Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blog Plug: Speaking in Tongues

Found an interesting write-up from Aidan, again. That guy seems to have a lot to say, and he usually says them darn well.

Here is a portion of what he wrote:

...... Take speaking in tongues for example. I've yet to read a passage in the Bible that encourages speaking in tongues as part of service, and indeed, it has not been a practice for a long time until the recent century. I then point out the part where it says that the gift of tongues as given to the Apostle Paul in order to help him overcome the language barrier when spreading the gospel to other communities (particularly in Asia, I think). Yet the 'tongues-speaking' of today is little more than gibberish. They could be mouthing the Koran and not even realize it. Seems like all they care about is the good feeling of having 'the presence of God' descend upon them. Like God's always away, and you gotta work yourself in a craze before He'll drop by and say hi? For all you know, that good feeling could be of the devil, and you'll not know the difference. People do things like that at concerts and raves, getting into the mood and involved and all, and they take drugs and screw around as a result....

I could not agree more. So guys, say "tak nak" to tongue-speaking.

Side note: I will be going to KL soon and staying there for few days, and leaving to Perth after that. I shall make a proper announcement for this soon. If anyone is so generous and wants to "belanja" me makan, or just go jalan jalan, feel free to email me soon.


  1. Well...I kinda feel uncomfortable hearing them but I judge not for they could genuinely be speaking to God! :)

  2. hey pablopabla,
    You said it right !! You can never tell for sure, and because of that, it can be dangerous in many ways.

  3. Yes, no to tongue speaking, and yes to belly dancing! Let's throw in a mud fight contest for good measure... :-P

  4. hey gallivanter,
    Belly dancing indeed !!! Ahahahaa..

  5. I was in your position in the past. But now I beg to differ. Many of God's things are "dangerous". But I've learnt about two things:
    1. Never judge - we're not called to
    2. There's no use debating about such issue. That's why I'm not offering any arguments.

    You know what's most important?
    Love God.
    Seek Him.
    Have a personal relationship with Him.

  6. hey anonymous,
    yeah, I agree on you on the not to judge others, but hey, we do have opinion, and sometimes, we just have to say what we think, hopefully in non-offensive ways of course. But still, people are free to say what they want, and disagree with whatever others say, making their own stand.
    You said it right.
    Love God. Seek Him.


  7. i may be the evil one, but in the bible when they spoke in tongues those who heard the deciples all understood what they were talking about..

    but what this charismatics do are not talking in tongues they are all mumbling non coherent words...

    the bible states...by their fruits ye shall know them

  8. hey lucifer,
    for someone with such name, u sure have an impression of evil. Ahahhaa, that was a joke, pardon me.
    But seriously, the charismatic movement nowadays, seems like EVERYONE in their church knows how to speak in tongues.
    From what I have read in the bible, it states tongue speaking as a gift from God, like being a teacher, or preacher, or carpenter, or minister, or healer... they are all gifts. Unique gifts.
    But what I do not find in the bible is, that everyone CAN speak in tongue. Yes, there are some people with the gifts, many in fact,but what toubles me is that, EVERYONE in the charismatic movemen can do it.
    How can you prove the authenticity of the gift?

  9. LOL Robin, remember i use to be the angel of light..and even the devil reads the bible..

    but ok just for the argument of things writen in the bible about speaking in tongues... in the Book of Acts 2:4 it says; and the holy spirit came down in the form of fire looking like tongues an alighted on each mans head and they were filled with the holly ghost. an they spoke in tongues...

    if you read further it says that the people who heard them who speak in tongues understood those who spoke in ther own language. ( which is i may be speaking in japanese but you understand me in your own native tongue) but problem with those who say they speak in tongues now a days we dont or you dont understand a word they say....like you said all gibrish..i call them incoherent mumbling which is not speaking in tongues at all....

    and yes i agree with you about speaking in tongues is a gift...it can be a gift from both sides good or evil..(thats why the verse, by their fruits you shall know them)hope i made some point about it...anyway try to read more on the Book of Acts 2.


  10. hey lucifer,
    wow, even the devil reads the bible, interesting note there that I never knew I would hear.

