Friday, January 26, 2007

How a Picture Can Tell

Take a deeeeep look into the photograph below...

And in that photo alone, you can tell that...

1) It was 3.03 in the morning..

2) The light was off, I was already on my bed, trying very hard to get some sleep.

3) I was playing music on M:robe, hoping to clear off my mind.

4) Obviously that was not working, and I was not feeling sleepy at all. The battery life indicator was one bar short, I have used the player since it was fully charged, suggesting many hours of heavy continuous playback.

5) I was listening to Jars of Clay - Rose Colored Stained Glass Window. In serious need of moral uplifting.

6) As the photo suggests, I got out of bed, while it was still dark, I took out my camera, and took a shot of that picture above.

7) Yes, even in sleeping hours I can still find my hands on my camera and work my way with it.

8) Note that the M:robe was resting on my laptop keyboards (the photo was flipped vertically), hence I powered my laptop on right after that.

9) Lastly, I logged on the internet, and blogged this entry.

It is amazing how much you can tell with just one photograph, is it not?

There can be just so many thoughts crossing my mind before I sleep these nights, that I actually find it rather difficult to sleep at all. It takes quite a bit for me to doze off, and when I finally do get my mind to rest, somehow my body refuses to wake up at all. When the sunlight comes in, and the morning greets me, I just wish the night was longer, and I could just sleep on further more. Because, in my sleep, I am peaceful. In my sleep, there are no worries.

Heavier notes aside, I find it amusing that I actually got out of bed to toy around with my camera, even when the light was out and blogged about this.

Give me a break, I know I am still sane. I just have to fight my way out to look sane.


  1. hey cynical-idealist,
    yeah.. it tells a lot of things

  2. aiya just go to sleep liao lah..dun talk too much

  3. hey wuching,
    ahahaha i went to sleep right after I blogged this entry...