Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pre Chinese New Year Gatherings

This goes out to everyone out there, friends, relatives, bloggers, fans, blog readers:

I wish you all…


The night before the eve of Chinese New Year, the grandest and most auspicious occasion in Chinese tradition, two circles of my friends decided to have a gathering. The timing could not have been better, since this is cny, the time when everyone (well, almost) from everywhere would come back home to their family.

Initially I already had plans with my college friends, since Frederick demanded strongly to have a drink session the night he got back to Kuching and have a decent bowl of laksa together. Coincidentally there was another huge gathering going on the other circle of friends, the Thomians, the people I have known from my secondary years of education. Initially I have decided to cancel the Thomian gathering, since it was rather a last minute decision, plus the fact that I am now extremely broke and told my college friends I would be there for them. Well, things turned out to be quite unexpected in the end.

Moses, the organizer of the event called me up, and was quite taken back when I mentioned I would not participate in the Thomian gathering. Darn, how I felt guilty after I heard his tone of dissatisfaction over my choice of absence. Then, when Jason arrived on Kuching in the evening of the very same day from Penang, he smsed me and asked me to go as well. I have to admit part of me wanted to be in that gathering, but as much as I wanted to be there, I must say there are people whom I would steer clear off a safe distance. Weighing the good and bad of whether I would be there or not, I chose to ditch my college friends, and went to the Thomian gathering. I was surprised at the decision myself.

So I went, and Jason fetched me, and we were late for 45 minutes, with everyone staring at us for our grand entrance. Great… There were 13 of us, and we all fit our overgrown bodies into a table that was designed to fit only 10.

We had Chinese dinner, a six course meal, and I was not in the mood of taking pictures. Not to mention many of my friends are unfamiliar with photography, let alone blogging, taking out my camera snapping pictures on food can look rather annoying to some people. Especially the people who have been waiting for you for 45 minutes, and another 30 minutes wait for the food to arrive with steadfast sting of hunger. I guess holding them back with my time of taking the food pictures before eating would be an insult. Remember, 13 people waiting for the food.

What did we do after dinner? The group decided to go to Jalan Song Experts for just drinks before wrapping the night off. Another sheer coincidence, my college group of friends were there too !!!

After the ending of the session with the Thomians, which was quite early since quite a number of people had curfews, I hopped over to my college friends, and joined them for another round of drinks.

And since the Friendship Garden is just nearby, my college friends and I went across the road and had a walking and talking session around the garden. Well, what is a friendship park for if friends do not go there? Pun intended.

It has been very tiring lately, since I have spent much of my time in the past week or so shopping, cleaning the house and making preparations for the cny. We finished off quite late, but I believe it was really worth spending that extra time with friends, whom I have not seen and kept in contact for so long.

As much as I love cny, I do have to admit I have some dissimilar point of views from the stereotypical perceptions agreed generally. All those hard work on shopping and cleaning and stuff got me thinking much over the few days. Some of you may disagree with what I have to say here, but hey, you love chocolate, I love vanilla. And I am sticking to vanilla.

My take on Chinese New Year:

1. I never bothered to buy new cloths. This year, like the past years, you will spot me with my casual old cloths, plain T-shirt and Jeans.

2. I find the drum beats and cymbal clashing together with the eye twitching and body shaking lion a little unattractive and inappropriate. Seriously, lion dance? Are humans not food to lions?

3. I have never played a single firecracker or “bombs” in my entire life. I can find more productive means of entertainment. Thank you.

4. It is a family time. Right... What kind of a family/relative is this, meeting only once a year? This fully applies to friends too, mind you.

5. And all the sarcastic know it all and ever-inquisitive aunties and unkers asking all sorts of unnerving questions about how and what you are doing at the moment. Hello, if you so care about my well-being, why have I not seen you unless it is cny?

6. I prefer not to eat mandarin orange, just like how some people prefer not to eat durian.

7. I seriously think cny is a very, very lame excuse for most people to clean their house once a year.

8. I think ALL cny songs suck !!! Enough of the tong-tong-chiang already !!!! They are noisy and blardy suck big time !!!

9. Looking forward for the food served in open houses? Don’t you find almost everything familiar? Bak Kua, Pineapple Tart, Kueh Sepit, Cheese Cakes, Fizzy drinks… aren’t they all the same everywhere? Don’t any of you folks ever get tired?

10. Cny is also a lame excuse for excessive drinking and gambling sessions. I do not drink, and from now on, I do not gamble.

You may say that I am a little cynical over stating the above reasons, but seriously, I never mentioned I hated Chinese New Year, have I? I do love Chinese New Year, and I do think that it is a special occasion, and bears significant meaning in the tradition. The fact that I am Chinese, I celebrate Chinese New Year too.

But hey, if you do think otherwise, feel free to discredit any of my claims in the 10 points.

I wish you all much prosperity and luck in the coming year.



  1. Thanks for your warm wishes...and hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you...and thanks for sharing the surely had a good time...well i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Friendship Cards sometime and check out all the wonderful resources i've posted there for all your friends!!!

  2. i'm a fan wishing u a happy & prosperous new year! hehehe

  3. hey robert,
    thanks for dropping by, and i will check out ur blog soon..

    hey wuching,
    Im a fan of urs too !!!! Selamat Tahun Baru Cina !!

  4. happy cny dude....chun chow's spec n his haircut is cool...fewit! enjoy ur hol!

  5. hey frank....
    Ahahahhaa.. I just commented to him that his specs look... weird..
    -_- ||||||
    Happy cny to u too !!

  6. Happy New Year to you too. :)

    So glad i read this post. I will link u if u don't mind

  7. hey bengbeng,
    Happy CNY to you too !!!
    Of course, you can link this blog up !! NO worries..

  8. I'm guessing that place is at BDC :D

    Anyways, Happy CNY!! Have fun when the firecrackers go up the skies tonight hehe *close ears*

  9. hey san,
    waahh... so hebat hoh, can guess the place some more.. isk isk isk..
    Anyway, Happy CNY to you too !!!

  10. happy cny to u too robin ;)

  11. Yeah! Finally, a "gang" for my "CNY sucks" train. OK, maybe you don't view it like I do, but we're both very cynical of this occasion. Years of suffering every CNY has made us... sick of it.

    That said, Happy New Year!

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  13. hey luxferi,
    aaahhh... oh I can relate to how you feel about cny and such....
    anyway... do have a great and happy Chinese New Year !! Many many prosperity coming your way...

  14. Happy Chinese New Year, Robin!

  15. hey kenneth!!
    Happy Chinese New Year to you too !!