Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Of Ah Beng and Ah Lien Getting Drunk

While I was still at Coffee Bean with Aaron, Oscar, whom I have been acquainted with recently called me up and asked me over to join him and his friends for a round of drink at Zen, Travillion. I have been out since afternoon till night spending most of my time at Coffee Bean utilizing the free wi-fi internet, and as worn out and as unprepared I could be, I answered with a simple yes, and told him I needed transport. Kind and generous Oscar immediately drove all the way down to the city center to fetch me. It was Friday night, and everyone was eager for a round of drink or two.

Travillion has been known to be the place to be for hard party animals, particularly on weekends, and that is the place with many clubs and pubs lining up in a row, pumping loud music and flashing cool special lighting effects respectively to draw more party animals into their premises. For one, I am not a big fan of clubbing in Travillion, well, I am no party animal since I have always been so sweet and innocent, undeniable fact, agreeable universally, and for two, the pubs and bars at Travillion are just, sadly, clubs wannable. This may seem to be a rather bold claim coming from a non-experienced and newbie when it comes to night entertainment, but seriously folks, even I can tell that those places suck really, really bad.

ZEN, Travillion.

Why club wannable you say? Bars and pubs are places for people to socialize, and meet, both new and people whom anyone would already know. Most Kuching Bars and Clubs, particularly those found in Travillion are designed majorly fitting to the above description, with just one blunder. ALL of the places in Travillion have loud thumping music, turning them into club wannabes. Seriously folks, all I see in those places are chairs and tables…. With such loud provoking dance tunes and beats, where the heck is the dance floor? I did not blardy see any dance floor anywhere, so what is the deal with the loud music creating a dance inspiring mood and atmosphere? I find it rather pointless and silly, you have a loud music, but you do not have a place to dance, and you could not talk and socialize much either, since the music could blardy drown the sound of an atomic explosion altogether! Oh not to mentioned the selection of music all over the places… goodness… only superficially pitiable ah bengs and ah liens could senselessly appreciate.

You see, those bars and pubs are nothing but club wannabes, seemingly suitable for ah bengs and ah liens, whom in reality are nothing but pathetic cool and hip wannabes. Like the place, the ah bengs and ah liens who flock there are plainly out of place.

Despite the facts that I have pointed out, there are still many people flooding Travillion, and interestingly, through my limited encounters, the place will always be a hit on Friday nights, especially among the lost and confused youngsters who think that partying and drinking as much alcohol as they can is the right religion. When people find out about a crowded place, more people will be drawn to the already crowded place. Surprising, even to me, that was not the case the night I joined Oscar and friends for an innocent round of drink session.

For odd unknown reasons, the place seems loose, and not as jammed as usual. Is this a good thing?

The People





You see, Joel would so much prefer the lifestyle of cafes and drinking coffee, which is so much less harmful and does less emotional damage to you in comparison with clubbing lifestyle. I could not agree more with his preference, and as innocent looking as a can of beer can be, consumed constantly in quantity over time, can do your health no good. I simply tell them, like I have told many of my other friends before that “I do not drink”. Well, I can drink, heck I have been drunk and wasted before, but I have come to a decision not to drink as leisure, and only drink on special occasions and celebrations. I do not support the whole alcohol makes you a happier and cooler person idea, because, I have first handedly witnessed how alcohol can destroy a person’s life. It is definitely, not cool, and please, do think of your loved ones. (just like the TV commercial)

Throughout the brief meet with sweet friendly Erica, wise and generous in sharing soon to be a doctor, Joel, as well as Oscar, an ex blogger, I have learned a great deal of things. I shall only highlight the significant ones.

You see, Oscar ordered quite a number of beer that night, but unknown to him, I do not drink, Joel basically the same, and Erica herself too. It ended up that Oscar had more alcohol than expected in his blood circulation, and turned himself into a strawberry, as Joel adequately described it. Joel shared a few tips with us about drinking and how to “clean up the mess” after a bad round of alcohol intake. He suggested non-chilled isotonic drinks (100 plus for example), and more isotonic drinks to balance up the dehydration that is caused by too much alcohol input. Interestingly, he also recommended panadol to be taken before sleep to prevent or at least minimize unwanted splitting painful headache the following morning when you wake up.

So guys and girls, if Robin suddenly throws a huge party, with plenty of booze supply to make an elephant drunk, do not be shocked to find plenty of 100 plus available and also pills of panadols too !!!!

Remember, do not drink and drive. This community service is proudly brought to you by robinwong.blogspot.com


  1. there are a few places like Travilion too in miri where everything are just too pretentious and the foods and beverages are just mediocre and nothing to shout about. People go there to get noticed or just to show off and all that sh*t, really.

    ....and that's coming from a hardcore clubber.

  2. if u drink & drive, ur a bloody legend!

  3. hey arth,
    wow... that happens in miri too... garrhh.. yeah, coming from u with the same idea as mine, i would say that pretty much confirms the statements I have made in the entry..

    hey wuching,
    Are u a legend?

  4. after drink "eat panadol"? aiks i dont think that is such a good idea... -_-" suicide man... haha i think the Panadol reacts with the alcohol... you may or may not wake up... ur risk.. hahaha...

  5. hey davin marcus raja
    well, that advise comes from a soon to be doctor, and no I have not heard of people dying after taking panadol...

  6. totally agree about the wannabe club status.

    i've yet to find a dancefloor in kuching. no need to say a decent one la.. just a dancefloor will do. :)

  7. hey aaron,
    ahahahhaa yeah !!!! no dance floor.. sadness...

  8. Ho ho ... knew u were going to post this some day. U guys la no fun ... drink once in a while also don wan drink swt=.= ... i drank and drove and get to tell the story. Bloody legend ~ yUSH~!

  9. hey oscar,
    strawberry legend.
    Yeah.. -_- ||||||||||||

  10. hey man, its no game.. Your advicing people to take panadol after drinking?
    There's this girl from batu lintang, she had panadol after drinking and slept on the couch. Her mum thought she was sleeping but in the evening they discovered she was dead. Of course this is one of the cover-up news. So i am just concern for others out there to attempt this... :)