Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tales of People Hanging Out

I have been receiving many, many, many questions about what I am doing currently, and when I will be leaving Kuching to Perth. For those of you who do read my blog, I hope I can clarify my situation here and save myself some breath of telling the same stories again and again. I know people are just showing concerns and that they do care about my well-being and such, but having so many people asking about my situation, what I am doing, etc etc and what is worse, the same people asking me over and over again, even when I have explained a few times, well, it got a little annoying. Sorry if I have shown any discomfort, I know the intention was good, I just have to learn to be more patient.

I have currently completed my professional practicum, which I started 3 months back (I was required to complete a 12 weeks pro prac) and the progress so far, I have submitted my report to the university, and waiting for their approval. Until the school of engineering passed my report, and the administration department of the uni cleared my degree, I could do nothing but just wait. I seriously have no idea how long the process will take, I can just send in as many emails as I can to rush the people on the other side, or make some reminder calls (ouch ouch, expensive calling to Australia) but still, I know that everything is in progress, and this waiting game is very, very painful. I want my degree soonest possible, and there is NONE I can do now, but... sigh... wait.

People asked me again and again, and I told them again and again, I am still waiting.

What are my plans after that?

Fight my way back to Perth, by hook or by crook, and start a career life there.

Anyway, setting those heavy talking aside, I had plenty of fun tonight. After a whole day of running around settling some very boring and time-consuming errands, I was rather tired physically by the evening. It was Monday night, I looked forward for a relaxing session out from home, and off I went to Coffee Bean hanging out with some very, very cool people !!

A single and available guy....

Another innocent and sweet single and available guy, intruding into the photo frame of a happy couple and camwhore with them..

A girl and a boy in a beautiful relationship...

A happily married husband and wife...

I had plenty of laughter, and great fun talking about buffy-angel-spike-charmed-cole topics with Ann while the rest looked at us like we were going crazy. Allen was forever busy playing with his external flash attached to his Canon 350D, flashing every now and then that more than once Ann almost turned into a Lioness and chew his head off. Poor Frankie did not have his Nikon with him, well, that did not stop him from performing quality photography !! Armed with a handphone with a built in cam, he snapped his way through the evening, and got some pretty good shots, including a very, very sexy shot of me with my new hair style.

Wanna see my very, very sexy shot in my new hair style? Go to Frank's blog.

While I was happily toying with my own camera, I accidentally caught one of the flashes fired by Allen's cam.

Ok, I better stop here before Luxferi comes to me and turn into a Lioness to chew my head off.

Stay tuned folks, something huge will be happening in Kuching blogosphere.


  1. OMG! Sounds like advertising me! -_-|||

  2. gd luck with everything. see u back in perth =)

  3. hey i like ann's pic with allen's flash in it. looks like they're some kind of superstar..hee.

  4. hey allen,
    ahahhaa now pay the advertisement fees !!

    hey cynthia,
    Thanks !! Looking forward to going back soon too

    hey frank,
    ahaahaha, looks more like a ghost !! ahahahaha ok ok now she is really gonna chew my head off

  5. hey, best wishes for your future. good luck too, dude.


    the pics are really good, btw. you give out lessons?

  6. hey aaron,
    thanks !!! However, im not that good yet, but I have had some experience. Would love to talk bout it over coffee.. ahahahhaa..

  7. .auhmm.. coffee?

    you're not very subtle, are you?


    sure dude.. haha! only that we never seem to bump into each other anymore. :P

  8. hey aaron,
    ahahahaha... we WILL bump into each other.. just wait and see.. aahhahahaa....

  9. something huge is happening? what is it? ur going to dance naked in the street?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Eh... Robin. I won't kill you lah. Very sayang you one. :) As long as you post humane pics of me. :D *lol*

    Oh, just to clear things up, I also sayang Allen. Even though I turn into a lioness now and again. :D

    I love Frank's crossed eyes! Hahaha...!

  12. hey wuching,
    ahahahha that is not huge enough lar... no one will be interested even if I did so...

    hey luxferi,
    aiyerrr.. since when a lioness become a penyayang one??? ahahahaa... no worries.. next time I shall say more loveable things for u... ehehehhehe

  13. hey hey!

    so, Robin, what are you doing in Kuching now? When will you be leaving to Perth? LOL!

    Don't kill me tsk tsk

  14. hey san,
    hmmm.. remind me to bring a parang the next time we meet

  15. hiE! thanks for dropping by my page. wow so many people are in luv. mmmm~ cool camera your friend's got. robin omg we haven't been out in ages. how've u been. aiyo. must go kai kai one of these days. i'm only taking my 1st driving lesson this sunday ar. terrible. i owe u a drink ey.

  16. hey sam
    No worries...
    Goodness.. its been ages since we hanged out... yeah, one of these days should go out kai kai... should drag ah ben along..

  17. ahem.. cool camera? my camera? *blush* =P

  18. Hey allen,
    aaahhhaa.. goodness.. allen blushing !!!

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