Friday, March 23, 2007

Meet the Bloggers @ KL

After returning to KL from the super-short visit to Malacca, I had 2 days left in KL, and I spent one whole day doing what I have planned and always wanted to do since I started blogging: Meet the KL Bloggers !! There are a few really interesting, cool, and awesome bloggers that I have been wanting to meet since my last visit to KL when I returned from Perth, but never made it due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Nevertheless, I did all I can and this time, finally, it really did happen.

The meet was set to 11am.

At Mid Valley.

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Since Cheng Sim arrived early, so we met up first at Coffee Bean. I had this non-caffeine drink, called Sunrise, which is actually milk and orange juice based, if I was not wrong. First time I tried something none-coffee from Coffee Bean.

SUNRISE @ Coffee Bean

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Soon, after, Skyler arrived, and not too long after that, Chloe arrived. After a few camwhoring rounds (this is getting too routine man !!) and indecisive moments, we headed up to Chilli, one of the retaurants serving western dishes with really cool atmosphere.

Camwhoring at Coffee Bean

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This meet was not just any ordinary meet, of getting to know new people, or meeting up fresh faces in blogosphere. It was nothing of that sort. In fact, I have followed their blogs from the very beginning, up to this very day and maybe missing out just one or two entries when I was lazy and I believe the same went vise versa. I consider myself their loyal reader, and being somewhat of a blogger-fan, but non-idolizing kind of fan, if you can understand what that means. We have known quite a significant bit about each other from reading each others' blogs.

Here are those wonderful gorgeous Bloggers!!

Cheng Sim (Banana Speaks) and Skyler

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Robin and Chloe (PurpleGirl)

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I started reading Cheng Sim's blog since I started my blog, and it has never failed to entertain me with her weird attempts of humour, and sarcastic views on life and all. I came to her blog via Chin Kian's. Being one of very first few people that was connected to my circle of blogging friends, she was indeed very special to me. How can anyone not relate to her, since there are so many other bananas out there, myself being one, and her banana way of writing her blog was nothing short of entertaining. She has interestingly twisted original weird jokes that even when I think of it sometimes I could laugh myself off !! Serious, no kidding mate... for example..

Puteri Gunung Redang !!!

Alright, a brief history lesson. Chloe was planning on a vacation to Redang... and I think Puteri Gunung Ledang was a hit movie that time around. Chloe mentioned she wanted to paint Redang Purple, and Cheng Sim shouted back at her:

"Who does Chloe think she is?? Wanna paint Redang Purple?? She thinks she is Puteri Gunung Redang isit???"

(Alright, I was too lazy to dig up the archives for the permalinks, at least the conversations were close to what I remembered...)

Having Lunch at Chilli

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My Cut Open Sandwich

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Alright, now moving on to Chloe, the Purple Girl !!! This girl has an odd fetish for anything purple, and love doing her nails all the time. She was also one of those very first few blogs that I read, if I am not wrong I got to Chloe through Arth or Cheng Sim, and have been following up ever since. In contrast to Cheng Sim, her blog takes on more to the personal level, describing mostly on heavier thoughts and feelings, pouring out, but highly entertaining in its own ways of course, I may add. I guess things got even spicier when we added each other on MSN, and soon after having Cheng Sim and Ivan, four of us in the same conversation window chatting about randomly crazy stuff.

And guess who arrived later to join us?


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Eh eh cannot let him have all the spotlight !!! I was the only male before he arrived. Gaarrrrgghhhhh !!!

Now revert your attention back to me... me me me...

Seng Foo and Robin

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Reading Infectioner's blog until now, I have doubts whether his brain is composed similarly like ours. This guy can virtually make fun of anything, yes anything at all, which makes his blog rather unpredictable at times, from something shamelessly silly, to something heavily serious. In the midst of the craziness and talking cock, he did make sense in what he was saying most of the time, and usually he has something meaningful to say too. Hmmm, I could not recall how I stumbled into his blog though.

Really too bad I regretted not reading Skyler that much before meeting her up. Not that her blog is not attractive, it was just that Merv Kwok used to put up this wordings in his sidebar saying "if you do not read Skyler you are as good as dead". Well, being a rebel as always, not conforming to what the instructions say, I chose to stay away and well, it was just the way I was made to challenge things. I do regret not reading her though, since she appeared to be such a nice and interesting person to talk to !!


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So how are the bloggers like in real life, in comparison to how they portray themselves to be in their blogs? Of course, one should not judge by just meeting up once, some would say one should not judge at all. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with those lovely bubbly bloggers. Random conversations that tie up loose ends on facts that were left halfway hanging in the blogosphere, gossiping and gossiping were just plain fun. Like I always said, it is always great to meet up bloggers in real life after all those time reading and commenting on each others' blogs.

