Sunday, February 11, 2007

Of Coffee Bean and Food Gallery

It was one simple afternoon, when I dragged my heavy huge ass and ancient dying lappie down from my house to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Sarawak Plaza to make use of their free wi-fi internet. It was a good day; I met up with Aaron, whom I have last seen last year!! He has been away, and I have been busy, so yeah, catching up with a friend is indeed always an exciting thing. Doing it in coffee bean, with our lappies around, beats the crap out of any other hip activities that youngsters so senselessly burn their cash for nowadays. You just could not go wrong with free internet for me, since I do not have Streamyx at home. Yes, imagine the pain of uploading photos, blogging and basically doing any online activities without a broadband connection, but instead, utilizing the yesterday's dial up 56k 33kb/s snail speed.

Dinner time and not that it matters, since I am hungry 24/7, even in my sleeps, but yeah we walked over to nearby Tun Jugah Food Gallery, just across the road, opposite Coffee Bean. I have not eaten there for quite some time, and I desperately miss the Nasi Goreng Ayam Special served exclusively there!! I have even blogged about it one year ago, before I left Kuching back to Perth to complete my tertiary education. Click here to view that previous entry.


The Food

Wow, what a mouthful…



And the Cam-Whores…



Why is the nasi goring (fried rice) so special you may ask? For the price of RM4.50, though slighty more expensive than ordinary street pricing for any fried rice, it is served with 2 sticks of satay, generous quantity of deep fried chicken, and a fried egg, along with few slices of cucumbers which would not make any difference anyway. I always opted to have the Satay Sauce to be poured over the rice, adding the Oooooph to the overall taste blending between the rice and the delicious sauce!!! I tell you, nasi goreng will never get any better than this.

Poor Aaron has his camera throwing tantrums around on him. Something is definitely wrong with his Canon digital camera, when used it properly lighted places, e.g. outdoor photographs, the results would turn out to be extremely over-exposed. Then there is the problem with the horizontal lines jolting the picture from top to bottom. Go to Aaron’s entry on this and see it for yourself. I know how painful it is to have a camera malfunctioning like that, I can totally relate. I just hope that the camera can be repaired, or well, if better, replaced with a whole new one !! And then, the blogger can live happily ever after again, ahahahahaha. When this happens Aaron, we should cam-whore again, but this time, with your camera instead, ok??


  1. My old Canon Ixus i had this problem after 1 year and few days old. It can be repaired but not worth it. The repair will cost between RM400-500, that's why I bought a new one. Not sure when will this problem coming to my new one, it's already 1 year and almost 2 months old. Hopefully will not have this problem... *scary* Since so many Ixus i users have this problem after one year+. *cross my fingers*

    Guess what? My sister's friend has the same camera as my old one and his cam also have the same problem after 1 year and few days old. Then my friend's Ixus i5, also have this problem after 1 1/2 year.

    According to my photographer friend, this is because we always dropped our camera or introduce it to unwanted shock. Since the camera is small, it's quite fragile. I dropped mine many times, my sister's friend's dropped it at the staircase, upstair to downstair -.-", and my friend's, I accidentally dropped his camera once and the rest of the time should be because of some unnecessary shock like putting in the pants pocket and might have knock or bump on things.

    Either opt for an expensive repair or just get a new camera.

  2. Hey Irene..

    OMG !!! This is a shocking revelation !! I have always known that IXUS line of products is rather fragile, and extremely expensive, with the same amount of price, would have gotten much better camera... and it isnt that impressive as it always claims in photo quality...

    but to have that same problem for so many canon ixus... seems rather disheartening right? I mean, Ixus wor... the name itself sounds like another brand.

    If the cost of the repair is really that much, I would suggest getting a new camera. Not worth the repair leh, who knows, same thing might happen again !!

  3. Ohh gooness i just re-read ur entry and realised the problem also happened to normal canon cameras... and Aaron's canon is not ixus !!!
    Goodness... this is not doing their consumer point and shoot cameras any good in reputation eh?

  4. omg.. dropping cameras! -_- i don't remember dropping mine.. or bumping it into anything before..

    the most frequently dropped (accidentally) object is my hp..

  5. hey allen..
    ahahhaaa... yeah, camera seems to be something precious eh? well.. i have dropped mine twice,waist level over the past month, and its still breathing normally, thank God.

  6. wah liu... u guys ar..i've never dropped my camera in my entire life!!! both my dSLR and digicam..hehehehe. i wonder how i would react if i really dropped it.. choi choi...

  7. hey chun chow,
    aiya, u dun use it as much as we do mar, of course not lar !!

  8. u look like ur really enjoying sucking that straw!

  9. I heard that many Canon users are having this problem after about 1 year+ of using, especially the compact camera. -_-" So, my next camera will not be Canon anymore. Summore the one I'm using now already give me so much problems ever since the first time I'm using it. It's been in and out of Canon service center for more than 5 times! Basically, the camera I'm using is not officially 1 year+ in my hand. Pray high and low that there will not be any problem soon as so far, as far as I know, I never really dropped it(almost drop once :P in time to catch it) yet but might have some unintentional shock to it(such as while it's in the pocket, might have put a bit of shock to it when lightly brush/bump it on the wall or something, or when holding in the hand and my hand knocked something), it's unavoidable.It's too fragile -_-"

    By the way, my sister's friend got it repair and that's the price he paid. I sent it for repair quote and I also get this price. Unless you still have warranty. After the repair, you'll be given 3 motnhs or 6 months warranty(can't remember too long ago).

  10. hey wuching
    I enjoyed sucking something out of the straw..

    hey irene...
    Yeah, electronic gadgets mainly have these problems, but I never knew could be soooo sensitive !!!
    However, canon cameras are known to be superior in shooting performance and image quality results. OH well.... endurance and durability have never really been mentioned before...
    I think usually after repair there would be only 3 months warranty. But still, once broken, its high likely that it could happen again.
    Having ur camera sent for repair 5 times in a year span...... is really really a lot !!!! Goodness.. and ixus cameras are damned overpriced to begin with...

  11. *sob* aduhhhhh~

    i still havent sent the camera. :P but the horror stories are seriously scary la. hahaha, i might end up with NO camera at all.

    whoa. what's a camwhore without a camera??

    i'm SO gonna go crazy lah if this goes on.

  12. hey aaron,
    THe more reason u should get a new cam, rather than replace it eh? ahahhaaa.. new cam = new camwhoring techniques !!!

  13. I like Canon for its photo quality but... Sigh... My camera only went for repair one time. That's on the third time I sent. First two time they couldn't find the problem coz it's intermitten, luck required. Then 4th and 5th time, I found out that there's no macro mode in there but it turned out that it had, the macro mode only usable when u switch to it and zoom, if you don't zoom, there isn't any effect. So five time that is. I hope no more... As my warranty is over...

  14. hey irene,
    yeaahh... macro is very very important !! Well, at least u could use it now..
    but no wide angle macro? Thats odd..

  15. Wide angle macro? Hahahha... Don't have lar... This camera is so small :P

  16. Hey irene,
    thats odd, i thought most cameras have wide angle macro mode...

  17. Hmm. Don't know hahaha... I only know macro but wide angle macro in compact cam, never heard of it hahaha...

  18. hey irene,
    wide angle means no zoom, so it means at full frame at ur lens capacity. Macro usually can do wide angle, without zoom.