Monday, January 29, 2007

The Ugliest Looking Sarawak Laksa

Everybody in Sarawak, and generally anywhere else in Malaysia loves laksa. Sarawak Laksa is particularly special, it has its own uniqueness and that makes it one of its kind, distinguishing itself from normal curry laksa or other varieties such as Penang Laksa. People who have been away for some time would definitely miss this local delicacy dearly, but somehow the case is not entirely true for me. I think laksa is a great dish, but it is not something that I would be obsessesively crazy about. I have been away, I did miss laksa, but thanks to Sarah, she cooked laksa for us poor Kuching kids from time to time.

For the past few weeks, unintentionally I have been having laksa for more often than I could hope for. All thanks to Fred, who can have laksa for every single meal of the day, and practically the same everyday after that, we almost had our own little laksa rally, which turned out half-successful (because we did not visit all the popular spots).

If you ask me what my preferences are for the laksa that I really like, I would say the first thing, No Taugeh please... (Bean sprouts). No, I do not dislike taugeh, but somehow I feel it is unsuitable and the whole beautiful taste of laksa would be ruined by the presence of taugeh !! Secondly, I would prefer thicker gravy, with heavy flavouring. Since the noodles used for laksa (usually mee hoon/rice vermicilli) are usually tasteless, I would expect the gravy to be more outstanding in taste. And of course, I prefer thicker and larger sized (diameter) noodles, to absorb the gravy well, and yet still remain solid and "noodle-like".

The thing I hate most about horrible laksa: Thin, soggy noodles overly soaked with tasteless thin gravy and filled with not so fresh looking taugeh.

Urrrrghhh !!!!!

No, to me the prawn is not the main attraction. Heck, it is hard to find really fresh prawns with laksa too. What makes the laksa delicious is not the prawn anyway !!

Throughout the laksa adventures... most of the laksa served came out looking quite temptingly scrumptious !!!

Except for.... this one

THE UGLIEST LOOKING LAKSA !!! Now who says appearance matters? Obviously not for the person who served this one.

And guess what, Fred was eating it (and cam-whored with it too) on his first night of return to Kuching.

Sweeeeeet !!

Side note: Kenny Sia did an entry on the best food in Kuching lately. Unfortunately, I have to say I disagree with many of the claims he made. Well, people will come to me and say, everyone has different tastes and preferences, right? If that is so, why anyone would put up what he would prefer and like best in the first place? Huh ?? Huh ??


  1. i miss laksa!!! going to be back on the 14th of feb. will you still be in kch?

  2. hey silveraven
    Most probably I will still be around, ahahahah... do look me up when u are back !!

  3. haha it does look pretty diluted :S is that at jalan song?? lol the houses at the back looks familiar :P

  4. hey san,
    yeah, indeed.. its at jalan song !! LOL

  5. ugly ah? then ask for money back lor

  6. hey wuching

    ahahaha, if can ask money back, I ask loh !!!!

  7. hahaha...jalan song laksa. and it claims to be Golden Arch laksa. such a big differences now. Used to be almost the same but gawd...

  8. hey chun chow,
    now they no longer claim to be golden arch liaw, think different people also. Last time different lar.. was quite nice also i remember

  9. laksa.urghh.. ate too much dy. but still eating every week hahaha..... well did kennysia state that the post is based on his personal taste n opinion? i think he js cant say its the best coz his taste doesnt represent everyone in kch rite...we'll js treat it as a recommendation la...

  10. hey frank,
    ahahaha, there is always the common understanding that what we blog about is based on our own opinion, the readers should be able to decide on their own, regardless of what the blogger says.
    and of course, there was nothing wrong saying what he thinks is best, just as me saying that I disgree with some of the things he says.

  11. Add a couple to your list:
    1. New Chang Choong cafe next to Hock Peng plaza at the bdc/airport roundabout Green Heights side. Nice thick gravy but sometimes on the hotter side.
    2. Huo Min Cafe at Hui Sing next to the Balai Polis.... Go for this if you have big appetite!

  12. hey ex-aussie,
    ahhaha, thanks for the recommendations.. I will try them out if I have the chance.