Ivan and Mike

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Since I was leaving to Perth the follwing day, this meet was sort of a farewell to me to. And Ivan and Mike, my dear friends from Kuching who were at KL that time came to bid me farewell as well.

And there was a shocking revelation to everyone.

I never had famous amos cookies before.

Not that it was anywhere near shocking to myself, but I guess everyone else thought the cookies were made of gold or something.

My First Famous Amos

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Kind and generous Mike bought me a packet of cookies from Famous Amos for me to sample before I leave Malaysia. Aaaahhhhhhh.... how thoughtful !!! Thanks so much Mike.

The Final Photo

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Darn, I look so worn out in this picture.

Thanks so much everyone for meeting me up. I know Chloe had to skip a class, and delegated her presentation to another person to come down just to meet me !!! I know Cheng Sim did not feel like leaving home because of the STPM results releasing the day after. I know Infectioner had to rush down all the way from far and skip a project meeting. Mike spent his free day off from work with me instead of relaxing and hibernating, and Ivan being as busy as ever with uni life. Everyone seemed to be occupied with life and its obligations, but still made time to meet up with this humble ordinary boy, me.

I am truly touched, and for that, I express my sincerest gratitude to each and everyone of you for being there !!!! I love you guys, and we must meet again the next time I travel to KL. MUST ok !!

To Cheng Sim, who stopped blogging half a year ago, please please please come back blogging again ya !!! We all miss you truly madly deeply !!

Side Note: Do take note of the last few photos, with the colours being oddly off. Man, I feel like slamming my camera on the floor.


  1. Sunrise! I had it at KL Coffee Bean too last time hahaha... My frist encounter with Sunrise was a Coffeemaster.

  2. hey Irene,
    ahahaha.. i think it wasnt that nice, maybe the one I had was not properly made though.
    I would prefer anything coffee made in Coffee Bean... just didnt feel like taking caffeine that particular morning.

  3. Cheng Sim grown fatter! Ha!

  4. aiyo uncle robin arh, i am beyoooond flattered lah.

    it was fun to have all that verbal diahorrhea and camera clicking going on.

    at least better than reading from slides, presenting about malaysia's municipal system. *yawn*

    jangan lupa kamu orang MAH-lai-SIA ok? bila balik kita gantung kat luar (hangout) lagi.

    oops. did i say uncle?

  5. Oh Robin, you're so sweet. *hugs* I think my "fantasy" blog meet would be with you and Chin Kian. Threesome blog meet, can't wait! Sigh, should have got you something Malaysian like Mike but Chloe and i were clueless on what to get you. Anyway, you're a great guy to hang with. Next time when you balik kg sini, don't hesitate to call the three of us: chloe, skyler and i. it's like having three girls for the price of one. haha! OMG, the gunung redang joke is SOO old weh. many don't get that joke but you and chloe.

    Jason, im usually ten pounds heavier in photographs. so, say whatever. *eating carrot sticks*

    Cheng Sim

  6. hey jason,
    waaahhh.. u can get killed by saying that !!! becareful with girls and their weights...

    hey chloe,
    it was so so coool meeting you too... thanks so much for sacrificing ur boring presentation.. LOL...
    When I go back will sure look for u one.... promise.. aahahah

    hey chengsim,
    you are sweeeet too !! *hugs back*
    Aiyo, no need susah susah buy anything for me lar... it was already a great honor in meeting allof you... and like u said, 3 girls at the price of one... though that would sound very very wrong !! ahahahaha
    anyway... I am also looking forward to seeing Chin Kian. He went KL few times oledy leh.. must cekik him for not looking for you !!

  7. Funny thing, whenever I go to KL I never get to meet everybody in one meet. I guess I'm gonna have to fly there a couple of times. hehe

  8. hey arth,
    ahahhaa, no worries, I am sure u will have more chance in the future.... just give them a shout when u visit next time..
    and btw...we havent met up in real life yet !! We seriously MUST meet... one day...

  9. famous amos comes with free smell! =P

  10. hey allen,
    hmm.. i dun quite get what u mean though..

  11. robin, if you were observant enough.. all famous amos outlets have this sign above their oven "Free Smell". =P

  12. hey allen,
    As you can obviously see, there were THREE girls around, and it was NOT me who bought the cookies. Read read read. and I have NEVER had famous amos before.

  13. oops.. i din really read the writings.. =P

    and i think there isn't famous amos outlet in mid valley.. hehe..
    okok.. well.. can go see next time. =P

  14. hey allen,
    no worries.. ahaha will sure check it out the next time...

  15. wow.. i wonder how it feels meeting the bloggers =)