Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Graduation

I know after this entry many people would feel very much like wanting to kill me. Why? Because, this is NOT my graduation. I iterate, this is NOT my graduation. What? I have NEVER mentioned that this entry will be my graduation, I just simply said Autumn Graduation in UWA, and that was a general statement, without refering to myself in any way. I have just got my statement of qualification, not even a degree yet. Ok, kill me already.

The University of Western Australia - Winthrop Hall

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People Everywhere @ UWA

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I was supposed to graduate last September, the Spring Graduation of University of Western Australia. Well, for those of you who actually do follow up my blog, you guys whould have known why and how things got delayed so badly. Let's just say there are issues, and complications that I had to go through, and the path I have chosen is not as smooth sailing as it should be. I have no regrets, and I have not that many complaints so far. Yes, I am late. I am moving slower than I should, but I am doing the best I can. Graduation or no graduation, I fought my way to complete my degree, and SQUEEEZZEEDD that one piece of paper out of the university. Graduation or no graduation, I am now a full graduate. I know two other friends from my batch who skipped their graduation ceremony.

The question is, should I skip mine?

More People

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Since I have just technically finished uni few days ago, I am placed in line for the September, 2007 for Spring Graduation. You see, there has been a one year gap, and it just does not feel right attending the graduation anymore. I know graduation is something that seems like a life and death affair for some people. But seriously guys, after all the sufferings and tortures from an Australian University, I think I just want to get my huge heavy ass out of this University as soon as I can. I do not really see my graduation ceremony as something that significant in my life. It does mark the end of the university life, and the beginning of career, but hell... all those years in university, it actually really ends with that one piece of paper. The ceremony is just a celebration. I see no reason to celebrate. No reason at all.

I mean, what is the point of celebrating when there is no one to celebrate with you?

All my friends are gone now, many of them graduated last semester, and the rest, this semester. By next semester, seriously, no one is left, but me.

Not to mention that after one year (September last year to September this year) the feeling and excitement, are just fading out already.

So, you tell me, graduation or no graduation?

Anyway, to the happier side of things, attending the ceremony (more like an after-party thing) this time and being there for my friends, there is just something stirring in my heart that I could not quite explain. I shall elaborate on this further later, lets just move on with the pictures first.


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Kang Wei

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Terry and Kwan Chi

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Ivy and Kwan Chi

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The after-party was kept rather simple, and sweet. There was finger food, unlimited supply of juice and wine for everyone present. People from everywhere just flooded the front lawn of the Winthrop Hall, and well, you can see people shaking hands, hugging, kissing and saying congratulations like every now and then. Some even screamed and cried out loud in joy like they have seen someone being raised up from the dead. Scary I tell you. But nevertheless, being there, I witnessed the common joy, and the aura of the celebration that was strongly radiating everywhere !! Everyone was happy and contented, and everyone else was happy for everyone there. The sense of happiness was just, indescribable.

Everyone was happy, but me.

Dorcas and the OCF-ers

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The Engineering Group

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I do not know if I should be selfish at times like this. I have not been giving much thought on myself, not my own happiness for quite some time now. I just did what I can, the best I can to get hold of that one piece of paper, that in the end the meaning of that one piece of paper just does not seem as precious as it was when I began the journey. Maybe this is not exactly the best way to elaborate about my feelings about graduations, but hey, I just think that I should have graduated last semester. I could not. Some things are left undone. Unfinished. And now, I am not sure if finishing it is something worth enduring the pain.

Alright, enough about me, for all my friends who have graduated that particular night, I sincerely congratulate each and every single one of you. And may I add that I wish the best in whatever you guys do in the future.

Side Note:

For those of you wondering why the graduates were not wearing the Square Hat, well, for the University of Western Australia, undergraduates (bachelor in Engineering for example) are not qualified to actually wear that hat. Only Postgraduates (Masters and PhD holders) are entitled to graduate with that Square Hat.

Seriously guys, does this not say much about the university and what they make of themselves?


