Saturday, February 10, 2007

City of Lights

It was one of those nights when my body refused to shut itself off into the sleep mode, I just dug into my old archives of photos which I have countlessly taken over the years. Somehow, looking through the old photos brought back fresh memories, and made me realize how much I actually miss Perth, the place where I have travelled to pursue my tertiary education.

One of the more striking sets of photos appears to be the night shots over the city skyline. I remembered the session vividly, and it was one unforgettable experience, though I was all alone while taking those pictures. I believe I have owned this humble camera of mine for few months already, and I somehow managed to nudge myself to purchase a tripod. I got one off the racks of Downtown Duty Free store at Hay Street for a reasonable bargain price, though the tripod was just a very simple and basic one. Eager to test the tripod out, I embarked on a journey that I still could not quite believe I actually did.

Perth City View by the Day

It was past dinner time, I equipped myself with just a budget consumer camera, and the newly bought tripod, covered my body with 3 layers of clothing including a thick jacket, and ventured my way out of the house into the winter night of Perth. I walked up King's Park, which I have never actually really walked alone around at night. The further I walked, the less street lighting was available, and after 15 minutes of climbing the hills of Kings Park (quite mild slope though, not much puff for a slow walk) the rest of the route was completely dark. Yes, it was a moon-less night, and practically the path I walked on was lighted only by the mini torch light on my almost drained off battery Nokia 3200 phone. Seriously, thoughts of turning back and rush back to house were barking at the back of my mind, considering all the possible dangers, especially being mugged or raped or attacked by a wild animal or something, and that was in the middle of no where, help would just arrive too late !!

I chose to walk on, as stubborn and as determined as my usual self has always been.

The walk up to the top of the hill took approximately more than an hour (since it was a very slow walk, after dinner). The war memorial area of King's Park was BRIGHTLY lit, thank goodness, and there was no longer fear of darkness, but rather another unexpected feeling swept over me. It was my first time standing at the peak of the hill, at night, witnessing the breathtaking (ok, it was breathtaking to me) scenery of Perth city lights. I just could not quite explain the feeling there, even the photos could not do the justice of capturing the emotions, but seeing it for the first time, was absolutely astonishing, and memorable.

Here are the photos, all comments accepted.

Perth at Night: City of Blinding Lights

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Closer shot to the buildings

More zoom shots...

Down to South Perth

The trails of light

And now, think of the loooooong way back, down the hill, through the darkness again..... sigh... I shall never do this again, being recklessly crazy and taking unnecessary risks.

However, do take note that was my FIRST night photo-shoot and I dare admit to having limited creativity and composition skills in the photographs. Ivan (click) even commented on how the photos lack the feeling of the night silence and that those photos were actually quite bad. Instinctively, I felt challenged, but at the same time, frowned to the fact that, it was my first time. All I did was fiddling with the long time exposure settings, and placing the focus to infinity to capture the landscape. With not much experience at hand, and a crappy 4 MP budget consumer camera, I interestingly was quite satisfied with the results. There is always the first time of course, and sometimes in the case like the above mentioned photo shoot, was an adventurous, and unexpectedly, an unforgettable one. There is room for improvement for later.

Well, I did not have this blog back then. Yes, I do want to clarify one thing, photography and blogging are two separate things, and they can live independently!! I have taken pictures long before even I started this blog, and I have those above pictures as proof. Nevertheless, nice pictures always bring out the magic of the story the blog is telling, and both elements just compliment each other rather well. Some people have the mindset that, oh because Robin is a blogger, he takes pictures all the time. That is so not true, because Robin will always take pictures, regardless whether his blog is still alive or not!!! Robin already has a camera even before he started reading blogs, and when he started his humble photography with a lousy camera, he knows nothing of Benny or Smashpop!!

I shall end this entry with an old cam-whore picture.

See, I camwhored, even without this blog back then.

Now there seems to be at least a camwhore picture in almost every entry I make. Hahahahaa... Cam-whore to the max yo !!


  1. Goodness gracious.. people... this is scary !!

  2. Oh btw Joseph/Joey,
    Ur link isnt working...

  3. Your pictures are ok. I like them. Shows off the vibrancy of the place. :)

  4. hey marcus,
    thanks !!! But that was my first attempt, I know it could have been better. U know wad, i actually LOOOVVE ur photos... u sure have some talent there !!

  5. dude you know i love those pics.

    if ONLY perth wasn't so far away.

    then again, if it was just close by.. i'd probably just take it for granted anyway. hmm.. :)

  6. heey aaron..
    aahh.. perth isnt so far away !! Visit me in perth one day eh?

  7. very nice photos but who's that idiot blocking the view? hehehe

  8. hey wuching,
    thanks thanks...
    but.. if that was indeed an idiot, then he must be a very good looking idiot. Charming !!!

  9. how i miss perth now ! in melb~

  10. hey sc,
    aaahh perth is indeed a loveable place...