Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Food Frenzy at Malacca

It was such an impromptu and sudden decision that I made to travel down to Malacca from KL, though my time there was rather limited. Nevertheless, I have learned to make full use of what I have and enjoy doing what I can. It was appoximately 2 hours bus ride away from the heart of KL itself, and I had a good doze of slumber all the way to Malacca. I arrived in late afternoon, and spent the night over, heading back in the afternoon the following day, making it a less than 24 hours visit only. Noteworthy point: This is my first time in Malacca.

Renee and Frederick

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Thanks to Fred and Renee who picked me up, and Fred allowed me to stay in his place for the night. Guess what we did, first thing in Malacca? Since the place Fred stays is near the MultiMedia University (MMU), and there are tennis courts around, with this group of crazily obsessed tennis players that Fred is in... no doubt, the first thing I got dragged into was...

Stroking Balls @ Malacca !!

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I had to admit it was really fun stroking balls there, though I do not know most of the tennis players in that group. Interestingly, my unconventional way of stroking my forehand did earn me some attention, since most of my strokes were oddly without spin at all. I preferred, and got used to hitting flat returns going down rapidly with minimal bouncing capacity, usually not the case with spinned balls. Since everyone was so used to "ordinary" strokes... I unintentionally gained some recognition for my different strokes.

Tennis Buddies

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Ah Keen, Ah Neng, Fred and Patrick.

After tennis, it was already dark, and thanks to Chik Kia who drove us around for dinner. It was past 8pm in the evening, and I could tell everyone had growling stomachs. First stop was of course, the infamous Satay Celup place, at Capitol. Unpredictably the place was swarmed with people, and we had to keep in line, waiting for seats !! I was not particularly that hungry yet, since I somehow lose part of my appetite everytime I do sports. Chik Kia could not take it anymore, so he walked across the road into another shop, and had BBQ Pork with Rice for himself. Since everyone else was too hungry to wait any longer, they asked Chik Kia to buy some food to nibble first, while waiting !!

Capitol Satay Celup Place

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There, outside the shop, just less than a meter away from the busy street with vehicles crossing every now and then... in the darkness of the evening, we waited patiently for over 30 minutes for our seats. And we were eating BBQ pork with rice while doing so, and it was the most embarassing moment for me when the waitresses looked at us from a distance and talked among themselves while laughing their way merrily. Damned !!! We were their source of entertainment.

The BBQ Pork Rice

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Fred Eating and Waiting

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Ah Nen Eating and Waiting Too

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The BBQ Pork marks the opening of the food frenzy. Next, we got our seats and had the thing that Malacca is darn famous for, Satay Celup. Satay Celup is basically like steamboat in general, but the food ranging from any seafood to various meats and vegies were served in satay sticks. In order to cook them, you will have to dip (celup) the sticks of food into the boiling Satay Sauce and viola, there you have it, Satay Celup. This is definitely something truly unique and creative, and not to be found elsewhere.

My First Satay Celup Experience

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The True Meaning of Celup

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Chik Kia Scooping Satay Sauce

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Dolphn Posing Happily

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After the heavy dinner, we headed to another place for deserts. It was a hot day, and after much sweating while stroking balls, and having dinner at such a place that produces as much steam as a steamengine, after all those sweats, something chilly to cool down the temperature would be most tempting. I was told that Malacca is known for deserts prepared with an important ingredient in it, the "gula melaka" which is brownish in colour and tastes a little salty. We all ordered plenty of different deserts, and I believe each and everyone of them are local favourites.

Bubur Cha Cha Ice

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ABC Special

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We got back to the house around almost 11pm already, and quickly I contacted another friend of mine, Moses. He came to find me, and we went for supper right away. Save the 15 minutes walk, but I practically had no break in between supper and the previous dinner. Now speaking of gluttony, it is such a beautiful sin. Anyway, we went to grab another friend, Kim Hang and the three of us went to this place which was very near to uni, and I believe was the only Mamak Place around the area. And oh boy, was I impressed with the place, the open air concept, the night life (excluding clubbing and coffee) was just something that Kuching needs to learn. Seriously.


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Since I was new there, I let Moses do all the food ordering. And here came the food... Sorry bout the name and spelling... well, enjoying the food is the main priority though..

Chicken Cheese Roti Nan

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Chicken Tandori

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Roti Planta

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And imagine washing down all those fats and oils down with gigantic glasses of pure fruit juices !!! The large glass was, very, very LARGE.

