Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrating with Fire and Passion

Side Note: I have been rather occupied with life and its beauty lately, hence, my lack of constant visits and usual commenting on my casual blogs/reads. I shall get back to your blogs and reply emails as soon as I have more time on my hands. Wait, can I actually have more than 24 hours in one day?

I was telling my friend, Chun Chow, that I was not really looking forward for the CNY this time around. I have had plenty reasons of my own and I felt that when you are weighed down with so much to go through, there could not be a proper mood for a celebration. So much has happened lately, the balance was tipped heavier on the unfavorable side of things. However, much to my surprise and delight, I was proven, very very wrong for my quick assumptions and pessimistic anticipation.

After 5 days of celebrating Chinese New Year 2007, the year of PIG, I can gladly declare that this CNY has become one of the greatest celebrations I have had, mostly with my friends both from high school and college happening in just mere few days. There was a series of events, continuously leading one to another and to the best times anyone could ever wish for a beautiful CNY celebration. I have had less than 3 hours sleep since the first day of CNY, for a consecutive four freaking days, and as much as a walking zombie as I am right now, I can still smile myself as I type this, though the smile showing of my face visibly radiates the aura of my extreme physical exhaustion. In other words, my biological battery has almost been depleted.

There are so many things to share, and blog about, and like many of my previous major celebration/event blog entries, I shall break this whole CNY 2007 celebration into at least three or four sub-entries, dealing with mainly different group of friends and activities. I know this will feel lengthy and become tiresome for some time, but heck, the spirit of CNY lasts till the 15th night, and I shall do my best to cover only the best parts of the celebration into the separate individual mini-entries that will be lined up soon enough before the 15th night.

So what makes this CNY 2007 so special for me? Here is a sneak preview (aiyer, starts to sound like a movie teaser/trailer) for the curious minds:

Perfect weather

And I was looking to the sky.

Return of Shoo Herng

The Sexy Gorgeous Looking guy, a good friend who has been to UK and missed several years of CNY.

Impromptu Damai Day Trip

A get-away time with friends.

HEYYYYY !!!! STOP staring at Shoo Herng, and switch ur attention back to ME !!


My visiting session with old school friends once again after three freaking years.


With everyone returning from everywhere around the world, the original group was complete, and this means no one missed out on the celebration this time !

A surprise Birthday

For a special, much loved friend.

All the events just somehow added to each other and superimposed to something rather satisfying to the soul in the end. I will blog in more details in the coming entries soon.

And of course, I am deeply looking forward for something that will happen this Saturday night, something HUGE

Kuching Bloggers Meet 2007 @ Oregano

My CNY celebration has been wonderful; hence, I have a feeling that this Bloggers Meet will be a HUGE and beautiful one. I will definitely be there, and I am sure this will be added to the reasons why my CNY 2007 rocks so much.

Therefore you sexy Kuching Bloggers, make sure you find your way to the meet this Saturday!!

See you guys there.


  1. seems like a wonderful cny yea haha. yea!! blogger meet tmr...see u there :)

  2. hey frank,
    c you there tomorrow !!!

  3. Hey robin,

    I'm not gonna be able to make it to the bloggers meet. After what happened to my friend's car and my ang paus. I'm going to avoid Travillion at all cause.

    The people lingering there are just so wrong. Sorry to pull out but I'm still feeling bitter over the incident.

    Take extra precautions when being there yea! Cars make sure old ones if you must. Just avoid being the limelight when you're in Travillion.

  4. hey naomi,
    I am sorry to hear what happened at trav. But to put the blame at the place, don't you think it is a stretch too far?
    After all, bad things can happen at unexpected time anywhere, even at a harmless kopitiam.
    I do understand the trauma, but hey... we are gonna miss you lots !!

  5. ahh sobs sobs. no fire no passion for me :S have fun at the meet tonite!! like i said, i'll be there spiritually hehe.

  6. no blaming the place that much. more of blaming the type of people hanging out there. horrible horrible people. why can't they just be normal????

  7. hey sandra,
    aiyoooo... no worries k? life in perth is good too !!!

    hey naomi,
    oh well, those people are everywhere lar, and they usually appear at most unexpected places. Cant blame them, they are lower-beings that shall never reach the same level as us. They are beyond hope.