Sunday, March 11, 2007

Final Days in Kuching

Counting down the days has never been bitterer in previous occasions, and I have had troubles sleeping in the endless nights. Nevertheless, my last few days in Kuching was fully utilized to spend more time with family and friends, especially those I wont be seeing for a long, long time after my departure. Wait a minute, something is amiss. Oh, right, how did I leave food out of the equation !! Like any ordinary Kuching kid would do, I did my part in quenching my appetite over the much loved local Kuching food.

My Final Laksa and Teh-O-Peng

I met up with Samantha, and we had a few rounds of chess to kick in the appetite before gushing down a bowl of laksa later in the morning. Samantha inproved in her games significantly, almost crushing me mercilessly in one of the games. If she had been a little more careful and stepped aside a few unfortunate mistakes, I bet she would have dominated the games with ease. A little game of chess is always the best way to get the mind going early in the morning, especially before breakfast. We went to Chong Choon café, reputed to serve the best laksa in town currently, and surely it did live up to the reputation.

Samantha Poh

I did not take any pictures of her that morning, since she made a sudden exit. I guess I had to dig up my archives for other photos.

Here is a nice one, with the roundie bear, which I thought looked like a cat stretched sideways, taken by Alex with his cam phone.

My Final Ice Blended Mocha

My final trip to Bing was with Ben Moh and Frankie. I know both of them have been rather occupied with life and its busy-ness, but still they managed to find a little time off to come see me during my final days in Kuching. Frankie just got back from his KL trip, and stressed out with the piling work, while Ben has an upcoming concert on 15th March, the same day I am flying to Perth. Too bad, or else there would be no chance I will miss the concert, since I have never seen Ben performed on stage before. So for you Kuching guys and girls out there who are free on 15th March, do make sure you hop over to that special performance, and enjoy yourself through the beautifully organized musical performance !! For more information on tickets and the concert, go to Ben’s blog.

Robin and Ben


Even the place Bing felt a little different that particular night, unexpectedly since I have been spending much time with friends and bloggers there. Oh ya, Thanks Ben for the treat.

My Final Satay and Gubak Mee


Thanks to loveable Allen, who was kind enough to spare some time and went with me for a feast of the famous (and the best!!!) Gubak Mee at Green Hill Corner. We had Satay for side dish. Gosh, I know Kolok Mee is famous in Kuching, but to me, I would opt for Gubak Mee anytime. There is just something about the noodles that is different from plain kolo mee, and I would never get sick eating gubak mee again and again, unlike kolo mee. Too bad he did not bring his Canon baby that night, or else I could molest for the last time before I fly away.

My Final ABC Special

It was in the hot afternoon that Wei Thien and Jacqueline came to fetch me for a little feast. We had desert at this open air food place near the Jubilee Ground (I do not exactly know the name of that place) that is famous for its belacan bee hoon. Anyway, since it was in the midday, with the scorching sun beaming down mercilessly, we had something cold to chill the overdriven body heat. It was indeed odd that, only after the desert, we decided to hunt for something heavier to fill our stomachs.

Wei Thien


Final glance at Carpenter Street

The Lady Picking up Tang Hun

Anyway, we ended up having a light meal of Tang Hun and Fishball Soup at Carpenter Street. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the MMC card in my camera that time, and my delicious pictures of the Tang Hun and Fishball Soup was corrupted. Sadness indeed, but as I type this, I still have the after-taste of the flavour lingering in my mouth. Hah !!!

To all those nice and beautiful people who sacrificed much of their precious limited time to bid me farewell, I sincerely give thanks to all of you. Having you all in my life, and during my time in Kuching, has brought much joy and wonders in my otherwise, nothing but ordinary days. Having you all there gave me constant smiles, and good dosage of laughter, keeping me sane through all those difficult times. I wish I could spend more time with each and anyone of you, but heck, time is seriously running out already. All I could do is to wish you all well, and hope the best in whatever you guys do in life.
To those that I did not make it to say goodbyes, I am terribly sorry. We will meet again. Definitely. I maybe leaving Kuching, but I will return again one day.

Now that it is this close to the day of my departure, I seriously feel even more burdened with unnecessary emotions. I guess it just can’t be helped, and if this is the path that is laid out to me, no matter what, I must travel along with it, and pray that things will just turn out fine in the end.

