Thursday, February 08, 2007

Upcoming: Kuching, MEET the BLOGGERS

Update (9th Feb 2007): DATE OF THE MEET has been CHANGED!! Due to very popular demand and much consideration, the organisers have changed the date of the meet to 24th Feb 2007. Please kindly take note of this change.

Listen up brothers and sisters of Kuching Blogosphere!!! There will be an upcoming event, an Open Kuching Bloggers Meet, specially organized by us, Kuching Bloggers, especially for all of you Kuching Bloggers out there. This time it will be HUGE, and it is all up to you awesome sexy hot hunks and chicks to make it happen!!

Here is the promotional banner, including the details of the meet. Feel free to copy the banner down and upload it up on your blog to support us!!!



When: 24 FEB 2007 (updated)

Time: 8.00pm Til LATE

Who: OPEN Invitation for ALL Kuching Bloggers, or Bloggers currently in Kuching at the time of the meet.

R.S.V.P. Contact FRANK of at frankiecy [at] yahoo [dot] com

Official Website:

The Place: OREGANO, Travillion

10 REASONS WHY YOU (Dazzlingly remarkable Bloggers) SHOULD BE THERE

10. To Establish a Network

It is always cool and interesting to know more people in your life, and meet new smiling friendly faces of Kuching local folks. Kuching Bloggers have significantly grown in number over the years, and this meet provides a platform for the Bloggers to actually meet up with their readers and the other bloggers whom they may have come across via their blogs/online interaction. People can appear to be much more intriguing and outstanding in person than what you only perceive through reading their blogs. This is your chance to get to know more hunky guys and pretty chicks of Kuching !!!

9. Increase Your Blog Readership

Getting to know more Bloggers, and be known to more Bloggers, meaning that you will eventually gain real readers, the constant Bloggers who do follow up the happening threads of the Malaysia Blogosphere. You may even earn yourself some fans, and having your blogs read will always be something rewarding. Some people may frown to the idea of fame-whore and desperate attempts at getting more traffic and page links to their blogs in opposition to what generally is described as non-fame-seeking blogging, but I can boldly point out the issue with a question: What is the point of blogging if no one reads your blog? Readers come and readers go, through bloggers meet, you get to connect to Bloggers who will end up reading your blog, thus tapping into their readers as well in return. It is a win win situation, everyone benefits from this.

8. Increase Your Blog Traffic and Page Links.

For those bloggers who are fanatically obsessed with how many page links they get to their blog, Google Page Rank, Technorati Rankings, daily traffic and such, this is one rare golden opportunity for you. I know many Bloggers who claim themselves to be non-traffic seeking, are secretly wishing to be like Kenny Sia/XiaXue one day. This Meet is where you can start, though there is no promise of how far you can go, but certainly, you will get more traffic and page links, because we are making the meet B.I.G !!

7. Support Each Other

We ought to stand together, and unite ourselves as one body, and protect our freedom of speech!! If we do not support each other, who else do you think will support our blogs and our cause? We need to stand firm with what we believe, and protect what we hold on dearly to ourselves.. our blogs, and most importantly, our voice. Showing up in the event in large numbers, means that we acknowledge each others presence, and we do in fact come together in a common understanding and purpose of blogging.

6. Share Your Thoughts

This is the best place to talk, talk, talk, and talk !!! I dare say all Bloggers have a lot in their minds, and this is the best time and place to actually find people with mutual interests, and share your opinion and views about just, virtually anything!! Fun is definitely guaranteed, how can I say so? Because, I know that being Kuching Bloggers, we will never run out of topics for conversations, or run dry of humour !!!

5. The place to CAMWHORE

Yes Yes Yes !! Bring all your cameras along, we can camwhore together, and this has always been, and will surely turn out to be the highlight of the event. So dress up and make yourself look gorgeously killing HOT for our very own photoshoot session, with us being our own professionals in photography!!! And the best of all, all your faces will be plastered all over the Kuching Blogosophere when everything is done!! By the way, if you are an anonymous Blogger, we shall accommodate your rights, do not turn away from the event!! If you do not want your name/blog address to be mentioned, just let us know, and we wont publish them. If you want your photos out of the pictures, we will gladly oblige to your request. Just turn up for the event, the more the merrier and I can assure you, the first timers will be surprised on how grand the camwhoring activities can turn into.

4. Prove Ourselves Worthy

Interestingly coincidental, Penang Bloggers are having their very first bloggers meet one day after ours!!! We must show what we are made of, and who we really are by making it to the Meet, in non-kiasu ways of course. Nevertheless, this is NOT our first meet, we have plenty before, but this one, is fully open to any Bloggers. This is a bold step, to something greater, and we are progressively moving to that larger picture.

3. Enjoy Yourself

How much better can the night be, when you are surrounded with familiar faces of Kuching Bloggers? Fun is the keyword of the night. Just be there, and you will see.

2. Kuching Blogosphere RAWKS

Oh, in case you have not noticed, Kuching has produced many quality and well known bloggers, needless to point who and who, we are considered the cream of the milk amongst the Malaysian Bloggers !! You should be proud be the known as a Kuching Blogger, why? Because Kuching Bloggers simply RAWK !! That means, YOU RAWK too !! Therefore, being there at the meet, shows that you are truly, part of something really special.

1. Simply because, simply ROBIN will be there.

So what are you still considering about? Leave a message with your name, contacts (email) and blog url at frankiecy [at] yahoo [dot] com, and make yourself a part of something grand.

