Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bloggers Meet @ Oregano

It was a much anticipated event of the week, and the highlight that most of us Kuching Bloggers looked forward to. We were expecting a turn-up of roughly 20-30 people for this particular meet, and the number of people who made it was in the range of prediction: 26 people (bloggers + a few non-bloggers). Personally, I was kind of hoping the number of people to reach over 30, or maybe 40, and that would have made the event seemingly somewhat more significant and outstanding. Nevertheless, 20-30 was what we planned for, and should we have more people coming in we would have problems having enough seats for everyone. As important as the number can be for a gathering of any sorts, comfort must be ensured and prioritized for everyone.


The meet was at Oregano, Travillion, the place any Kuching folks should know or at least heard of it before. We had reservations made on the outside of the café, having the outdoor feel for the bloggers meet, creating a much soothing and inviting atmosphere, especially at night. and thank God it did not RAIN There was also another drawback for the choice of venue, since it was outdoor, it was really dark, and photography (aka camwhoring) must be made with flash. Nonetheless, there were not that many places in Kuching that can house more than 20-30 people all at once, outweighing the disadvantages, Oregano appears to be the most appropriate.

Kuching Bloggers In Blur Motion

How was the meet? There was an interesting mixture of fresh new faces as well as old familiar ones who have repeatedly appeared in previous bloggers meets. When I arrived at the venue ok ok, I was late, kekekekeke I was a little disappointed when I noticed the arrangement of the table, which was lined up in a singular line, combined into a long, long table. Undoubtedly, people who sat at one end have little if no contact at all with those sitting at the other end. Communication was rather difficult, not to mention moving around could be quite annoying since many have comfortably settled in their seats. This was totally unexpected in a way, and I have to admit I did not talk to everyone present at the meet. Nevertheless, I tried my best to reach out and get to know the people there, particularly the new faces that I have not met before. I do hope that no one felt singled out or feeling awkward in any sense. This was a social meet, hence you will have to socialize!!

Here are the photos, photos and more photos. Names are listed from left to right. The photos are not arranged in particular order, and for the blog links, please refer to the end of this entry. I am lazy to link everyone again and again

Front: Alex, Francis, Jee. Back: Ivan, Mike, Robin

Front: Victor, Swee, Angel, Anna. Back: Adrea, The Cute Little Girl

Front: Kenneth, Irene, Luxferi, Andrea. Back: Jimmy, Grace, Georgette, Mike.

Front: Ivan, Mike, AiLeen, Aaron. Back: Frankie, Francis

Fariah, Robin, Ivan, Mike

Front: Angel and Anna. Back: Andrea and The Cute Little Girl

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I always love to meet new people, and even better, getting to know those that I have known even better. I have met people from all walks of like through this and previous bloggers meet: teachers, radio DJ, kayaker, newspaper reporter, graphics designer, IT experts, engineers, and many, many more. Having a peep into each and everyone’s lives, and how they feel and think about their lives, is certainly priceless. We not only learn from our own journey, but also by watching and observing the journeys of others. There is much to share from my own part, and there is even much more to be gained from the others who are willing to share their experience and knowledge. Of course, the network that has been established, and the uncountable numbers of laughter and smiles just added to the joy and meaning of meeting many other bloggers in Kuching.

HIGHLIGHT of the Meet

The Cute Little Girl

Don't play play, at such tender age she blogs better than most of us. She rated the looks of male bloggers ruthlessly. All guys present sought her rating. I got rated 5/10. GGgeeerrraaamm nya...


Hey, what was he doing here??? I thought he belonged to the KL blogosphere?? Kidding dude, after all, he is a Kuching bloke, which I just found out.


Poor ducky, got seriously molested this time, by, well, the hands of almost everyone!!

And Ah Ben

Who made a HUGE entrance, at 11.30pm, when everyone has LEFT. Well, almost everyone. What a true Kuching guy he is.

In many ways, I believe this meet was a success, though it could have been better, especially the participation part from all bloggers who were present. After all, we are all Kuching folks, and somehow, somewhere we are all connected to each other in this interesting growing community. There is always room for improvement. For the organizers, you guys have done a great job, and totally deserve the credits. Organizing a huge public event is never an easy thing, and this has been quite a success. For those bloggers who came to the meet, and those who could not make it but supported us anyway, I sincerely give you all my gratitude. You know what? You guys RAWK !!

