Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meet Wuching

One day after the meet with Merv Kwok session, there was another bloggers meet lining up, and this time, the star guest of the night was none other than the popularly loved Wuching !! He had a year end break, and he flew back to Malaysia all the way from Melbourne. His stop in Kuching was rather a brief one, and it was indeed awesome being able to get hold of him to come to this little private gathering. Yeap, it was a private gathering, so for all those Wuching fans out there who are dying to meet this sexily gorgeous Wuching in flesh, don't blame me. Point your fingers guns or knives elsewhere !!

The Place: CHILLAX

The meet was set at Chillax, a hang out place situated somewhere at Jalan Song. Chillax = CHILL out + RelAX, get the combination of two words? Yeah, lame, I know, because Chillax can also be CHILLi + wAX. Anyway, arriving the place, we discovered that the entire place was fully booked for the night, fortunately we have already secured our own seats thanks to Francis Ho. Following that, there are some very odd and disturbing facts about this place.

1) It is only open on Thursdays to Sundays.
2) The owner can just call any of the days off and close the shop from business, as she pleases.
3) It has very limited seats, housing not more than 20 people in estimation.
4) There was a rule forbidding bloggers to blog about the place.

Hmmm, I am not a very rule/law abiding person am I?

I don't know why, but having a place that does not take the customers seriously and just open up as the owner pleases, kinda gave me a cold impression from the start. The weird opening hours was such a huge turn off for me. It felt as if the customers aren't that important to them at all. Furthermore, shouting bloggers off for not blogging about the place, is not cool !!!

I do not blog to promote or publicize the place. I blog to jot down my everyday living and experiences, which includes the people I meet, the events I attend, the food I eat and the places I go to along with my thoughts and feelings to them. Besides, you wont get much publicity by being featured on I get less than 100 pageviews a day, and I have no complains on that whatsoever. How can you open a new place and not expect people to say something about that? Man, it is ridiculous.



Anyway, back to the meet with Wuching. His blog was one of the very first blogs that i have strumbled upon at the beginning of my blogging era, and I have never failed to read every entry (ok, not true, maybe missing out a two or three dozens few) and we have maintained contact by commenting on each others blogs. This went vice versa, and we became loyal readers for each others' blogs. I particularly LOVE Wuching's blog for his impossibly constant appearance in local scenes and events. I tell you, he can be everywhere in Melbourne, attending virtually all the hot happenings anytime !! There are rarely few bloggers who could match up with Wuching in event coverage, and all the time Wuching never failed to give deep reviews/write-ups complete with good photos and even video clips to back up the entries. This has become one of the strongest points that drive many readers from everywhere to his blog.

Oh, ya, and his freakily whacked-out Star Wars talk-cock entries too. If you are a Star Wars fan, you will love Wuching.

Wuching was one of the bloggers that I must meet, and I have met him at Chillax. Along with us that night, there were Francis Ho, Kenneth Leong, Jeremy C (Laksa Diaries) and Rozzy. He came with his wife, and we got to know each other better, other than the things we already know from reading each others' blogs. He was really pleasant to talk to, and everyone cracked when one of us asked the million dollar question:

Why do you name your blog Wuching? Where did you get that from? What does it mean?

Wuching's answer was sharp and loud and snapped right to the point.

Why is everyone keep asking me that??? WUCHING is MY NAME !!!

To be honest, I also thought that he has another name, other than Wuching. What a revelation !!

I was still cashless that time, and the ever-generous and kind Francis Ho bought me a very weird drink. Thanks Unker !! Waahh.. I have lost count how many drinks he bought me already...


Kenneth Had MOCHA CAFE ??? Hmmm

And something to nibble, DEEP FRIED SIO BEE

It was too bad that Wuching did not stay long enough to go Kayaking with Francis, and not to mention it is now the raining season in Kuching. Wuching last visited Kuching 16 years ago, and I can tell that he has seen a lot of changes.

Here comes the camwhoring session...




and the group photo of everyone, with me doing that something people branded as my signature pose...

It was a great honor meeting with you Wuching. If you ever come down to Perth, do let me know. I have plans on visiting Melbourne one of the following years, in the beginning of the year, most probably for the Tennis Grand Slam: Australian Open. Yeah, I am a tennis freak, and since I will be in Australia, I won't miss a chance of making it to one of those Grand Slams. When I do go to Melbourne, I shall let you know ok?


  1. hahahaha. one day if im veryy free, i'll count the number of signature poses on ur blog. tsk tsk tsk!

    heard lots of comments bout chillax..and none of them very good... :S

  2. hey san,
    ahahhaha, not so many leh i think, i dun camwhore so much mah !! LOL LOL... who am i kidding eh?

    yeah, chillax, the place wasnt that good, more complains than compliments..

  3. ya ya i agree with san!

    you do that pose in almost EVERY photo you take!!!

    hehehe ya i was shocked too when i heard abt the opening hours of that place...seems very hao lian ho?

    don wanto do biz then just close shop and go home sleep la 'x'

  4. Hah. See that's because you automatically assume they're like other businesses and should operate the way everyone else does. The place is just a past time for them, hence the strange operating policy and limited seating.

    On the flip side, once you're in, they're not going to complain that you don't leave so they can seat new customers.

  5. i also meeting wuching
    in melb thou, hopefully :)

  6. hey pink cotton,
    no, i have 3 photos taken in this entry, and i only did that pose in one of them !! ahhahaa, yeah, lets ditch that place...

    hey georgette,
    I know the fact that they did it for "fun", it was very obvious, and it is in that very fact that proved the same thing: they never cared about the convenience of the customers.
    Many, many people got frustrated because of that.

    hey cynthia,
    ahahahaa, im sure u will meet up with wuching !!

  7. oooh..the place looks nice in pictures. too bad the owner so stuck up. :/

  8. hey alex,
    the place is indeed nice, but that equals nothing if it is not designed for the convenience of customers

  9. Wah seh! Wuching looks like a taikor.

  10. hey hijackqueen,
    ahahaaha indeed, he looks like one !!!

  11. wuah paiseh lah u put me high high lidat! come to melb let me know woi!

  12. hey wuching.
    hahahahaha... of course put u hgh high lah, u wuching worrr...
    sure if i drop by melbourne will sure let you know !!!! ahhahahaha