Saturday, February 24, 2007

CNY2007: Happy BIrthday Frederick

My mini blog entries on my Chinese New Year 2007 celebrations will not be posted in chronological order, but rather as personally selective as I would see fit. The first of the many mini series will be the surprise birthday party we made for a very much loved and wonderful friend, Frederick, whom I have known during my college days back in Inti College Sarawak.


I have blogged heaps about Fred and placed many of his "odd" pictures on my previous entries, hence, for those readers who constantly follow this place, he is not longer a stranger. Fred is one of the closest friends to me in my college circle of friends. He has always been there when I needed him, always ever-ready for any action/activities. Very kind and helpful, one rare kind of his species I must say. He remains cheerful all the time, and he is the one in the gang to crack up jokes and provide infectious laughters. Those were the college days, as we went separate ways moving on with our lives, he is one friend that I deeply missed.

Thank goodness for CNY friends from everywhere got back together and we had our own little gathering, catching up with the lost times. Fred's good friend from high school, Igno suggested a surprise party for Fred's upcoming birthday, and he invited us, fred's college friends to be part of that special celebration. How can we resist !! Of course ideas like throwing him into the river or dumping his face into the cake were part of the considerations. However, due to much time constraint since everyone's holidays are rather short during CNY, the party was kept rather simple, but very, very meaningful.

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Song

The Birthday Boy Cutting the Cake

The Birthday Boy and his Pressie

Halfway through taking pictures that night, my camera decided to act wonky on me. At first, the screen suddenly appeared to be extemely dark, which I thought would be the LCD display problem, but unfortunately, all my subsequent shots turned out very, very dark. I turned the camera off and on for a few times before everything went back to normal again. This happened twice throughout the party, consequently losing a lot of precious shots which would have been more meaningful. Nevertheless, I am thankful that my camera has not given up on me yet, and now it is cheerfully fit again for normal shooting. Is it time for me to look for a new digicam?

Birthday Boy and Friends

Back to the party that night, there were two circle of friends, high school friends and college friends. Being as tired and weary as I already was, and considering the need for the college circle of friends to have an impromptu Damai trip the following morning, the college friends decided to leave Fred and his high school friends. After all, it would be very very difficult for Fred to entertain all of us at once !! We met up the following morning, and had a blast going down to the beach to continue on our celebration. That, shall be another entry for another day.

To Fred, a good friend, and a person I really admire, respect and look up to, I sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday !! May you find your ways to your deepest wishes and discover much happiness and love along the way.

Side note: Some pictures stolen from Chun Chow.

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