Friday, February 02, 2007

I Have Read Better

You know there were those moments when someone irks you off so badly that you just wish you could pick up the nearest chair or table to just smash the person's brain out of the skull?

Yeah, that happened to me not too long ago.

I recommended this book (non-fiction) to a friend of mine, and she brought the book home for a full read. The following day, she came to me, and told me she has finished reading the book, and she handed the book in return to me.

And so I asked the to-be-expected question:

"How do you find the book ?"

And she replied with that sarcastically barbaric smile:


To be honest, I was speechless when she said those words, her response was entirely unpredictable, and it took some time for everything to settle in and got digested properly.

And after I formed my thoughts together, I walked over to her desk, and said this: "Say, you baked this wonderful cheesecake, you put so much effort and time in it, you have done your very best in making sure that the cake turns out great. You cut a slice for me, and asked me what I think. If I say, nah, I HAVE TASTED BETTER CHEESECAKE than this before ! How would you feel?"

And she gave me that goofish grin. I wonder why her brain is still in place.

Seriously folks, please put some thoughts in the things that come out of your mouth. The reason why I was speechless the moment I heard her said that she had read better books was partially because I was expecting/demanding an explanation. I was eager to hear her opinion, what she thinks about the book. When I ask you how do you find the book, I was expecting either it was good, or bad, do you like it? And please state some reasons, even if you don't like it. Could it be the writing style? Could it be that the story pace was moving too slowly? Just say something, something that makes sense !

People, what is the point of recommendations, if we do not get proper feedback??

If you don't want to get involved in the later responsive feedback part, please blardy don't get yourself involved in the first place !! You can choose to decline politely, and I can understand if you have no interests whatsoever. Once you have taken my recommendations, I demand honest feedback. And I do not take "Oh I have seen/read better ones before" bull-crap.

When I come up to someone with something, it is mainly because I feel strongly that something is definitely worth sharing with, and in hope that the person would appreciate whatever I have offered. Of course, I am not fully expexting the person to respond positively with whatever I came up with, but at least, show some decency to respect my actions, as a friend, someone who means something to you.

And if your skull is mercilessly smashed and your brain is not in place, please kindly note that you have been warned.

Side note: Dammit Marcus, because of your entries here and here, I cant get Benny out of my head !! Garrrhhhhh....


  1. Hee hee sollie hor?

    But the truth has to be shown! :D

  2. oo..i love it when u talk dirty! hahahaha

  3. hey marcus,
    ahaaahaah... yeah, you have got serious points there. too bad not everyone appreciates that.

    hey georgette,
    errmm errmm.. i will let you know the next time i see you ok?

    hey wuching,
    Haiyooo.. me very sweet and innocent one..

  4. dude. hahaha.

    ouch. :)

    seriously though, it's amazing what comes out of peoples mouthes.

    sukahati nia blurt out what they wanna say.

    and i like your mercilessly smash people's head sentence. so full of passion. :)

  5. hey aaron,
    aahahhha.... thanks dude for agreeing... well, wad to do, some people memang one kind...
    memang deserved to be smashed in the head !!

  6. my cute bear.. cute and innocent

  7. hey allen,
    just like me ya?? ahahhaaa