Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coffee in Flower Pot

I have been rather busy lately, have not been catching up with many friends and other people lately. Well, Chinese New Year is near, and for a normal Chinese boy like me, it means staying home more, and be as innocent and sweet as possible helping mummy out baking the CNY goodies and cleaning the house. I could not complain much, since this is a once a year thing.

It was a Saturday night, and it was already 10pm when Ah Thiam buzzed me on my cell and asked me out for a drink. It has been some time since I last saw him, and hell, with all those house cleaning for the entire week.... I seriously need to get out and unwind myself. I am the kind of person who would go over my head if I stay indoors too long. You can say I am more of the outdoor-loving kind of person.

He drove me and Jacq to Best Berry Cafe, near Petanak area, a corner cafe shop situated along the same row of shops as Kaya and Toast and Madam Tang's Cafe. I know some of you will kill me if I mentioned I have not even tried Kaya and Toast, and certainly not Madam Tang's Cafe. Weird, none of the people whom I know would want to go to these kind of places.

Look, there are mirrors !!! Do take notice of the inverted Chinese character.. it symbolizes something according to wise Ah Thiam... which I have forgotten...

It was my first time at Best Berry Cafe. The place sports an unusual ambience, having all walls painted bright blood red, with dim lighting that softens the brightness of the walls, and strong Chinese accent to compliment the redness. I somehow find the overtone of redeness a little overwhelming, but inviting at the same time. I am no interior design expert, but I do find it providing a sense of bold warmth and feeling of fuzziness. The furnitures are bold in black, and it is not air-conditioned, open to outdoor air. Never mind air-con, an open-concept place like this would be nice for a hang out place especially for nights.

Considering the decors and looks of the cafe, the menu appeared surprisingly lower in price than my expectations !! Most places like these would have standatd drink above RM5 and food in an average more than RM10 per serving. But you can find plenty of drinks below RM3, and food below Rm5. I find it pleasant that the cafe bears affordability of their patrons in mind, and this could just be the main attraction which makes the cafe stands out from the rest of other similar themed places around Kuching.

I ordered....

Coffee and Tea.. Just that there is a little problem..


I could not stop my mind but picturing something pinkish and green growing out of the vase lips. Not a very appetizing imagination to begin with, I would say.

Cam-whoring time.

JACQUELINE, one of the very few Marians I actually know.

AH THIAM, the Engineer...


Unfortunately, though it was on a Saturday night, the place closes off before midnight. This is definitely a must visit again place !! And the next time I shall order something that is NOT served in a Flower Pot/Vase. Hmmmmph.


  1. hey heyyy haha. i find the cold drinks there very diluted. the normal hot coffee not too bad. :D go try some other time haha. And its 90 cents only i think~

  2. heyy san
    aaahhhh i see i see... will sure go back there some time ! Muahahahaa

  3. I was there last night :P Chatted with the two owners until mid night.

  4. The inverted chinese character literally means "prosperity arrives".

    Because the word for "arrive" and "upside-down" sounds similar in Mandarin and Cantonese.

    Anyways, GXFC to you!

  5. hey irene,
    whoah... chat with owner some more... hebat !!

    hey marcus,
    Oh.. isit? ahhhhaaa... i seriously could not remember what my friends told me... should have listened more carefully...

  6. hey wuching,
    Selamat Tahun Baru Cina !!

  7. Hey Robin, thanks for visiting my (update-deprived) blog! Are you still a UWA student?

    I was quite worried to realize that I have never heard of the Best Berry Cafe before. Either I was a frog-in-a-well back in Kuching, or I have fallen behind the city's development. Whichever it is though, it's certainly refreshing to read about Kuching again! =D

    P.S. Happy Chinese New Year!

  8. hey axflangi,
    ahaahaha... I am technically still a UWA student, ahahhaaa...
    I have not heard of that cafe till that night too, so yeah, u arent alone !!

  9. Heys! Just went to "Dong Guan Xi Guan" a few hours ago. xD Wanted to go to PopWave, but it's bursting full of people -.-; Sucks. Heh..

  10. hey selfairy,
    ohhh.. where on earth is popwave?? I have not heard of that !!

  11. popwave is just next to bestberry hahaha... You go there to sing karaoke :P

  12. hey irene,
    oooooo.... the place is quite unfamiliar to me, seldom go that area... ahahahaha... and ive never been to any karaoke in kuching though....