Thursday, January 04, 2007

Meet Merv Kwok

As a follow up from the successful earlier blogger meet (click), Ann decided to organize another one, and this time we have a special guest to join us, an originally Kuching blogger who is now currently in Singapore digging gold, Merv Kwok. Merv came back to Kuching at the end of the year for a short holiday, and it was indeed a great honor having him over for a meet-up session with everyone.

Alright, a little history lesson before we go on further shall we? I have heard of the name Merv Kwok from my other Thomian friends before, legend has it that he dons a ninja outfit at night and runs around the neighbourhood screaming at the cats and dogs. Hmm, ok maybe my memory is a little rusty, but even before I started blogging, the name Merv Kwok was no stranger to me, though we both still have doubts that we have actually met before. I first came across Merv’s blog through reading Ling Qing’s blog, and from there on, I have somewhat become a constant reader.

And Charmaine had the nerve to say something that is NOT TRUE !!! Since Merv seldom puts picture of himself up his own blog, we all wondered how he actually looks like. She said I told her that Merv looks short and fat and ugly. What the fish?? Weeeeiiii !! Mana ada??

Hmmm, I was quite sure I mentioned something along these lines… I have friends who know Merv, they have spoken a great deal of him, he was at the Christmas caroling at Tun Jugah years ago, and I was there too. Possibly I have met him there, but I could not seem to be able to recall any image relating the name Merv Kwok.

Alright… maybe… maybe I went an extra 100 miles and made an interesting out-of-the-worldly assumption that the mental picture I have on Merv was short and fat. I could not remember the exact conversation… but but but…..

Never mind.

MERV KWOK and a knife pointing at ROBIN

No wonder Merv wanted to kill me when he saw me.

Luxferi (aka Ann) organized the meet and first we all met up at Bella Italia, one of the fancy Italian restaurants at BDC Kuching. I have had dinner earlier on, so I went there little late and since I was extremely broke, no, cashless, that’s the right word, Unker was kind enough to sponsor my drinks !!! Thank you so much unker !!!

Here is my iced blended chocolate along with unker’s… errmmm… dunno what drink..


BELLA ITALIA and the bloggers

After Bella Italia, we flew off (some teleported) to the place Kenneth strongly recommended, Bing! at Padungan. There, the crazy conversations rattled on and on, and amazingly we all seemed to be able to control ourselves better this time by not emitting too much noise while talking, in comparison to the previous meet. I got the know Merv more and I knew somewhere along the conversations I would slot in his review on my blog that he did via the platform half a year back. Full review can be read here.

Thank goodness more than half the people there that night did not come across my blog when Merv did a review on my blog. Because…

I posted this PICTURE

Merv thinks that the photo looks LIMBO... plain limbo. Some say it looks crazy, some say it looks sexy, some say I look like a stripper, some say I look GAY. But Merv said everything else in my blog was ok, except for that picture, and it's limbo.






Luxferi complained about my choice of pictures of her looking what she presumed as ugly in my previous entries. Hmmmm, to me you look as beautiful as ever, and I hope this time my choices would be right. Aiya, you are so beautiful, no matter how the camera points at you, the pictures would turn out beautiful one. Correct or not? Hiak Hiak Hiak…


LUXFERI molesting the Allen’s DSLR

ALLEN and his missing DSLR

Poor Allen, the only guy who brought his DSLR to the meet, he practically got his DSLR groped and molested by virtually everyone there, and especially Ann who shot pictures of everyone right on their faces, literally few inches away !! With flash on some more…

I tell you guys..

Luxferi (aka Ann) + DSLR = DISASTER !!!

Now Allen’s DSLR is no longer virgin… it has been used by so many hands… truly what a tragedy.

And then there is this weird girl who would dodge every single camera shot, like they are bullets like that and she would get hurt if a picture of her was taken!!


She somehow has developed this super power, being overly sensitive to camera shutter that she could react and hide away even before the camera captures a picture. Alright, darling, I know you want to remain anonymous and not having your pictures up other peoples’ blogs, but still, cameras are harmless, and they won’t eat you. I can assure you that.

Here is a group shot of everyone…

And a list of bloggers who went to the meet.. (in no particular order)

Pink Cotton
Luxferi and Jee
Chun Chow
Robin Wong

Kenneth Leong
Ben Moh
Mike Cheng

Francis Ho

I really enjoyed myself throughout the entire night. The endless laughs and wacky talks, man, the night was crazy !! I was looking forward to meet up with Merv, well, anyone who does read his blog would be the same, and I was glad I did. To Merv, I think you are one hell of a good writer, and an awesome blogger. Keep up the good work dude, I am sure many others would want more of your juicy and humorous entries.

However, I still think that this picture is kinda cool...

Should I put it back up the sidebar?


  1. OMG Robin!! You can do the hand thingy. The bending your pinky finger one...*gasps*

  2. limbo pic!! LoL!

    Btw, how come in the links, my name is all caps? Hahahha

    Oh yea, can send me a copy of the group pic? =)

  3. hey san,
    oh dear, normal people cannot do that isit????

    hey merv,
    ahahahha... ur name in all caps.. coz u were the star of the night !! so must stand out from other names mar !! sending u the picture right away..

    hey aaron,
    you lah, who ask u not in kuching????

  4. ai si loR!! my monkey pic with the eyes closed kena publishED!!! *RARRRRRRRR!!!*

    ohoho! i saw that pic of urs before~ alaallalalala

  5. hey ben,
    aahahhahaha monkey face meh???? hmmmm...
    Ohh.. u saw that picture before? ahahahaa.. how come u no reaction one?

    i wanna cekik youuuuuuuu

    hohoho..whens our nxt bloggers meet?i m gonna point at ur neck with a knife like merv..muahahaah

    im not afraid of the camera only afraid of it when im out with a group of bloggers..wahaha

    see...if i let u take my pic ,my face wud have appeared big big here rite???

  7. hey pink cotton,
    wah die liaw !! I better start thinking of excuses why not to go for the next bloggers meet, ahahahha..
    anyway, I have PLENTY of ur faces taken with my camera liaw lah, and i still choose not to put up ur pictures. see? it doesnt make any difference.
    I tell u, a camera is much friendlier than a dog.