Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Work Work

This shall be just a quick simple short innocent sweet update to compensate for the overly-lengthy entries with ucountable number of images flooding this blog previously. Well, sometimes I just want to express myself, and where else can I do so if not here in my very own blog? For those of you who have endured the pain, and still read my blog, I give you my sincerest thanks !! For those of you who choose to click the "x" button at the corner top-right of this window after noticing overloading graphics in previous entries.. SCREW YOU !! do not stress out... there are actually worse blogs out there with heavier graphics.

There was another reason why I was juiced up in enthusiasm and excitement for the previous new year eve celebration... I have just successfully completed my 12 weeks professional practicum (industrial training) which is one of the few requirements that I did not hit to fully graduate from university. Now that this last obstacle is out of the way, I just wanna go out running naked in an open field and scream out loud like what William Wallace (Mel Gibson) did at the end of Braveheart (1994)...


In case some of you have not watched that movie, I suggest you go and do so, I consider that one of the best movies ever !!

Though it is not official yet, but there is nothing holding me back from graduation now.

The reason why I was back to Kuching 3 months ago was mainly because I could not get an internship/attachment in time at Perth, since most of those positions are only available at the end of the year - summer vacation period. I certainly would not sit my butt still and wait that long, for my Visa was expiring, and I just wanna get the hell out of uni as soon as I possibly can. After all, this is a small town Kuching, and getting just a 3 months attachment is possible.

Looking back during my training days in this company "M" situated somewhere at 2.5 miles/rock road..

I was lucky enough to have a private seating on my own... since one engineer got fired brutally left the company recently.

If you look at the picture carefully... you will notice... (from left to right)

1) A glass with hot Vico/Milo/whatever chocolate drink the company provides. I refill the glass every now and then and I am so sick of those drinks and not wanting to touch them for now.

2) My Laptop that I mercilessly brought to work everyday to utilize the pirated softwares that the company could not provide which had been my best companion in office. Do take a look closer, the face of a botak guy on the screen was Lex Luthor, yeap, I was watching Smallville through Windows Media Player.

3) The ancient company computer, which would hang and crash by only opening up Word or Excel and performing simple tasks. What the fish... Not to mention the CRT monitor that flickers so bad that I thought I would go blind after 30 minutes staring into it..

4) My digital camera that I never failed to bring wherever I go to, even work. Yeah, I have camwhored at work place to kill time. I suggest you guys try it out too, its FUN !!

5) A ink-jet printer that is capable to print up to A3 size papers. Yeap, anything near me and under my control is fully used to its maximum service. Too bad there was only black and white catridge, I would not imagine what I would do if there was color instead.

6) A swivel chair that I could spin myself around and around whenever no one is looking...

So what have I learned in my 12 weeks working experience you ask?

*scatching my butt*

Hmmm, good question... indeed.


  1. Lol!!!! Your industrial training weeks seem more of a holiday away from home tsk tsk. Freedom indeed, now the robin can finally fly (= Good luck with whatever you have ahead of you!

  2. hey san
    ahahaha nolah it wasnt holiday at all.. quite stressful and pressured also when i worked...
    but thanks for the well wished.. i need luck.

  3. You realize that once you graduate, work will be more of the same as what you went through in internship right? LoL!

  4. tsk tsk.. watching tv show at work.. how nice

  5. hey merv,
    i have no idea yet, not even really started yet !! ahahahhaa...

    hey allen,
    ahhahaha, u can do that too !! why not give it a try?

  6. i c ur blog profile pic is prolly from one of those camwhoring sessions AT WORK, RObIN!!!!! lols. u r so funny n entertaining, mate. ur blog is one dat i LOVE to catch up on whenever i can;) keep up the photo uploading!!!!!!!love 'em! :D happy new year and BIG CONGRATS to u on ur graduation too, btw! xoxo

  7. hey quirkin
    Thanks so much, yeah, finally I finished uni... finally !!!
    ahahha indeed it was from one of those sessions.. u noticed eh?
    I am glad to find out that you like my blog !! Read on ya !!