Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 things

Oh dear, I think people are starting to get tired of the Damai Lagoon series. Lets take a short break shall we? Since Si Kui Ben tagged me with a rather weird meme, I shall dive myself into it and not delay until the meme has been forgotten by everyone like what I did with previous memes from Chloe and Infectioner I think

This meme requires me to state down 5 things you do not know about me.

Hmmm, here goes something.

1) I can sleep 24 hours a day.

Maybe it is just me, when I fall into slumber, I find it difficult to wake up, or maybe it was just the automation of my body and mind to rise up. I find my sleep very deep and peaceful, no matter how rough the situation of my life would be, and sleep has become somewhat a refuge. No problems and worries until I wake up. Therefore, the more stressed and frustrated I have become the more sleep I get.

2) I am the modern day Robin Hood

I am a blogger by day, and Robin Hood by night. I go to wealthy houses and rob them off their riches. Next following day, donations to various charity organizations mysteriously appear anonymously. I steal from the rich, and give to the poor and keep some for myself. I don’t consider myself a superhero like Batman, but I find pride and fulfillment in helping the poor. I despise money sucking rich bastards/bitches that would only make more money with the money they already have while being ignorant and act as if the world is their own, and no others should own it.

3) I am forever hungry

I can eat and eat and eat, and fill up my stomach, but not too long after that, I can eat again. That explains my ever growing size of stomach, but hey, considering the amount of input, I sure can handle a huge LOT of food. There are also times with sudden burst of appetite.... that I can swallow the entire hippopotamus.

4) I have a gay-porn site

I started this site offering free gay porn not too long ago, and now I am getting more and more visitors everyday. In that site, you can find me doing very very interesting stuff, cam-whoring to the extreme if you like to describe it that way. Of course, I am the anonymous host of that site, and if you can come to me with the URL, I can assure a special reward waiting for you.

5) I love stroking balls

Stroking balls have never been so fun, especially if you it with 2-3 more peoeple. You can't stroke too hard though, you have got to be gentle and careful. Yeah, I play tennis, and I love it.

The tag ends here. See, I am so sweet and innocent, I would not want to cause trouble to others. At the time of publishing this, I have another tag/meme pending !!! Arrrghhh, and its from Choulyin. I a few important entries to tend to first, then I shall come to that tag.


  1. c'mon spill the url..is it http://robinluftosux.com hahahaha..just kidding buddy!

  2. LOL at #4!!! are u seriously serious?? hahaha

  3. you're so gonna attract more gay fans man... gambate oh... LOL

  4. hey wuching,
    ahhahaha, wrong answer... LOL

    hey san...
    LOL... ah but then??

    hey chunchow,
    aahahaha... lets see if that happens...

  5. wakakakakakak! not bad eh robin~ heheheh

    i tag u mana tau u use the oppurtunity to .. attract more readers? kakakakakka! :D

  6. hey ah ben,
    ah but, of course, using every opportunity I can, muahahahahhaa