Sunday, January 14, 2007

Damai Lagoon Part 2: Stroking Balls and Getting Wet

With only the three of us sharing in one room (aheeemm) at Damai Lagoon Resort, we sure did cover plenty of ground during our brief visit there. Setting aside the much over-rated cam-whoring activities, we prioritized our hunt for one of the sole necessity that we desperately sought after… tennis court !!! We found the tennis courts at the very edge of Damai Lagoon, and much to our disappointment the courts were in pretty horrendous shape. Boy, we did not drive all the way down here just for these lousy courts. Henceforth, we decided to expand our territories. And the journey out of Damai Lagoon begins.

Scenic View from Damai Beach Resort

Why stay and utilize the lousy courts, since there are better ones nearby? We migrated to Damai Beach Resort, an adjacent resort (2 minutes drive away) and we stormed the court like we were never going to play tennis again for the rest of our lives. The weather was a little too sunny at first, but gradually the sunlight faded off behind the heavy clouds that would signal a much predictable rain. Goodness, playing tennis there was just simply awesome, with a little bit of ocean view from one side, and mountains surrounding the rest of the area, I could not help it but feel the isolation and peace I have not felt in such a long time. Having those feelings while stroking balls (tennis balls lah ok ??) was fantastic !! Furthermore, the sound of waves crashing on the shore from a distance was quite an entertaining music.

The Tennis Court

Chun Chow in action, stroking balls

Frederick Hitting a High Ball

Since it was so much fun, unknowingly we played tennis for a whoooooooping 4 hours straight (ok, minus the much rest I took in between.. its 2.0 2.5 hours), killing off the entire afternoon. Man, stroking balls have never been so much fun, especially with 3 guys together. I know that sentence sounded a little off, but I can assure you, “stroking balls” is the correct and widely used phrase in tennis. By the time we finished off stroking each others balls, it was too late for a swim back in Damai Lagoon Resort, since the main swimming pool at damai beach sucks because the swimming pool closed at 7pm.

Seriously, W T F !!!!

We made way back to our room, cleaned ourselves up, once refreshed we made something edible to quench our thirst and aching hunger. Since I have spent so much money lately, this is one good way to compensate on my reckless expenditure lately. There is no way I was going to fork out a painful RM15 for a bowl of noodles at one of the ridiculously over-priced restaurants. Indo Mee Goreng would have to suffice for dinner.

Damai Beach Resort Poolside by Night

What’s next after dinner? Since Damai Lagoon was kinda like a dead place at night, with everywhere closed except for the boring lobby and restaurants, we drove off to Damai Beach Resort again. In the darkness of the night, the threat of inevitable rain, and countless mosquitoes and sand flies swarming around the whole area, we took a stroll along the places. Even the beach has its own uniqueness during the night. The ocean seemed dark, and the far end of the ocean seemed to stretch out forever and fading away into blackness. We walked and walked, and it started to rain.


Back into the reception/lobby area, we sat there for a while, and of course, when there is such opportunity, I could not resist but to…

Cam-Whore !!

We decided to venture in the only bar available in the vicinity, and as expected there was a live band performing there for the audience. We found a nice spot to rest down our huge heavy asses, and ordered whatever cheapest in the menu. It turned out to be coke, and I think even coke would taste different, and somewhat nicer in a place and environment like that.

The Bar

Coca Cola

The In-House Live Performance

The performers can accept request from the public, and they generally play the familiar tunes of radio hits from yesteryears. They did hit some of my favourite tunes, such as Now and Forever from Richard Marx and 25 Minutes from MLTR. It was not much, but certainly a glad place to just laze off and hang around a bit for the young night. When we arrived there, it was past 11pm already, and the place closes at 12am. We only had less than one hour, but… Chun Chow discovered something…

He asked the bartender if we could use the snooker table, and surprise surprise, since it was nearly closing time, we were allowed to play snooker for free !! You heard that, FREE !! Like any other Kuching folks, who would miss this FREE thing out right?

Grabbing cue sticks, we played snooker our way through the remaining opening hours of the bar.

Chun Chow and Frederick Had Fun Poking Balls...

Soon the bar was closed, there was nothing left at Damai Beach for us, so we headed back to Damai Lagoon and back into our little room that three of us shared. We chatted, and chatted, and watched TV, and ate junk food, and played cards, and chatted, and chatted, and laughed at each other for no reason, and chatted… and played cards, and ate more junk food, and chatted until we all dropped off sleeping. And in the morning we woke up pretty late, I was planning to catch the sunrise shot of the beach, which I failed because I gave in to my much needed sleep.

Seaside Seafood Restaurant, with Splendid Sea View

The next morning, waking up and cleaning ourselves up, we packed and checked out at noon, left Damai Lagoon, and drove off to the nearby restaurant for breakfast/lunch. I forgot to jot down the name of the restaurant, but I’m sure most Kuching folks know that place, especially if you have been to Damai before. Like usual, I ordered whatever that was cheapest on the menu.

Chun Chow and I had Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles

Frederick had Hokkien Style Noodles

After bloating my much bloated stomach, instead of turning back to Kuching, we drove back to Damai Beach resort, and this time, we made sure we got ourselves soaked into the swimming pool. What is a resort trip without growing some fins and diving in the waters right? Since the main swimming pool of Damai Beach resorts (the one outside the lobby) sucks big time, we walked our way up to the Hilltop. I have never been to Hilltop before, and I got to say, the view there was indeed amazing. So we grew some fins, and dived in the fake blue waters. Yeap, we all got ourselves really, really wet at the end.

Damai Hilltop Swimming Pool

What happens if you put a blogger with a camera into a swimming pool??

Genius. Cam-Whoring in the waters !!!!

Ok, thats enough of sexy half-naked picture of me. The rest of me is not FREE.

We had fun wetting ourselves all the way through evening, until every single drop of energy juice was being squeezed out from our bodies, that we finally called it a day, and left the place. Driving back to Kuching, was like waking up from a sweet, sweet dream that you just wish you would sleep in further and just let the moment last longer. Alas, reality is calling, as much as I wish I could escape it, I knew I had to return to where I belong.

The trip was a major kick-ass fun time for me. I guess the people who went with me did matter a lot, and thanks to them, we all had a complete blast !!! Anyone else going to Damai, or have been to Damai recently?

Coming up next:

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  1. another looong post with bootiful pics :D

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  2. hey san,
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  6. hey quadavis,
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