Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY2007: College Friends Visiting

Since 4 years ago, there has been a new tradition for me and my college friends, that has not been broken for 5 years already: CNY Visiting on the 3rd Day. There have been conflicts and issue with me and my old Thomian friends, which I could not quite understand why they would still blatantly choose 3rd day for visiting every year, knowing well that I could not make it, and many others as well !! Never mind about that, this year around, things are rather different, because Shoo Herng, who has been away in the UK for few years, and skipping CNY twice, has finally returned, and joined our tradition in 3rd Day CNY visiting.

The following pictures are taken as we move from one house to the other. We have all taken so many pictures, trying our best to capture the magic and beauty of the moment with our cameras. I shall only select a few of my favourites for this entry.

Shoo Herng and Frederick

Frederick and Khee Hwa

Chun Chow and Wendy

Visiting with friends are certainly more fun and rewarding than visiting relatives and family. We know each other well, and we have plenty to talk and share with. For those we have not seen in a while, conversations can stretch on forever !! Catching up on the lost times has always been very fulfilling. To me, visiting is not so much of the food, or ang pows, but rather the joy of moving from one place to another in a large group of friends, and that we all do it in the common spirit of togetherness and friendship. I have always enjoyed CNY visiting with friends. I can only hope the rest of the gang would feel the same way too.

The hightight of the visiting would be Wei Thien’s House.

Why? Because heavier meals are served there.

Chinese Buns

And Belacan Bee Hoon !!!

That settled our lunch for the day, as we continued visiting right after that.

The following is the list of the houses we visited from the first to the last:

Shoo Herng
Wei Thien
Khee Hwa
Chun Chow
Mr Tnay
Chik Kia

Group Photo Taken at Chik Kia’s Place

We visited a total of 8 houses, which was actually rather an auspicious number. Through the visiting, I have observed that the people nowadays have changed the style of serving the popularly boring gassy drinks to non-fizzy drinks, such as green tea. I guess drinking too much gassy drinks for the entire day of visiting to so many houses would just bloat the stomach uncomfortably. Not to mention the undesirable sugar content. As for the finger food and snacks served, everything seemed the same.

After the last house, we went home, freshened ourselves up, and continued on a different activity through the remaining night. We gathered at Fred’s uncle’s place, and there was a joyous round of gambling and drinking session.

And of course, cam-whoring session.

A final group photo before everyone went home.

Goodness, you can evidently see the tired eyes and worn out faces in that picture, particularly mine !!

I believe all that were in the gang visiting had a great time, despite the fact that my biological battery was almost completely drained off from all those activities. Nevertheless, we could only do this once a year, and we certainly have done it the best that we could. Added on the the Fred’s surprise birthday (click) the following day, and the imprompru Damai trip which was planned last minute the day after, I would say the time I spent with my college friends have been very fruitful and unforgettable. This CNY 2007 was definitely a blast.


  1. so wonderful. damai trips, birthdays. home popping for cny visiting. live it up!

  2. hey sam,
    home-popping !! Good choice of words... kekekekkee
    will blog bout damai trip next...
    it has been really fun !!!

  3. ur the most hansem of the lot!

  4. wendy... she's in uniten too right? HEHE

  5. hey oink,
    yeah, she is in uniten. do you know her in person?

  6. I agree with Wuching! I love visiting with friends too, on the 3rd day of Raya. Hehehe. You're right about people who now mostly serve non gassy drinks. I had green tea and even chinese tea in some house. Maybe people are more health-conscious nowadays?

  7. hey leenmafia,
    yeah, i dun really see much of the point for gassy drinks also... a few glasses is ok, but when u have them for the whole day... eventually u would be sick of it though.
    and chinese tea is good !!

  8. hey, robin!
    In the 3rd photo, the guy on the right....sangat the handsome.
    can I have his numbers ar?

  9. hey cynthia,
    hensem meh? ahahahhaa.. sangat some more...
    later i tell him cynthia says he is hemsem liaw.

  10. Eh belacan bee hoon..... u sarawakian? hehe

  11. hey boss lepton,
    Yeeeaaapp.. I am from Kuching.