Thursday, January 18, 2007

Food, oh Bombastic Food

If you were to open up a restaurant serving western/continental cuisines at an awkwardly outstanding position, situated directly opposite the Bomba (fire and rescue station), what will you name your restaurant?

For some Kuching folks, they named it..


Got it? Opposite the Bomba station there is the Bombastic Cafe. Right.

I was really, really privileged being invited by Georgette to a food sampling/review session of the Bombastic Café. The owner of the place suddenly felt the urge to increase the public attention, thus engaging themselves in local food reviews. I have never actually done food sampling or reviews before. I describe all those previous food entries on this blog as records, more like food journal entries, rather than food reviews. None of those entries were official, and most of them I did without paying much attention on the food I was chowing down.

However, this time it was different.

Why? For the first time, I had so much food laid in front of me. Yes, and the plates and bowls kept popping out from the kitchen non-stop all the way. The table was already full, and still, the food kept on coming and coming. Gosh.. think of the kids in Africa

Here are some of the highlights of the food that I had that evening. I did not record down the names of the dishes, but I shall call them in accordance to general food terminology.

Let's start with something lighter...


GARLIC BREAD with Sausages

BAKED BREAD with Peanut Butter and Condensed Milk

The Main Dishes




CHICKEN CHOP with Cheese and Ham


The restaurant did a good job in blending western and asian food together, serving a wide variety of dishes under one restaurant. The main influence of the asian fusion would be Hong Kong food, prominently the dim sum based and baked dishes. This indeed is something quite rare and new in Kuching, since most places would either serve pure Chinese Food (with a little bit of local preference accent) or solely western (full European menu) style only. I strongly believe that the restaurant is trying to fit in the increasing local demand for Western Style dine out, but at the same time introducing the trendy and current trend of Hong Kong dishes which are already made popular over in West Malaysia.

All in all, I find the presentation of the food rather dull and cheap to some extend. Using mixed vegetables (carrot chops, corn kernels and green peas) as garnishing in almost every plate portrays the use of cheap frozen food, which may seem colorful, but uninteresting. The choice of chips or French fries, was of the lowest grade available on the market. It is alright if they do not produce their own-made fries, but purchasing the cheapest readily available fries of the market and placing them alongside the main dishes tell a lot about the preparation and food itself. For weird reasons, the mushroom sauce tasted more like cream of mushroom, similar to a ready-mix-just add-hot-water-soup, rather than a sauce. Of course, I am not expecting much from the minor details as mentioned, but these minor details can be a major turn off if they were completely overlooked.

Thirsty?? Pick a glass. Pick a color.


Image Hosted by

After sampling all the food, I have to say, I would say the food tasted quite ok. I find nothing particularly outstanding, though nothing much to complain about either. There is however, a lot to improve on, which I believe would be the same wherever you dine in. I would not say too much about the place and the food, I am just giving an overall picture of what to be expected from a blogger’s point of view (aheeemm..) I do think that the place is worth checking out, and you will have to discover the details yourself. Like any normal restaurants, there will be things you like as well as things you dislike.

This was indeed a new experience for me. My stomach was so full it felt like I have just swallowed a hippopotamus. Of course we did not finish off everything, all we had was a little of this and that. The important part was tasting/sampling, not finishing the food !! And the fact that the food kept on coming was truly amazing, and I wonder if the speed of the food preparation would be the same on normal circumstances. I was overwhelmed, who would not be, having tasted virtually ALL of the food listed on the menu??

Me, Georgette and Fariah went off to scoops for desert (like we were not full enough) and chilled out for the rest of the night. Of course, I managed to get everyone to cam-whore for this blog. Muahahahahahaaa



I have Georgette to thank for. This definitely is not something one could get everyday, and now I can tell people that, I have tasted everything at Bombastic Café !!


  1. is anyone going to eat those delicious looking foods or r they just for camwhoring?

  2. wahahaha! never in my life i've seen so much food laid out like that :S the drinks looks so cute...but the frozen veg is a turn off for me lah..haha!

  3. WAH LAU... So lucky :P Went there many times already but only ordered their snacks.


    that's a lot wei! hehe the food looks normal leh...nothing to shout about. i think there's an overflow of western eateried in Kuching la. everywhere i go its western food. gimme the authentic kuching food anytime man!

  5. my heart just stop beating and my blood sugar shot up when i saw the pictures.. :P

  6. ngaaaaa.. fooooooooooood!!

    hey, I wanna do a food review too!


  7. hey wuching,
    ahahhaha, we ate MOST of the food...

    hey sandra,
    i know... the frozen vege... yuck... had enough of those already...

    hey irene..
    Yeah... I was indeed lucky.. aahhaha

  8. hey ivan,
    i never said there was anything to shout about, ahahahhaa.... well,food is food, its meant to be eaten, ehehehee

    hey rodney,
    wow, sinful pictures they are eh??

    hey aaron,
    aaaahhhh.... its not an everyday thing, and i was lucky enough to get invited !! Kekekekekekee

  9. hey anonymous,
    I'd really appreciate it if you would include your name and email the next time you post a comment.
    Yes, the food served there is halal, they have malay staff working at the kitchen too.

  10. the drinks r colorful. i tried the blue one b4..sour but nice la many food...wahhh so lucky wor u. hehe...