Monday, January 01, 2007

WILD New Year Blaze

Today is the first day of the year 2007, may I wish all my friends, family, relatives, fans bloggers, and blog readers, a very Happy New Year !!

The night before this very auspicious day, the eve, and the last day of 2006, there were events and celebrations lined up and I must say that my year 2007 started with a Bang !! Yeap, there was the routine must-have family reunion dinner with much big feasts, filling up my stomach with was already much inflated. And as the night went on, I met up with some of my most awesome friends I have known in my life, and with them, we stormed in the most happening area in Kuching and suddenly changed ourselves from ordinary innocent, sweet and decent kids into crazily wild party animals. Hey, it was the special occasions like new year eve, and we deserve to just let loose and live our lives as we enjoy it, just for that particular moment, right? after all I am very kuai one

Dear friend Chun Chow (oh dear, I must stop mentioning this guy in my blog... I lost count of the times already) came and fetched me, and off we went to look for his other friends who made some indoor-home entertainment plans for New Year. Unfortunately, disasters happened, Digi comminications were severely affected throughout the night, virtually impossible to receive incoming calls and SMSes, or worse, making outgoing ones. No I am not a Digi supporter, I support Celcom, but interestingly I am using Hotlink right now Since Chun Chow lost contact of his other friends, I decided that we went to a coffee shop, grab something to fill my not so hungry stomach and kill time before we head down to the Travlion, where the Ah Bengs and Ah Liens of Kuching hang out all the time, for the final countdown !!

And so, my night, excluding the family dinner, started with a bowl of Kolok mee....

Enjoying the view of the China Town style Padungan welcome arch... not too far away from Travilion.

Thanks to the party organizer Mike (click), who was also a friend and a blogger, who booked a corner at the City Jungle and we had a place there for the entire night. We had decent supplies of liqour, which I chose not to even touch for the night. I did not feel like drinking, I just wanted to be there for the fun and the craze. After all, it was my first time at City Jungle, it was not opened yet when I was in Kuching the last time around (before I got back from Perth this time). The place has a green accent to the lighting, and nothing else appealing other than that. The music pumped through the cheap speakers was a pure torture and pain to my ears, and it did not inspire the mood to dance at all. Not to mentioned the crowd was so overly-rowdy and unpleasant to begin with. I was severely traumatized by the way the people move their way through the crowd by violently pushing everyone and everything forcefully. Man, I wish I was not so fat smaller, and would just navigate and slid my way in anywhere.

Despite the fact that I do not quite like the choice of place, (do not get me wrong, there is no blame here, just honest opinion, which I think many would agree) I did enjoy myself throughout the night tremendously. Sometimes, it is not the place that matters, or the crowd or other irrelevant factors, but rather the people and friends that truly influence the mood for the celebration, literally directly. Surprisingly, many of my friends were there with us, thanks to Mike and his beautiful planning, and here are some pictures of the people who made it there, and paaaaarrrrrttttyyyyyyy with me and marching forth to the change of the year !! I am sorry that some people are left out of the pictures, it does not mean I do not love you, I do, just that I would rather really set myself free, and enjoy the celebration, than being overly crazy photographing everything like usual right? Forget photography, I just want to have plain fun !!

Grace, Frank, Ivan, Chun Chow

Wei Thien and Jacq

Silas and Amy

Mike, the Event Organizer (Center, and since he was looking away, I don't have to censor his eyes. Clever, eh?)

And of course, of anything else, I would not miss the chance to Cam-Whore on this event !!

Yee Lin and Robin !!

On my usual countdowns at various places previously, the DJ would remind the crowd of the time approaching the midnight, such as 20, 10, or 3 minutes away from countdown. The DJ at City Jungle did not do so, making everyone immensely submerged with whatever crazy stuff they were doing, and when he finally counts down from 5-4-3-2-1, rather than the standard start of 10-9-8..... to 1... everyone was caught off-guard. Geezz... I even heard from my friend who told me that the DJ at City Jungle missed out the countdown entirely for the Christmas eve celebration !!!!! I classify this as nothing short of a drastic disaster. Not only that the DJ fails to fuel the crowd with the excitement and anticipation, but he even failed to keep track of time !! Maybe he had a little too much drink while Deejaaying.

Inside of City Jungle

After Countdown, spraying disgusting stuff all over.. YUCKS !!