Please kindly spread the word, and let the Kuching Bloggers be heard, and be seen!!

Side note: Credits goes to for the courtesy of the logo and promotional banner design.


  1. celaka. i can't make it damnit

  2. oi oi.. saya tak dapat pergi la wei.. so chun u guys have the gathering on the day that i leave kch...sigh

  3. hey ivan,
    sigh... skip class.. stay in kuching longer !!!

    hey chun chow,
    aiyooo.. susah jugak hoh... sigh...

  4. Sounds like a grand event for Kuching bloggers. I'll keep it in mind and see if I will go. Gotta find someone to go with first. WEe hehe~ Cause 'big' girl like me no have licence to drive car yet. *sweat*

    Is there like a dateline to RSVP? The funny part about the whole banner is.... there is this:

    *Terms and condition apply.

    What are the terms and condition?? HAha.. Never mention one.

  5. Hey Naomi !!!!
    I was gonna drop by your blog and let you know bout the meet, ahahaha

    You MUST come... no excuse.. ahahaha... can get one of the kind lovely bloggers to fetch you lar, no worries...
    terms and conditions... ahahaha, ermm, errmm, the first part being, BYO = buy ur own food and drinks. U know lar, kuching folks.. ahahaha

  6. wahaha~! Should lay out all the terms and condition.

    What to do, people like me always read fine prints one. Hehe~

    It is always wise to state down all terms and condition when organizing a public event.

    The last time I organized a public event, I made sure everyone knew the terms and condition. Made it easier to control everything.

  7. hey naomi,
    For this event, it is not entirely bound to the terms and conditions, and we don't want to scare people away in the first place !!

  8. sounds so convincinggggggggggggggggg..

  9. hey jamie,
    thanks !! So, you MUST come ya !!

  10. .. ur replying is real fast

  11. Hey jamie,
    Of course, I have full control over this blog !! Muahahahahaha

  12. gosh. this is kinda scary. lol.

  13. cos u're replying way too fast. in the comment box.

  14. Hey jamie,
    ahahahaha, and you are commenting really really fast yourself too !!!!

  15. cos im staying in this page and refreshing loh. lol. im obviously flooding ur comment box..hoh.

  16. hey jamie,
    aahhahaaa nolah nolah... u are making the number of the comments look really good, which is a good thing to prommote this kuching bloggers meet !!! LOL..

  17. lol. think i better go to sleep. got school tomorrow. nitey!

  18. hey jamie,
    no worries !!! enjoy ur school life while u can, I miss it lots !!!

  19. i hate it lots now. grrrrr. tomorrow got chinese language paper to sit somemore. ... why am i still refreshing this page? .. *off to sleep*

  20. Hey jamie,
    ahahahaa I never took chinese, which makes me a banana, even now !! ahahahaa.. yeah better sleeeeeep... gudnite

  21. Kuching bloggers meet,sounds luring. Robin is scary, he replied to jamie's comments everytime using the phrase 'hey jamie'.........Please don't use 'hey Andrew'

  22. Alright.. U asked for it.. for a change....

    "Dearest Andrew"....

    sounds luring? ahahahaha, it is for all Kuching bloggers. Do come along ya?
    Oh btw, Robin is not scary lar, Robin is innocent and sweet, kekekekekeke...

  23. hey wuching,
    come come !!! It will be fun....

  24. oh... changed to one day earlier liaw.. now that's more like it hehe..

  25. hey chun chow,
    yes yes, now u must come !!

  26. thanks dude for the change n informing....appreciate it.

  27. hey frank...
    No worries... ehehhee... lets hope it will be a good one !!

  28. haha like chat room only! lol... who'd be there i wonder? later different generation one, how wo?

  29. hey oink,
    ahahaha, dun worry, different generations of bloggers also can mix around mah !!!!

  30. I'll most likely be there! You had me at the last reason. :D

  31. hey leenmafia...
    whoahh.. the last reason?? ahahahhaha.. thats a good one eh??
    anyway... do come along !!! We want u there !! aahahahahhaa

  32. Wo-ow. Still have reasons why attendance is encouraged. (Most blogged about event in the making)

  33. im just trying to see how fast would u be seeing this comment

  34. Dang man Robin. I tried to pretend to be ignorant about this event and you had to hit me over the head with it.


    Is Aldrin going? Coz i don't know anyone there, save you and Jamie, and then only online. So... it'll be weird.

  35. dang! 24th. and i cant make it. :(

  36. well dn worry guys if u dno anyone there. thats the reason to go, to make more friend and know more ppl...we expect to see a lot of new faces =D

  37. Hey sam,
    yeaaaahh.. reasons why U should be there mah !!! ahahahaha...

    hey jamie,
    I have a life !!! I don't stay near computer 24/7, LOL.. and its Friday night !!!

    hey dienasty,
    no worries lar, its the place to meet new people, and u can drag aldrin along, it will be fun too. It would be nice to meet up with you !!! another thomian blogger...

  38. Hey Jamie (again)..
    Aiyooo.. why cannot??????

    hey frank,
    Yeah !! I could not agree more on that...

  39. T wanna go...but I not blogger!!! Sob! Sob!!! So kesian!

  40. hey suituapui,
    ahahahaha... well, u can always start a blog, can u not?

  41. oh.. it's changed to 24..
    me can't go liao.. hahaha..

  42. hey allen,
    too bad, i have asked all the hot chicks to go...