Friday, March 02, 2007

CNY2007: Gathering of the Saints

I have been missing in action for the past 3 years, when it comes to CNY visiting with Thomians. I have had my reasons, and here are few of them:

1) The Thomian visiting was always on the third day, and my college visiting was also on the third day. Since my college friends have always planned far ahead and confirmed way before the ever last minute and indecisive Thomians even started to think about the visiting, I have been courteously reserved and deserved to be with my college friends, year after year.

2) Something happened.

Yeah, out of the two reasons, the later seemed more intriguing, no? Well, lets just say I am not a fan of digging out old skeletons, but to clear off any possible misunderstanding, I believe many would love to hear the explanation on my part. It all started when the class of 2001, St Thomas left the school already, and planned a get together session in the year of 2003, if I remembered correctly. It was nearing CNY already, and since there was no plans whatsoever, a few friends suggested me to take the step and make something happen. I planned a visiting on the second day of CNY, I have spent so much making calls and sms, and almost everyone agreed and confirmed. Everything was well, until the night of the first day, someone called me up and told me there was a change of plans.

Apparently, there was this another organizer of the events, C, who could not make it on the 2nd day of CNY, so he suggested that the plan shifted to the 3rd day of CNY.


Seriously guys, I am not so mad about the shift of plan itself. What I was terribly angry about was these:

I was the organizer of the event. Why the heck did anyone would want to plan behind my back without my knowledge?

I have clearly stated that I could not make it on the 3rd day, and many could not make it also. Hello, majority speaking, no?

I thought everyone confirmed with me already. Why the heck changed without even telling me? Then what was the point of having me as the organizer?

And of course, C is a total JERK. Note the present tense.

You see, because I have already confirmed with my college friends, I can’t just leave them behind. I politely declined the invitation and chose my college friends instead. And there were a few guys having the nerve to come up to me and said this:

“You are clearly forgetting your old friends already, choosing new friends over old friends”

Seriously again, What.The.FUCK.

Then another came up to me and told me that:

“You are feeling angry, because you felt challenged by C, and afraid that you are losing friends”

Hurr hurr… how helpful.

Nevertheless, I have chosen to set everything aside this year, to make way for a new start. I know somehow, I have let part of my uglier side take the judgement of the entire situation, but still, part of me would never really erase the hurt I felt over the years. I was neglected, and worse, resented for doing nothing wrong at all. I know every time I went out with them, there would be those sarcastic eyes, and hypocrite tongues. Of course, we all grew older year after year, and I have decided that despite the presence of those jerks, I still have a few friends, good friends that I cherish and care about. It would mean a great deal to those friends if I could make it with them for the visiting.

For CNY2007, I returned to the usual Thomian visiting.

This time, it no longer clashed with my college visiting, since it was on the fourth day.

Here is a group photo of almost everyone, meeting at my place.

The following is the list of houses visited in order:

Hak Jeng
Yong Hui
Ivan Moa

After visiting Hong, we had a short lunch session at Kenyalang Shopping Center. I ordered Salad Chicken Rice.

While we were having lunch, Hak Jeng flipped out his 2 Ringgit Note, and my oh my… was I excited to see that piece of Ringgit note.

Why was that 2 Ringgit so special?
It was a birthday pressie of some sort, from a loved one…

And it has a LIPSTICK on it…..

YUCKS would be an understatement. For further details, click here to go to HakJeng’s blog entry on that Ringgit note he owns.

Yiaw Wei

Here is Yiaw Wei, who writes a very, very emo and suicidal blog at Vindicated Ernie. I knew him from high school days, shared passion in Audio Visual entertainment, mainly on hi-fi components. He has deep passion for Bon Jovi music, and he despises Celine Dion, whom I adored and loved so much.

To be honest, Yiaw Wei was one of the main reason why I chose to go to the visiting as well. He was one of the friends that I could sincerely hope to have spent more time with, minus the presence of those I wish not see face to face.

I guess it was good meeting everyone again, and I am sure some friends were glad I made it after so many years, though some would rather not see me at all. It is always difficult to have everyone coming together in a large group. You know, it was odd when someone pointed out:

Hey, you know what, the number of people turning up this year seems quite good. Dunno why hoh !!!!

My oh my, my answer would not have been straighter.

My dear friend, that was because for the past years, there were some people who would blindly organize visiting on the 3rd day, even though they know many could not make it. See, this year we made it the 4th day, of course everyone could make it.

DUH !!!

Enough said.

And the sky was beautiful the evening of the 4th day.

I was looking deep into the dramatic sky.

Side Note: It is hard to forgive someone, when you feel like you want to kill that someone everytime.


  1. hmm..u have much anger in u..anger leads to hate, hate leads to misery, misery leads loneliness, loneliness leads to the dark side! dun let urself be consumed by the dark side my young padawan!

  2. Hey wuching,
    "sometimes, anger can help you to survive" Aurora Momroe/Storm in X-Men2

  3. tagged, robin!! woo.....

  4. hey arth
    I have done a similar meme not too long ago...


  5. "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

    (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism)

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  7. hey mike,
    aaaahhhh, and what are you trying to imply with that sentence?
    1) I am holding on to anger
    2) I intend to throw that hot coal at someone else?
    3) I will get burned by holding on to that coal?

    Well, I am sorry that you look at me that way.
    Ok, maybe anger was not the right choice of word. I was more dissapointed, and HURT.
    Here is what I have to say, in simplification.

    1) I care, that is why I was hurt in the first place.
    2) I hold on to that resentment, because I still care.
    3) I suffer, because I still care. It is painful, because I care.
    4) Until one day, I finally give up that pain, until it no longer hurts... I will care no more.
    5) Until that day, the door will be SHUT completely.

    Here is my piece of advise. Never take a friend lightly. Until the day that friend gives up on you, whatever you do there after is too late. One heart can just take so many stabbings that one day it would finally give up beating.

  8. wahlau...tan su lok punya son looks vry ghey!!!

  9. hey plain ian,
    Inddeed... VERY Ghey.. ahahaaa