Dissapointed with the place, the DJ, the music, and being shoved around like a ragged doll, Yee Lin, Chun Chow, Chris and me decided to bar-hop. Travilion is the place in Kuching where all the bars, clubs and pubs gather together and undeniably, it was flocked by mostly Ah Bengs and Ah Liens that would give me a look that I am an alien from Krypton who does not belong. Alright, maybe it was not so bad, knowing the fact that there were many more places to hop to, it was the wise and right decision to move around, and experience the New Year magic at various places. We battled through the flesh and sweats and smoke puffs into the happening cores of Travilion. If you do not like where you stand, why stay?




Where there were the most people around, and music pumping with the bass so loud that you actually would believe it was your stronger second heartbeat. The crowd was even crazier than the City Jungle, and having the number, the craziness was amplified. We battled in the crowd of people, went near the center stage, and danced like we never danced before. We stayed here for some time....


The bar with red accent lighting, creating the dangerous hazard feel. Kenneth would recommend the place anytime, since live bands do perform there from time to time, and they play HIS favourite music. Strange enough, the place pumped out nothing dissimilar from other places, Ah Beng and Ah Lien type of Technos !!


This is yet another cool place that just opened recently, and I have never had the chance to explore. I honestly find this bar very, very interesting, with the cool interiors and lighting. It was not so jammed packed like City Jungle, or worse, Zen, and the thing I still find rather funny, the crowd was very very courteus !! Someone said sorry while brushing off my side, and another excused himself for bumping into me accidentally. Wow...

I have nothing against Ah Beng and Ah Lien techno really, but I have fallen in love with R&B, Hip Hop and the likes of those categories, and would very much prefer those trend of music in such happening places, not to mention at such event like New Year Eve !! R&B and Hip Hop tunes are much easier to dance to, and their beats are generally pleasant and uplifting. I guess that is still something too much to expect from Kuching folks who have sadly chosen the paths of Ah Bengs and Ah Liens, and maybe in time, or maybe not, things would change for the better.

After the session at Travilion, the entire gang moved to a nearby open-space food market, Petanak for supper very early morning breakfast. We stayed there for a while, some of us ordered food to replenish the lost energy used at Travilion. It was really interesting, because all of us were very well dressed for the night, and Petanak area was the typical low-class budget-economical food outlets. I guess there was nothing unsual, since many people would do the same too considering the near distance from Travilion to Petanak. But still, having dressed casually in Ts and shorts often, made the awkwardness of dressing to kill such a generous humor at Petanak.

Moving later in that night, I tagged along Chun Chow to his friend's house, for some private games and drinking session. Everyone there has already drunk quite a significant bit from the many hours long games they have played (God knows what odd games) and a quiet home celebration was what I think would be appropriate as a follow up after the superbly chaotic and noisy one before. I was introduced to some new fresh and friendly faces, and we joined in the fun for another few more hours, shouting at each other in excitement of the games climaxes, and laughing off at basically, anything !! Punishment of the games being... drinking a mixture of something odd with alcohol and... and.. and....

Speechlessly Cruel Painful Tortures whenever a person loses a game.

Thanks so much Cindy for having me there joining the craziness of the games and drinking session.

Here is a photo of everyone at the house..

Chun Chow, Cindy, Diane, Christine, me, and Jason (front)

To me the entire night stretching from my last Kolok mee of the year 2006 to my first laughter and excitement of the new year 2007 has been thoroughly wonderful and unforgetable. I got home at an ungodly 4 something in the morning, and even after I showered to freshen up before bed, I could still feel the excitement and much enthusiasm running through my veins. I could only wish time would slow down on the good and joyous times.

The start of my new year has been an unexpectedly happy one. I wish you all experienced the same.

May this year 2007 bring much blessings, happiness and love to all of you !!


  1. waiseh` happening eh u`

    hor! that mike` din invite me go partay~ tsk tsk tsk :D

  2. Hey Heyy. A great start to a great new year! (= Looks like you partied at about the whole of Travilion!

  3. hey ah ben,
    ahahhaha, but everyone there was mostly his old friends mar... ehhehhe.. there were around like... 15 of us.. a bit cramped oledy lar..
    how was ur celebration eh?

    hey san,
    yeah, it was a great start indeed, nolar, not the whole travilion, didnt go in mc3, rendezvous and dunno where else.. ahahahha.. but it was fun bar-hopping..

  4. nothing much leh` a quiet new yrs eve lols` went out with sandra and jj only` :D

  5. hey ben,
    cheh, i thought u would go somewhere hiaw hiaw to io ka chng !!!