Saturday, February 03, 2007

Friday Night with Kolok Mee

It would be depressing to just stay in and do nothing on Friday night, would you not agree? With the absence of most of my usual hang out kakis, it just seemed like it was going to be a rather lonely and miserable night to go through. Furthermore, I am not a party animal *cough cough cough, and I am no drinker as well. A big NO for pubs/bars/clubs, though I do occasionally join in the fun and well, be someone I am not, just for the heck of it. Night life in Kuching, with no usual members to hang out with and do the crazy stuff we normally do, how much more depressing can it get?

What can I do at home, surf porn blogs and chat on MSN with other poor miserable lonely souls like myself whole night?

Thankfully, Allen came to my rescue, off we went to grab something to munch, since my stomach was growling like mad. Allen on the other hand, was not hungry at all, but somehow got tempted to have a bowl of the famous Kolok Mee at K.Y. Cafe. Well, who would not be tempted after it was prominently listed as one of the... oh wait, the BEST kolok mee in Kuching by none other than Malaysia's top blogger, Kenny Sia in his recent food coverage/reviews of Kuching? Right? Right? If Kenny says the kolok mee there is the best, who is to say otherwise? Right? Right? Not that I have never tried the kolok mee there before, but I have not been eating there for quite some time already. Therefore, Allen was dragged along.

Poor Allen, he was already dead tired from working whole day, still have to come teman me go makan in the middle of the night. On the other hand, he has gotten himself a new sexy toy earlier on, and that is a new camera/mp3player/phone !!! Chun Chow (click) has bought the similar model not too long ago, and boy, you now how excited boys can be when they have a new toy, and how they can get their friends excited about their new toy too. For a decent camera and mp3 player in comparison with the class and price range, you could not go wrong with Sony Erricson.

And so, the the SE W810i cam-whored for my camera. Well, how could I resist?

SE W810i

Allen Cam-whoring with his toy !!

K.Y. Cafe was quite packed for the night, and numerous people can be seen lining up for take away orders. The business of that place is sure doing well, and this is evidently so when the shop itself was not able to accomodate all the dine-in customers, extending tables anc chairs outside the five foot way. The weather was fine, and we had our Kolok Mee outside the shop.

Here comes the Kolok Mee...

Yeah, as odd as it would seem, this kolok mee was prepared against my usual preference of having Kolok mee without the red sauce. I have not had one with the red sauce for ages now, and trying out something different would be refreshing.

And I washed down all those oil and MSG with Teh-O-Peng. Sighted behind my Teh-O-Peng is Allen's Teh-C-Peng.


And of course, there will always be me cam-whoring !!

AFter the filling round of Kolok Mee, we headed down to the city center, making a few rounds and walk-around random places trying to grab the happening air of Friday night atmosphere. After much walking we settled down at Coffee Bean, and like usual, I went there without ordering any drinks. I wondered how many times I have done that, but still, I am a true Kuching Boy, and only true Kuching Boys would pull off these stunts. Oh well, I am cashless, and it was not like I robbed a bank or something. We chatted and discussed about life and its issues.... without realising that time really passed us by rapidly.

Of course, Allen cam-whored for my camera with his Iced Blended Mocha !! Ahahahhaaa..

And he has a watch branded NOKIA !!!

How cool is that? Remember my entry on Nokia branded shoe?

Guess who I found chilling out at Coffee Bean as well that night? A friend whom I have not seen for..... ages !!! Duay Jackson, a senior in High School who left 2 years before me, and geez, since the last time I saw him in school, it has been... at least 8 years !! It was nice seeing him again, and he is doing very well indeed. I first met him when I was in Form 3, I was in the school BM debate team, and Duay was our leader. Oh goodness, looking back now, I do miss the good old days, and especially the good old friends that many I have not seen at all ever since !!

And I got him into a picture too !!

We were at Coffee Bean until the light was literally switched off !!! Yes, that was the sign for the end of our coffee session there, and so we left and headed home. Now who says a proper weekend night out needs booze and loud music? Certainly not to me, as a humble Kuching boy, I just need a good company, and some cheap food, those are enough to keep me happy and satisfied throughout the night. Oh boy, plenty of fun I did have !!

Ahhhhh, I know some of you are starting to question when I will state my opinions of that kolok mee I had at K.Y. Cafe? In response to my previous entry "I have read better", I can safely say....

I Have Tasted BETTER Kolok Mee Elsewhere.

Amen Brudda.

Side Note:

I won't state which Kolok Mee is the best, simply because I believe everyone thinks differently in the subject of food preferences. However I dare say that Kolok Mee at Tabuan Jaya Siang Siang Corner tastes waaaaaay better, as well as Da Wan Kung at Ang Cheng Ho Road.

Amen Brudda.. trademark stolen from Oscar.


  1. -_-" my phone is featured here first before even my own. -_-" feel so weird. =P

  2. my phone looked cool in the pic tho.. :P hahaha..

  3. the one unker took me to at kenyalang was really nice!

  4. hey allen,
    ahahahaa, of course, i was excited marr.....

    hey wuching,
    yeah, the kenyalang one is quite famous too, i used to eat there last time, but now seldom go kenyalang oledy..
    the sio bee at kenyalang also very nice...

  5. so...allen finally bought it ei?? hehehe

  6. hey chun chow,
    ahahaa maybe u guys can start a club or something... ehehehehe

  7. chun chow, yeah! finally. hahaha.. nice phone. =P but haven't really explored the phone yet. robin molested it with his cam! =P

  8. hey allen,
    Aiyoooh !! My camera so damned cute, sweet and innocent one !!!!

  9. damn, i wanna go eat kolok mee now!!!

  10. hey arth,
    come to kuching !! We go makan kolok mee together...

  11. U've tried the kolok mee at Green Road? Near Goh Say Lak, next block (closer to the road)! Afternoon got stalls selling nyonya kueh (Drool! Drool!) and "chang" (Slurp! Slurp!). The old woman's one best! (Hope still alive!) The coffee shop near the stalls sells very nice kolok mee! And don't u go and past sumthing on the Ah Mu's kuehs!!! I'll hate u for life! Long time no eat, now withdrawal symptoms oredi!!!

  12. Oops...I mean post...not past, or in pass urine or pass motion!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, ya? Slip of finger!

  13. hey suituapui,
    aahhh.. green road is one area that I seldom go to, narrow roads and bad jam, but I have heard bout the kolok mee from the green road friends.
    I shall keep an eye open if I do pass by the area, but i doubt it will be anytime soon. Thanks for the info !!