Sunday, January 21, 2007

Frappe @ Travillion

It was one lazy Saturday afternoon, that suddenly I was dragged out of my house by few crazy friends, and off we went to just wander around Kuching doing nothing looking for food and things to do to kill off a boring Saturday afternoon. After going around much, and found nothing much to do, we decided to head to Travillion, where Fred got his much-needed haircut.

While waiting for Fred, the rest of us went to Magazino.. and like usual, a magazine shop would be the best place to have time passing by rapidly. I flipped through some audio-visual/home entertainment pages, as well as some digital photograhy ones situated alongside each other. Audio visual has always been my passion, those who are close to me know the fact that I am overly crazy about those stuff, and I will own a full system some where far in the future. What I find rather shocking, even to myself, was that I have developed quite an appetite for digital photography as well.

Since I picked up photography with a purchase of a budget consumer digital camera Kodak cx7430 (I know there are many out there who are dying to find out what camera I am using), I always thought that I will stick to normal consumer grade cameras, and not wanting anything fancier than that like semi-pro or DSLRs. My opinion was simple and straightforward, I need a camera where ever I go to, and when I want to snap some photos, I want to do it there and then. Having a semi-pro and DSLR would be too bulky, since convenience and simplicity have always been what I have maintained in my life so far. Yes, you can't get pictures as good as a DSLR, but what is the point if you can't bring it out to anywhere, anytime? Mobility is an important element.

Well, camera phone is out of the question, with the price of a good phone with a decent camera, I can get an excellent consumer camera which could be top of the class. Furthermore, I am not a camera phone person.

I have been happy with my current camera, despite its many, many limitations and restrictions, knowing very well that is is, after all a budget cheap camera. I learned a great deal having the camera with me, I brought it everywhere I go to, and lately, I have developed a craving for something more versatile and more powerful. I have come to the stage of trying out everything that my camera could possibly do, and desperately wanting to stretch further. Now DSLR is undoubtedly, in consideration.

Fred's New Hair

Pardon me for not taking a before-the-haircut shot.

Scrap the idea of inconvenience and bulkiness that I have mentioned earlier off. Why? Because one can have both a DSLR that does not have to be carried everywhere, AND a regular consumer pro camera that can just fit in a pocket. As blind as I can be, I did not see this point earlier, and now I am beginning to realize the power of a DSLR. Alas, until I can actually afford even a higher grade consumer camera (forget DSLR at the moment), it will be many years from now of course, and I hope by then I would be obssessed enough about photography.

Out of the magazine shop, and out of my dream about photography and its future plans, my friend and I went to Frappe, a drink-chill-out place situated not too far from Lim cockKok Wing University. We had drinks, and I snapped some photos, while waiting for Fred to finish his haircut.

The Place: FRAPPE

The Front

The Inside

The Corner Seatings

This was my first visit to Frappe, and I believe the place was closed down for quite some time (I have no idea why) before it was reopened. The place served regular drinks you can expect from a normal chill-out place in Kuching, but of course, with a much higher pricings. The interior of the place was not overly meddled with, it radiates the sense of space and roominess. Large sized mirrors along the walls give a much reflective mood when you can just stare at it and into your own relfection. I really felt comfortable lepaking hanging around that place.

The Drinks

Something Strawberry

Iced Latte

Hot Tea

If you asked me, I think the iced latte sucks big time, too much milk, and the coffee tasted.. well... not exactly like coffee at all. Heck, it did not even look like coffee to me.

And we had something to nibble on...

Crispy Fish Tofu

Looking into my own eyes

Another bonus point for Frappe would be the availability of free wireless internet connection, as well as games such as scrabble, otello and cards. We played a few rounds of "Big 2" while chilling to the old-school music being played that afternoon.

The entire afternoon at Frappe was a treat from Simon, a dear friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Big thanks to Simon, especially at times like this when my wallet was rather thin.