Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CNY2007: Impromptu Damai Beach Trip

Right after the birthday celebration, few hours following the next morning, my college friends and I rode on much loved Rusa fitting everyone all the way to Damai Beach Resort. As hectic as everyone could be celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), with very restricted time available due to limited CNY holidays, somehow we all still found time together to further celebrate Frederick’s birthday, and had a blast of a lifetime at one of the most frequented venue for holidays in Kuching: Damai Beach. It was rather a very last minute decision, with very little planning involved before hand. Nevertheless, everything turned out great, and this brief yet memorable trip will be looked back again and again in years to come.


When we arrived at the beach, the sky was rather clear, with soft clouds, hence the blue, blue waters of the ocean that was rarely seen on Damai Beach. Most of the time the waters would appear just plain white and undramatic.

So what was the first thing we did? Besides crawling ourselves all over the beach, there was only one thing that came in mind.


Well, when you cam-whore a lot, you have got to be more CREATIVE sometimes. Right? Don’t get the wrong idea though. The key word: creative.

Much to our dismay, the weather changed rapidly, and soon enough, halway through the cam-whoring session rain fell down forcing us back to a shed nearby. While we were waiting for the weather to clear out, incidentally we found Jong Kai and Xin Zhe making their way to one of the nearby challet !! Those were also friends we have met during our college days, and I have not seen them for quite some time. They have both graduated from UK and working already. How fast time has passed, I could have never kept proper track. It was totally coincidental meeting them, and it was great catching up with them.

J.Kai and Xin Zhe

And a photo of everyone under the shed.

Once the weather was sunny again, we quickly walked to the tennis court for a short stroking session. Yeah baby, how can we not stroke balls at such eventful gathering? Under superbly hot sun, with beautiful background sceneries, mountains, and sounds of waves thundering not too far away, stroking balls was just never quite the same. We did not stroke the balls too rigorously though, just for plain fun. No one got hurt. It was all fun.

Developing appetite and hunger, we had Kolok Mee, which we have bought (take away/tah pow) prior driving all the way down to the beach. Well, who says we can’t cam-whore while eating?

After finishing off our meal, we climbed up the hill to the Hilltop Swimming Pool. When we reached the place, it was already packed with many people !! Of course, it did not take us long to grow fins and dive in splashing waters around. After stroking balls running around chasing and puffing and sweating, dipping my huge heavy ass into the waters was just simply heavenly. Oooooohhhhhhh…

Fred suddenly jumping out of water

The Three Guys and a Fake Waterfall

Wendy and Chun Chow

Robin, with that blurry look.

I was so tired from sleep deprivation and non-stop visiting through the previous 4 days, hence the quirkily odd face.

Before we knew it, it was already near sunset time, and I believe everyone has been rather tired and worn out, but feeling happy and joyful at the same time. We had to leave before sunset, since many of us had plans for the night, and needed to get back soon. Too bad for the short holiday, or else staying over the night would have been very, very fun. It was certainly very, very soothing and relaxing with dipping my huge heavy ass in the pool that I did not feel like dragging it off the waters that soon. People say, all good thing will come to an end, and we made our way back to the awaiting Rusa.

On the way back, more pictures were taken.

Down the Hill

The sky was already growing dark and gloomy, signifying an anticipated rain in the evening.

Look at what the wind did to my hair.

Of course, I was looking to the gloomy troubled sky. But I was smiling.

This time around, the Beach Resort was rather packed with people. I guess this could just be their peak season and the best time for families to spend some time together, away from the hectic city. You could not go wrong at the seaside.

There was this group of guys running around happily chasing each other. Only a few thoughts raced through my mind observing them. 1) All-boys school, either St Thomas, or St Joseph. 2) Ghey.

As random and as unpredictable the activities we had going down to the beach could be, I gotta admit, I had an awesome time myself. Having fun together with friends, good friends, and spending time at such nice place, no matter how brief, would greatly be treasured. While I was chatting with Frederick the other night, he expressed his desire to be able to turn back the time, and return to the day he just arrived in Kuching before the CNY celebration starts. With doing that, we could all relive those wonderful moments again. Reality check, nope, all those great times have passed us by, and what remains are the photographs, memories, and the smile on our faces whenever we thought of the times we were all together.

Side Note: Hmmmm, all this mini-entries are not in chronological order. The beach trip took place on the 5th day of CNY.


  1. ghey indeed... my juniors probably? tsk tsk tsk...

  2. hey oink,
    ahahahhaa, ghey !!
    That makes them OUR juniors.....

  3. the first pic is indeed real creative cos it's something that u'd see coming from anime. such pose i mean. damai, it's a custom for kuching folks to take a drive up, chill after coming back home and pretty much do the same thing before leaving. sweet couples.

  4. hey sam,
    aahhahaa, i guess those few people must have watched too much anime !!
    Yeah, damai is indeed a place to chill... take a little break. It isnt that far away too, but the roads leading there has got serious improvement to catch up to.

  5. Hey hey maybe I can ask you to get the Garnier products when you go Aus? ;)

    I've always loved Damai regardless how people cruelly compared it to other nicer beaches overseas coz this is home! Have a nice day.

  6. hey leenmafia,
    of course !! NO worries... but then when I leave aus this time, it will be for a long long time !!! Not even sure if I will be back for CNY 2008

  7. Oh god...I have to wait till end of year to get the products?? Well if Robin can't go back to Kuching, we'll bring Kuching to Robin! Maybe the catcity bloggers can have their meet in Perth Hehehe

  8. hey leenmafia,
    there is quite a few of us kuching bloggers in perth, yeah and we do meet up quite often, ahhahaha...
    oh well.. im sure i will be missing kuching when im gone..