  1. uni has the square for undergrads :D

  2. I hope I'm the first one to tell you this, but .......

    "Happy Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    ..... time to celebrate with some hot chicks and a bottle of Bacardi.

  3. hey mike,
    doesnt matter, not going anyways..

    hey tan,
    errmmm, i did not say I was going leh...

  4. I didn't even attend mine though I was given 3 chances to attend it. Hahaha... One time in KL, then in S'pore and of course the first offer was in UK but I didn't take any of the offer. UK, too expensive, KL timing not right, S'pore lazy already. I also no mood already as my result was not what I want :(

    Only rented the uni regalia from college and went to Alvin's to have my pic taken with Ann hahaha... And we were not even taking the real university scroll for our photo shot. We didn't have it because we didn't attend the actual graduation.

    It was so funny seeing the photos we had taken. Our uni does not give graduates scrolls but folders, that's how UK's uni doing. Yet our photos are with scrolls from Swineburn. Hehehe... UK's regalia, Australia's scroll. So funny.

  5. Opsss.. wrong spelling of Swinburne

  6. hey irene,
    Wow, UK uni, but scroll from Aus, interesting !!
    I am not really sure for my case, graduation ceremony is this september, maybe I will just show up and get things over with. For now, I am just too lazy to care about it.

  7. hey irene,
    yeah, swinburne, aahahhaa...

  8. For my uni, although we're done with exams in June, graduation is only held in Sept. Decided i had enough with the UK and good riddance to the uni, first flight out back to Msia!

    We had the alternative of attending the graduation ceremony for asians in HK, but nah, too much of a hassel.

    the graduation cap - i thought aussie undergrads dont wear it because most do not graduate with a honours degree, but a general degree.

  9. hey wuching,
    wad? proud of what????

    hey anonymous,
    Errmm, not all universities are like that, some unis have the square hat, some dun, and for my uni, only postgrads get to wear that hat. aahhahaha...
    Oh well, for some people graduation is not that much of a big thing though, im still giving it much of a thought.

  10. hey robin,

    for the record i never attended my own graduation. i got uni to mail my cert to me and i was surprised to find many others like you who did the same. the hype just died down after attending countles convocations of others. snuffed out like a flame in the wind. that doesn't mean u feel the paperchase is all worthless and a waste of your effort. im sure people like us staked it out just for the whole experience to be in a foreign uni. make no bones about it but its definitely well worth your time. the scroll is just a dumb reminder of the many intrinsic experiences we went thru and learnt along this glorious journey that ended way too soon. cherish the memories and photos cos they are worth far more than a sheet of paper.

    its all about being process oriented. getting there is not as important as how you get there so long as u get there. quite a mouthful but you'll understand soon :-)

    - Marcus

  11. hey marcus,
    wow, first comment !! Ahahahaa...
    I do understand what u are trying to say and i totally agree on you with the part that the journey itself is as important as the destination. Yes, graduation is just a stage, but uni life is so much more than just that, and we all have gone through that.
    Thanks for sharing anyway.
    Come to Perth !! We should have a cup of coffee or something..

  12. hey Robin, i respect your decision not to attend your convocation but contrary to some oxymoron comments left in here, the certificate isn't a dumb reminder...etc. i m appalled that given the opportunity to study this is the remark you hear from people. just remember those who scraped & saved every penny just to have the chance of a decent education. it is unbelievable how some can just thrash talk a certificate that defines who you are as a person, your educational achievement and the basic requirement of getting your foot into potential employers' doors. it is the certificate that helps you get your PR, your job & the chance of a life elsewhere. i wish you all the best and lots of luck starting anew in Perth. fingers crossed for you everyday Robin!

  13. hey serene,

    Thanks for the kind words. I know that the piece of paper means a great deal, and its values. But I also believe that there is so much more in uni and life than just that piece of paper.

    It may be something that means a whole world for one person, but still, it takes greater strength to look pass that and set aside the acknowledgement/appreciation part while moving on with life.

    Like I mentioned, if I could, I definitely would attend.

    Regrets or no regrets, sometimes we decide not by what we desire and want, but rather what best fits the current situation.

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