Thursday, February 01, 2007

Meeting Oscar and Farewell to Sandra

On previous night, there was this lengthy on going conversations with 5-6 people in an MSN chatroom, discussing about a place for a hang out session the following night. The time was set, only the venue left. We were all chatting and chatting and chatting, 2 hours (or was it 3? hmmm) passed by quickly, and still chatting and chatting. I got a little tired, so I left the conversation, and took a nap. Few hours later, I woke up, and asked Sandra if there was any progress.... and interestingly, despite the hours of conversations, the venue was not decided yet !!

Garrhhh... MSN is such an ineffective medium of decision making !!

Anyway, the following day, it was decided randomly that the meet was to be at the Living Room.

Recently, an ex-blogger that I met online quite a long time ago suddenly popped out of no where and contacted me. I think his blog was one of the first few that I actually read, and I stumbled upon the blog accidentally while I was checking another blog whom I thought belonged to a friend of mine. I found really good stuff in his site, and from there on, I have religiously followed his entries. He has got serious everyday living facts fused with his twisted direct humor. However, he stopped only after few months of blogging, and somehow, I have not heard a thing about him ever since, until now.

His name is Oscar, and his dead inactive blog is

And since we were planning to meet up, I asked him along for a hang out session with other usual suspects in Kuching blogosphere.

The main reason for this mini-bloggers meet is Sandra from She will be leaving to Perth for studies soon, and some of the bloggers have not met (or talked to) her before. Anyway, it is always good to see another fellow friend from Kuching travelling to Perth, and I do believe that it is an awesome place for further education. I am sure she will enjoy her stay and new life there, and continue to spice up her blog with more wonderful stuff found in the land of the Aussies. This is my second time meeting Sandra, and she still owes me a cup of coffee (which I bargained with her via MSN) and I shall unhesitantly claim when I return to Perth. Anyway, coffee there is cheaper, and better too !!

This is my 3rd time at Living Room, somehow the more I go to that place, the more I feel the similarities it bears with Bla Bla Bla Cafe which was situated few lots away down the block. After all, Bla Bla Bla, the Junk and Living Room are owned by the same person, and I have also found out that we can order food from Bla Bla Bla menu in Living Room as well !! How convenient.

I had Longan Lime Juice

And the drink next to it was the orange juice that Allen ordered. I like the way the light shines through the glass, thanks to Oscar who suggested the idea of placing the flame behind the glass !!

We had French Fries

The fries served here is quite good, not overly salty, and they come in HUGE portion, for just RM5. Quite worth the deal if you ask me. French fries is one of my favourite food, but of course, that all changed when I went to Australia, when fries become like rice, we have them served for almost everyday, alternating with baked potatoes, wedges or mased potatoes, and sometimes combination of either two.

Alright, here comes the pictures of the usual suspects...

Allen, exhausted from work and shopping, sleepy and hugging a pillow

Ben Moh

Kenneth and Frank

Robin and Oscar

Sorry folks, no picture of Sandra is allowed, she is keeping her semi-anonymous status.

To Oscar, it was awesome to finally meet you up in person. I am sure one day you will resume blogging again, and I will be looking forward to that day. If there is anything, just buzz me ya?

And to Sandra, safe trip to Australia !!! I can list down all the must visit places, but I believe you will find your way with your friends there. If there is anything you need, I would be glad to help out if I can, and I do look forward to catching up with you over there !! Then I can introduce you to some of the Perth bloggers there too, and we can have our own hang out sessions there !! See you there.


  1. thats incredible! show me more!

  2. hey wuching,
    errrmm, more of what?????

  3. hey heyy haha. thanks soo much robin! and yes..u shall claim ur coffee from me in perth :D hope to see ya there soon!! (=

  4. hey sandra,
    ahhaha no worries.. gud luck in everything and looking forward to see you in perth !!