List of Bloggers Present (in no particular order, organizers in bold)

The Cute Little Girl

Side Note: Please correct me if there is any mistakes in the names and blog links. I have yet to receive the full list, as soon as I have them, I shall update the missing links.


  1. oohh seems like fun indeed :D first huge bloggers meet written in history dy hehe.

    err i think u linked luxferi's site wrongly? :P

  2. hey san,
    aaahah, too bad u cant be there eh? would have been fun with us.
    Anyway... thanks for pointing out the error. was in a hurry typing in the links.

  3. How come The Cute Little Girl has no link? =)

    Nice time you had there. Kenny Sia didn't attend?

  4. !!

  5. My link is wrong. You forogt to add "http://" in front

  6. as usual unker is the taikor of the table!

  7. too bad i'm back in Johor ady..if not, i would like to meet some of the Kuching bloggers also.. :P

  8. DUDE.. hahaha i cant believe you got MY link wrong.

  9. hey princess shin,
    Because the cute little girl never gave me her link. Kenny Sia is busy with his coconuts business elsewhere.

    hey ducky,
    shall link you up soon...

    Hey Irene,
    Sorry, will fix that soon.

  10. hey wuching,
    Unker ho always is the taikor !!!

    hey hak jeng,
    I didnt know u had blogger !! ahahahaa... would be nice for u to join us.. mike and ivan were there too. Kuching bloggers rock !!

    hey aaron,
    So so so sorry, i was in a rush. Will rectify that soon...

  11. Anothe missed blogmeet..


  12. hey lingghezhi,
    oh dear, but no worries... im sure there will be a next one !! Make sure you go for that one !!

  13. Nice to meet u robin! Seems like I've known u longer even though that nite was the first time we met in real life. lol. Tc.

  14. ducky is the hottest of them all.

  15. Agreed. Yellow feathers are hot.

  16. hey leenmafia !!
    Yeah, I also felt the same way too, as if we have known each other before the meet. We must catch up some time before I leave Kuching !

    Hey Chloe,
    LOL,Ducky was the center of attraction that night !

    Hey Dienasty,
    Hey, u didnt show up !! Was hoping to see you there...

  17. Sarawak blogger2/27/2007 02:18:00 PM

    Tsk tsk tsk what a lame bloggers meet. So few turn-up and none are famous one.

    All are camwhorers and syiok-sendiri freaks.

    OK, delete it and ban me.

  18. To Sarawak blogger,

    You are such a spoil sport. The bloggers meet are small but at least not filled with so called wanna be popular, famous blogger.

    Just real people with real interest. Down to Earth at most. Famous people arent that great ok... I've met Kennysia a few times and he is just as simple as any Kuching-nites.

    When you are a nobody, dont be such a whiner. At least those people were having fun and all you can do is read about it.

    Gloat in your own world of jealousy and envy~~

  19. hey scarlet,
    you know what, those jerks arent worth our time thinking about. if they think kuching bloggers are lame, is it not weird they are still reading one?

  20. Hear, hear, scarlett! Excellent response! I'm not a blogger but I do visit quite a few;those that I like, I'll drop by again and those that I don't, I'll just leave them to others who may be interested. But I would think that people blog for the sheer fun of it, or maybe to share and care, to communicate and socialise??? Never has it occured to me that bloggers blog for publicity, to boost one's ego or because they have some peverted craving to be famous!!! And from the comment, I've a fair idea who the wacko sicko is...and people like that are best ignored! That will drive them up the wall!!!

  21. hey suituipui,
    yeah, i do agree that the best solution would be to ignore them, no use wasting our time and energy on them. Oh well, those people are everywhere... cant do anything about them.

  22. Nice to see the kuching blog community. Seems like most members are young people, except of course unker Ho :)-.

    I am a Kuching blogger but am blogging from the US :)-.

    I mainly blog about gold & silver investment (, though I have a personal blog - Seaykopitiam ( and our family travel blog (

    Cheers !