Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Meet Sandra

The previous "angry" entry has roused many suspicions, I have received countless msn messages and a few SMSes asking if I am doing ok. Seriously, I am fine, I just have to let those negative energy out once in a while, no? No harm intended.

It was Sunday, the laziest day of all, and finally, on that very last Sunday, I have met another awesome blogger from Kuching. The blogger is Sandra from everydayrojak.wordpress.com. She came to my site not too long ago, commented on one of my boring entries, and from there, I went over and had a look at hers. I remember clearly the first entry that I stumbled upon her blog was something to do with a drunk driver who incredibly knocked down a huge chunk of the concrete fence of her house. It was one hell of a superb entry, filled with so much anger and energy that you can practically feel the heat coming out of the words from the screen to your face. That specific entry has left quite an impression on me, and I kept going back and become somewhat a constant reader after that.

Since we pooled a few other familiar faces, like Ben and Kenneth, ya, especially Kenneth, we had no choice obediently made a trip to Kenneth's favourite Cafe in town, Bing! for sipping some caffeine while getting to know Sandra, discussing about life, studies, careers, Australia... and not to be missed out, talking cock and crap along with everything else. Considering the cold weather and air-conditioner blowing at maximum power, the place was a freezing igloo. Thank goodness there are giant pillows around to hug and draw some warmth from.

My Cafe Latte (Double Expresso shot)

Interestingly, Yi Hong was there too, with his other many friends, who swarmed the place that night. Unexpectedly, Choulyin and Ehon were also in the house, sitting at the corner and I did not noticed them until Ben started talking to Choulyin and she said hi to me !!! Waaahh, really felt paiseh.. well, it is not like I am very good at recognising the person from the back. On the other hand, I discovered something new, Ehon and Choulyin are sibblings !! Hmmph.. how come no one told me that before??

Here are the people !!!!

Photogenic Ben Moh

Kenneth and his current read

Sandra and Robin

And Sandra is currently holding a semi-anonymous status, therefore her face was semi-covered by the giant huggable pillow. It was indeed nice meeting Sandra and getting to know her. She is still making decisions on furthering her education in Australia. All I could say (or rather shout) was "COME TO PERTH !!!" Ok, maybe I was overly excited, but hey, speaking from experience, Australia is a good place to be for tertiary education.

To Sandra, thanks for meeting up with me !! We must go for another round of drink some time soon, and I shall claim that free coffee of mine. Keep up the good work on your blog.

Side note:

I have done some minor changes in the blog layout, mainly the sidebar. The search box is currently useable in both IE and Firefox. And I have updated my list of blog-links (or blogroll, whatever you call that). I added a few new links, deleted some useless ones and moved some links around the different categories.

I shall be away for two to three days, had a last minute planning with my crazy friends on a trip down to Damai Lagoon Resort. I shall be back from the trip with major updates on the trip itself.

Why suddenly wanna go Damai Lagoon Resort? It is time to reward myself with much needed vacation and rest, setting aside current worries, and just enjoy the moment.


  1. ai ai aiii haha. it was great meeting up with u too! altho i don't think my entry was as good as u made it seem like. lol. oh yeah..im going to Perth. confirmed. tsk tsk!

    enjoy urself at Damai Lagoon!! dun get eaten by the waves (=

  2. hey san,
    that entry was simply superb, ahahahaa, dun be too modest !! YAY !! another perth blogger soon-to-be !!!
    I will enjoy damai lagoon, no worries, catch up with u soon after I am back..

  3. so posh drinking at those places? me want that latte too!

  4. hey happy..
    yalor.. kinda high class lar, cannot always go.. later i burn a hole in my wallet... the latte was just so and so

  5. Oi.. so when are YOU coming back to perth? ;)

  6. Robin,

    Take advantage of the RM100 a night and RM50 the next night stay? Good!! At least take a break and have fun!!!

  7. can't view the pics :(

  8. hey rodney,
    it will take some time, lots of thing have to be done first, ahahaha, i shall announce in my blog soon if there is anything..

    hey quadavis,
    yeaaaappp making full use of what the promotion offers.. muahahahaha will blog about it soon..

  9. hey rose,
    everything seems to be working fine on my side

  10. Wow...you go back to kuching and met a lot of bloggers already. I've been blogging for since Oct 2004 and i never been to any blog-meet in miri. yet. lol.
    Been catching up with a few of your current and recent posts.
    Seems like you had a great time in back in kuching this time around. heh

  11. hey arth,
    errmm, i guess i was lucky thanks to some really generous bloggers out there like luxferi and feli who organized meets and I was invited !!
    yeah, i had plenty of fun back in kuching, ahahhaa home is sure sweeeeet !!

  12. oh.. can view it today liao..

    thanks :-)

  13. I was In KL a couple of weeks ago but didn't get to meet you. Danielliew said something about you going through a rough patch or something and perhaps I can get to meet you the next time I go to KL...