    You have made your point, and you made it well. Yeah, I do know, from my limited knowledge of tongue speaking that, having the ability to speak in tongues is on gift, but to understand and intepret them is another.

  11. i wouldn't say i'm pious and know the bible inside out, but coming from a community of catholics into a diversed community of various religions and christian denominations really opened my eyes.
    (do refer to me for more...) haha!
    to cut things short, i just wanna say that I believe in praying in tongues, as my belief tells me that it's one of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    and I've seen the miraculous power of it, in acts of 'overcoming evil', mostly healing. Healing in this context refers to both physical and spiritual.
    But for myself to experience speaking in tongues, I have not. But there was once when I doubted it, because there were many who could speak (whether genuine or not it's another thing) and I just couldn't, even how hard I tried.
    But I realised one thing (almost at the end of the prayover session), that when you wish to speak to God and you concentrate enough, you seem to be talking and yet not talking... would that be it? I dunno.

    I honestly dunno...

    But what I know is... the gifts are given by God and only He decides whether you have it or not, not the other way round.

    As for others, they may have the gift of vision, for example... how lucky! :D

  12. hey oink,
    I do believe in the powers of speaking in tongues, and the power of healing by spirits.

    But what I do not believe is that everyone can do that. You were right there, that

    "the gifts are given by God and only He decides whether you have it or not, not the other way round."

    I am not sure if having vision is a good thing though, if your visions are good and beautiful things, ok lar, but what if you are given a glimpse of hell and torture? eeeeeeee i dun wan.. aahahahahaa
    but thats just me...

  13. yes i've read the bible many times..it is better to know it..best way to know the weakness i'd say...

    but seriously...you don't have to know how to speak in tongues just to hear your god talking to you..listen to your heart hear what it tells you (concience) that is your god that is talking to you ;)

    i hope i din't offend anyone here.. i just couln't help myself with the very interesting topic ;)

  14. hey lucifer,
    Yeap, God speaks to us in many ways, sometimes even without us realising it.
    Nah, u have not written anything offensive. We are all free to state our opinions.

  15. hey chun chow,
    aahahha, the best part, it was not me saying it, just copy paste nia. Man, starting to love blog plugging... ehhehee

  16. malasnya...haha. write proper referencing ar..if not, kena sue later ar.. LOL

  17. hey chun chow,
    I linked back to Aidan mar, ahahaha, see, can track back one.

  18. On Speaking in Tonggues. If you get a minute, here are two posts that come at the subject a little differently.

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  20. hey father don,
    Wow, all the way from outside the country !! Thanks for your links.

    Interesting, I am an Anglican myself.

    I have gone through your entries, and they are very well written with plenty of details, which I will need to re-read to fully understand your whole story.
    But I have picked up a few points, that Tongue speaking is a gift, and you pointed in various remarkable analogies on how some minds would refuse and not yield to the gift.

    I believe that if a person is given a gift, by all means, he should embrace, use, develop and put it into practise. There is no doubt bout that.

    But what troubles me greatly is seeing all those young converts going to charismatic churches, and miraculously being able to speak in tongue. Whether they actually did speak in tongues, or simply faking it, or something else was making them speaking that way, was truly questionable.

    I guess I am not adequately knowledgable in this subject, hence I did not write much on my part either, besides plugging from another blog.

    I shall read and learn more about tongue speaking before writing my own proper entry.

  21. I had some bad experience with this issue. I was pressured to speak in tongue by ppl who think every christian shud do it. I felt rejected & awkward especially when everyone prayed in tongues(for hours!) Now I come to a conclusion that its a gift from God & God has given me other gifts that not everyone has so I'm not going to listen to ppl who think they know everything.

  22. hey creart,
    Oh dear, sorry to hear about your bad experience. I was surprised to hear about people forcing you to pray in tongues, but seriously, whats wrong with just praying with ordinary languages?
    Those people seriously need a whack in the head. It is like, you can't force a maths prodigy who knows nothing about arts to draw something. Instead, we should motivate that maths prodigy to improve better and go on further with maths !!