Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Stroking Balls !!

In the heat of Australian Open, I have been making myself busy for the past weeks picking up the much covered with dust racket and hit my way around the humble courts in Kuching with some of my friends. Most of my friends who do play tennis are scattered all around the world now, and I have not played much of tennis since I have returned from Perth. To me, tennis has become more than just an ordinary sport, I have somehow found the weird connection that I never thought would be probable: most of the people I play tennis with are the best of my friends. This has been proven true since high school days till now.

Well, playing tennis in Kuching is not all pleasant at all.. constant heavy rain at this time of year, and when it is not raining there would be blistering sun burning our skin as we move our asses around the court chasing balls aimlessly. Seriously, the humidity in the tropical air does not help at all.

Sequence of a Tennis Serve - Chun Chow

In the Contact with the Mid-air ball

High Toss and Serve - Fred

Pardon my grainy photos. They were taken with ISO 400, which was a bad idea.

It has been proven true that people who play tennis will continue on playing as the age progresses.. and the most common sports for uncles uncles in their later years are none other than tennis and oh well the boring-game-you-call-golf. screw golf Tennis is also regarded as one of the most pleasant and popular social bench, connecting people from different walks of life on court.

The reason why I hate football and basketball so much, is plain simple. I do not like the idea of sharing my ass with so many other asses on my side of the court, with most of the time playing with unfamiliar faces. I just want to stay in control on my side of the game. Knock me down if you will for my scoffing on the teamwork values in sports, I just do not see myself much of a team player. There is just too much aggression and rough play involved in sports involving so many people, chasing one ball pointlessly. Tennis on the other hand, is much graceful, and more peaceful in nature. (golf is just too boring)

The first few times I started to pick up my racket again, things happened....

Once, only 30 minutes into the game, Chun Chow broke his racket strings...

The other time, 2 out of 4 very old balls we used on court were BUSTED. Yeah, they kinda exploded into shreds opened up.

Using and old grip... I have got..


When Fred returned for 2 weeks holiday, he brought back balls (tennis balls of course), I have my grips replaced, and Chun Chow got his rackets restrung. All was good, we had plenty of fun stroking balls, and we even travelled all the way to Damai Beach and played Tennis there. Call us insane, but it was in the crazy times that we truly enjoyed ourselves.

Good things do come to and end, and they that usually happened quickly. Now that everyone has left Kuching, but me, I do feel that itch to stroke some balls again. Oh well, it is not a common thing in Kuching, and as disappointing as this may sound, tennis seems to be a rather unpopular sport locally. The more reason I should go back to Perth as soon as possible.

10 Reasons why you should play tennis

10) Once you started, you will continue playing for a long, long time. The passion is hard to die off.

9) Good physical exercise, involves plenty of running, rolling, skidding and chasing.

8) Good mental exercise, yes, you actually do have to strategize your game.

7) One of your arms will end up much bigger and muscular than the other one.

6) You get plenty of direct exposure to the harmful sun, perfect place to get yourself a skin cancer.

5) Tennis is class.

4) Tennis is fun. It is a game, and if you get frustrated somehow, you can slam your racket on the floor and try to break it to release your anger.

3) Girls should play tennis. You will transform yourself into Sharapova.

2) But be warned, ladies who play too much tennis, will end up like...

Serena Williams

Amelie Mauresmo

1) You can find sweet, innocent, awesome and great people like me playing tennis on court.

Tennis anyone?


  1. hey , any idea whr to learn playing tennis? i had always been interested in playing and wanting to learn. dunno whr :(

  2. wah, why so many photos of me?? very paiseh one leh... haha

  3. Badminton! Less sun, more speed. Run twice as much! =P

  4. hey allen,
    aahahhaaa sure thing !!

    hey anonymous,
    errmm, you can always find coacing at SLTA (sarawak lawn tennis association) behind civic center there... there are other places that offer coaching too, but now I am kinda disconnected liaw, been away for too long.

  5. hey chun chow,
    aiyaa.. i took that continuous snaps of u serving mar.. didnt take fred.. ahahahaa... so use lar...

    hey sam,
    Nah, badminton is never as fun as tennis... badminton court too small lar.. have that boxed in feeling.. not syok

  6. now u have callous on ur hand..from too much wanking! hahaha

  7. Now I know why Robin like Tennis so muchhhhhhhhhh!

  8. hey wuching,
    nolah, I am very the gentle kind one... not so aggresive...

    hey hijackqueen,
    ahahhaa, tennis is just so loveable !!