more on the other two words: BROADWAY PIZZA !!! I gotta tell you all, Perth food may not be as glorious as Kuching food, but not having Broadway Pizza for months while I was in Kuching was enough to make me crawling up the wall squeeling like a girl. Yes, try very hard to imagine that happening.

Anyway, here is Charmaine of

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Who started the Good Guys Vs Bad Guys Revolution not too long ago....

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You better be a good guy... or else !!! You get whacked in the head with an empty Pepsi bottle.

I have repeatedly mentioned again and again how much better the pizza here in Australia is in comparison to those you found back in Malaysia, and how much better the pizza in Kuching could, and should have been. I was not exactly a fan of pizza before I came to Perth, but being here for so long, I definitely had a change of appetite. No, Pizza Hut in Malaysia still sucks like ever, they just have to learn and change their entire menu and recipe to keep up with the standards.

The three of us, Khee Hwa, Charmaine and I ordered two large pizza for dinner.

Meat Lover

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Cheese, Tomato, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Beef and Extra Cheese. BBQ Sauce Optional. This is definitely my top preference, since it has ALL meat, meat, meat and CHEESE. Oh ham and bacon oven-baked in cheese.... oh heaven...


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Cheese, Tomato, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Capsicum, and Olives. This is my second choice when I come here, well, you have to admit there is bacon and ham again, so the choice is not surprising. Chun Chow prefers this over Meat Lovers, I do not know why, but yeah, the mixture with mushrooms, olives and capsicums makes it similar to the supreme pizza by Pizza Hut, but of course, Broadway is waaaaaaay better.

Alright, Broadway is not like "thhhaaaaaaaaattt" good, It definitely is not in the same league as Little Ceasers, but good enough to beat the hell out of anything you can find in Malaysia. And of course, we do have Domino here in Perth too, and I would rate Broadway much higher than Domino. Seriously guys, if it was not for the super good deals in student discounts, I would not even consider Domino.

Waiting for Pick-Up Pizza

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Interestingly, this was the first time Khee Hwa and Charmaine had Broadway Pizza. Both of them agreed that the pizza was GOOD, and surprising to me, they prefer Meat Lover !! Well, there are plenty of other good options to choose from, and many other flavours which may taste better for others. Nevertheless, I love Meat Lover, because I am one.

It was indeed a filling dinner (well, 2 large pizza for 3 people, and large in Australia, is indeed large) and with full stomach, I was geared up for the Autumn Graduation for Engineering Schools in UWA.

That, we shall see in another entry.


  1. wah so jealous! havnet had broadway pizza for donkey years! boohoo
    they were the best pizza in the area


  2. hey chrissieee...
    Indeed, the best pizza in the area !!

  3. ei.. i didn't say i prefer broadway over meatlover leh.. i prefer broadway over hawaiian pizza!!! the first time i had meatlover was sweet sweet one not the salty one.. dunno y. then the second time i had meatlover was different liaw ma. so to me meatlover and broadway are equivalent =P

  4. hey chunchow,
    aahhaaahah broadway not bad also lar... sometimes dun feel like eating that much meat also, especially at night.
    come perth !! we go makan broadway... yummy...

  5. OMGOMGOMG the white guy in the last pic is super cute!!!

  6. hey ! i'm a fan of ur blog .. loves the way u write ! :)

    anyway , for kuching food or rather more food ...

    drop by

    keep up the great writings!!

  7. hey skyler,
    Yes, that was why I took the picture... OOps... I did not just say that...

    Hey melanie,
    Thanks !!! waaahh... ive got a fan.. ahahaha...
    I will drop by ur blog soon.

  8. Haha, he looks like he knows you're taking his picture!

    SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE. Thanks for not getting his email, Robin.... :P

  9. hey skyler,
    ahahaahaa, oh well, it was very obvious when I point my camera his direction, since he was nearby. But I was supposed to be taking that picture of my friend eating his pizza... instead.. i took those couple waiting. coz they look good together.

  10. hehe i like your pictures.. :P nice compositions.. hopefully i could take those kind of pics someday :P

  11. interesting.

    when u free to catch up? wanna meet up for bubble tea?

  12. hey alicia,
    wow.. thanks... but my pictures arent that good yet, still have tonnes to learn.
    I guess, the trick is, just keep taking more and more pictures. they will eventually get better and better !!

    hey cynthia,
    YESSSSS !!! WE MUST MEET SOON !!! When when when?? Bubble tea sounds GOOOOOOD

  13. Graduation! Everyone's dream day! I wish I was older. It'd be great. PffT.

  14. hey alicia,
    im sure it will happen, no worries..

    hey samantha,
    aaaahhh ur time will come, just keep a cheerful chin up ya?