Mango and Banana Juice.

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REFRESHING !!! And definitely filling.

And as we were happy chatting and eating and talking, Moses saw one of his friends from a distance coming for the late night drink, and he waved at them. One of them looked pretty familiar, and Moses told me his name is Jason. I know no Jason in Malacca, hence I did not give much thought to it, until Moses mentioned that this Jason blogs, and always blogs about food. And it suddenly rang loudly in my mind like those annoying school bells ringing to tell the end of the class period....

It was JASON MUMBLES !!!!!

I walked over and said hi of course.

Robin: Hey Jason, I am Robin Wong, from
Jason: Hey Robin !! I know... *shakes hand* but I thought you are supposed to be at KL now???

Goodness gracious.. little did I expect he still reads my humble blog !! hahahaha.. what a pleasant surprise. You see, one week before my visit to KL, I did put up a notice in this blog telling everyone of my brief visit to KL, but I did not mention anything about this impromptu trip down to Malacca. It just, well, sort of happened.

It was so coicidental bumping into such a famous blogger like Jason Mumbles. Since I came with other friends, I did not stay long with him, and of course, not leaving without camwhoring !!

Jason MUMBLES and simply ROBIN

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I got back to Fred's place rather late in the morning, and went to bed right away, since Fred has class the following morning. I woke up late the following morning, and before lunch I took a stroll around the university (MMU) by myself.

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It was really pleasing to the eyes to see that this university houses higher capacity of non-bumi students, and pretty much opened up to many international students too. As an engineering student myself, I do have plenty to say about the structures and buildings in the uni, but heck, I shall save them up since I do not see the fun in complaining and talking bad things about a place that serves good in providing education to the public. However there is just one thing I must not miss out.

This one.

The ROCK Roundabout.

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You see, having a roundabout made of rocks is odd enough by itself, but having a small tree in the middle of the rocks, FOR WHAT???? And the tree is falling off somemore, needing some ugly looking wooden braces to support it. Right at the main entrance of the uni, I think this truly is UGLY.

To Fred, thanks for making time for me, I know you are busy with uni life and having exams coming up, but still willing to have me there and entertain me all the time. Thanks to Moses and Kim Hang also, whom I had supper with. Thanks to everyone else who were there for me, I really appreciate your time and effort. I had a pretty fun and exciting time myself there, with all you wonderful people. It was a tragedy that my trip was so unexpectedly short, leaving many ground uncovered. Nevertheless, this would not be my last visit, and I will definitely return one day again for more places and to try out more food !!

Side Note: If you watch carefully enough, some of the photos in this entry evidently shows the cacat-ness of my camera. Note the darker pictures with horizontal lines. This sucks man, my camera will die soon.


  1. hahaha the tree looks so sadd..

    ohh if ur cam dies then we can go cam shopping here!! lol.

  2. hey sandra,
    the tree looks sad indeed...
    and noooooo my camera must NOT die now.... no no noo

  3. You will do much better when you have a better camera since your composition of pictures is nice (way better than mine). Heh!

    Heh! And the best naan and tandoori is not the mamak we met at, is in town! :P

    And nice meeting you again! Hiak hiak! Send me the photos ya!

  4. hey jason mumbles...
    I SOOOO NEED a NEW CAMERA !! Ahahhaaa... yeah.. kinda tired with the limitations and all..
    but thanks for the compliments. You take awesome pictures too.
    Alamak.. now that u reminded me, I havent sent you the pictures yet... will do so soon...
    It was great meeting you.. maybe next time I go melaka u bring me to the best naan and tandoori in town !! ok? ahahha

  5. the pictures of MMU brings back memories for me.. haha.. 6 years ago I was there.. couldn't recall seeing a rock roundabout though..

  6. wow.. another jason commented.
    Ahahaha.. but u were there for a short period of time only right?
    if i was studying there I would complain as loud as I can asking the management to remove that ugly looking tree.

  7. My picture not really breath taking or can make people go "Wahhh..." that type / level. :P

    The BBQ pork rice you had used to be very delicious and they are one of top place to have BBQ pork. But too bad, they are f**king over priced until I never want to eat there again.

  8. hey jason,
    But I do like ur good pictures... seriously drool worthy !!!
    Oh they are overpriced? my friends paid for it.. so i dunno how much it costed... the char siew was so and so... but the crispy skin pork was darn delicious... syokness indeed.....