In one of the nights, I voiced my concerns and heavy thoughts to one of my dear friends over MSN. His reply was brief, and a little startling to me.

Friend: How’s things looking?

Me: Should be alright I guess. I seriously don’t know.

Friend: You know, how people always say, “you are meant for great things”.

Me: Wow…

There, right there in that part. It struck me like a steel plate slipping of the fingers and colliding with the hard concrete floor, creating a loud clashing sound. I was not only shocked, but somehow realized that, people do have faith in me. What troubles me even greater, is that: Do I really deserve this faith from others? I am not even sure if I can truly live up to such expectations. I am after all just an ordinary boy.

Remember this picture I put up not too long ago in the previous entry? This is my current MSN display-picture too.

My MSN nick-display was: A Heavy-Hearted Boy.

My friend pointed it out that, it actually sounds more like “Heavenly-Hearted”. And he actually said, “Good luck, Heavenly-Hearted Boy”.

There and then, I was peaceful again looking to the heavenly sky.

This road that we travel may it be the straight and narrow
God, give us peace and grace from You, all the day
Shelter with fire, our voices we raise still higher
God, give us peace and grace from You, all the day through

Jars of Clay - This Road

Side note: This is my FINAL entry made in Kuching. Hope to update a short one when I am in KL.


  1. oh gosh..after reading ur entry i suddenly feel so homesick :S

    anyways, im sure u're destined for great things :P

    leaving today eh? have a safe flight and see you soon!!!

  2. hey sandra,
    waahhh... this entry can make people homesick meh?? ahahahaa...
    Great things or no great things, I must move on.
    And I shall see you soon in Perth. My coffeeeeeeee

  3. I apologize to have forgotten to call u and wish u farewell at least =( thoughtful of u to have put up pictures of us, bleh the lolipop thang too. so sorry about the sudden exit i made that day. i owe u still a game of chess for the record. anyway, all the best i wish u for the beginning of ur new life as in a working one. be strong while facing challenges in this competitive world. keep in touch robin ;) God bless~

  4. hey sam,
    Oh no worries... no need to apologize at all. All is well... and thanks for the well wishes. You take care and God Bless you too !!!

  5. The last time I took Laksa was before CNY. The last tine I savoured Open Air's Gubak Mee was one year ago. 7th Mile's Teh-C-Peng is so far the best.

    Allow me to share with you two lines from a song.
    "去不到的地方叫远方, 回不去的地方叫家乡"
    Literally translated means
    "Faraway land is where we can't go,
    Home is where we can't return"
    Sorry for the lousy translation.

    More often than not, it's hard for us to go back to our lovely Kuching. Anyway, Kuching is the nicest place to be after retirement.

  6. Take care Robin. Btw dude, you're talking as if you're leaving Kuching for good. Are you? Now I'm not so sure. Your friend is right, you are meant for GREATER things coz you are already great! ;)

  7. take care dude..
    btw.. i look so sleepy and tired in that pic. -_-

  8. hey daniel,
    I am guessing you miss kuching food lots now.... ahahahhaha...
    whoah... those are some pretty deep stuff there...
    Wow you are thinking of retirement already? thats a bit too soon man !!!

    hey aileen,
    I will be away for quite some time... actually, for a long long time. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. Great things or no great things, I will have to survive !!

    hey allen,
    you look more blur than tired, ahahahhaa... anyway u take care also...

  9. Take care bro and hope to see you soon at Down Under.

    God bless.

  10. hey kenjj.
    yeah you take care yourself too, ahhahahaa...
    looking forward to meeting you down under too !!!!

  11. oi! come see me in melb la!

  12. hey wuching, one of these days I will, ahahahahahaa...
    u come to perth lar !!

  13. Nyarrggghhh! Robin!!! Do you have a feedburner man? Your bloglines feed, like never show update but when I pop here after a long time, I see this whole bunch of post that I've missed for I'm guessing over a month. Bwah!

    And to think all this while I thought you gave up blogging or something

  14. hey merv,
    ermm errm...
    i dun think anyone else with feedburner has any problems leh !!!!
    Uunsubscribe and resubscribe lar !!!

  15. oops. i mean anyone with bloglines, ahahahaa.. yeah i do use feedburner...