Friday, January 12, 2007

Damai Lagoon part 1: The Rocks and Waters

Take a look at the mountains, stretching a mile high…

Take a look at the oceans, far as your eye can see…

And think of me…

Take a look at the desert, do you feel like a grain of sand…

I’m with you wherever, the way you go is where I am…

I’m always thinking of you; take a look around you…

I’m spilling it out one by one.

MORE – Matthew West (2004)

Since the return of Fred, one of the close college buddies I had during those memorable two years phase of my life, we had done nothing else but crazy stuff which included some very, very rash and last minute planned activities. Being spot on and spontaneous have always been the core of what I describe as fun, thus surprises and enjoying something rather unexpected would spark memories worth cherishing. Fred, Chun Chow and me decided to make a short vacation/trip down to the nearest beach in Kuching, Damai/Santubong beach which is approximately 45 minutes drive away. Yes, I know, call me crazy, I already admitted that I partially am. In this heavy raining season, and sea at dangerously hazardous conditions, with the entire place being semi-deserted…

We had an overnight stay at Damai Lagoon Resort.

The Lagoon Wing Room

Alright, alright, obviously there was another reason to the decision. The resort is having this RM100 per room per night promotion going on the whole of this month, which is considered very reasonable in comparison to normal room rates which rocket up to RM200 over. Like any Kuching cheapskates, we did what everyone would, snatch the deal and make full use of it. Since Chun Chow is leaving to KL soon, Fred just returned to Kuching, and I am a little Perth-sick (summer in Perth now, means babes with boobies on the beach) why not go to the beach and have some male-bonding time together ??

We had an early check-in before noon, and our room had a splendid lagoon and part-ocean view. The scene was just plainly superb !! I could not resist but to snap pictures on the spot !!!

The Balcony View

After checking in and camwhored at the balcony for some time, we headed out of the room and explored the land-area of the Lagoon for quite a bit. We already knew how we were going to spend our entire stay there, and we only had a few things on our mind to entertain ourselves. We walked and walked and walked… and camwhored….

Introducing the people who went with me to Damai…




Ok, obviously my pose was paling the cacat one... never mind....

Some of you may just scream at the screen… what what what?? Only three people? Yeah, most people would say, and I would have agreed that the more the merrier, especially going far and having fun with friends. To me, there is of course, always an exception to almost anything. In this case, we have somewhat become, quite close to each other, I know them well, and they know me well too. We share many similar opinions and have become accustomed of being with each other. It is very rare to have such outing/trip with just your close circle of friends, and having too many other people would just bring more chaos and unwanted clutter to the entire experience. ok ok, screw that, in truth it was actually such a last minute planning that no one could leave whatever plan they had just to go to the beach, so there were only three of us

And fun we definitely had. PLENTY and PLENTY of fun.

After touring around the land area, we made our way to the beach. Though the beach was rather small, the waters not blue, and the sands being coarse (this is an unfair comparison with Australian beaches) I still find myself deeply attracted to the magic of the ocean. There was just something there that I cannot quite understand. It was a feeling of peace, and tranquility, the kind of sentiment that tells you everything is alright, and there is nothing to worry about. Back in the university years, I have traveled often down to the beaches in Perth, even during very hectic times, just to sit by the sea-side and look at the far-reached ocean…. to blank out my overly congested mind. The waves and waters provide me much of the needed stress-relief, and the therapeutic effect never failed to work every time. Since Damai is very far from where I live, I really treasure this trip, and once again, I am refreshed from the brief visit to the beach.

The cam-whoring continues…

Chun Chow and Fred looking cool, Robin looking to the sky, and Fred becoming a monkey...

The Power of Three

I don’t know bout you guys… but photography on the beach was damned fun !!! No matter how you point and shoot, the pictures just turn out fabulous in each of their own unique ways.

On the rocks...

Look what Fred found.. cute little guy..

This is not the end of this entry yet, of course we did many more interesting stuff than just cam-whored !!!! I shall continue the blog entry on Damai Lagoon trip in the coming one.

Do come back and see what crazy stuff we did for the rest of our stay there !!

Coming up next:

Damai Lagoon Part 2: Stroking Balls and Getting Wet


  1. Robin Wong!!

    are you serious?

    THREE guys in ONE room?


    you are sooooo. i duno. ask Jon. =.='''

  2. hey cynthia....
    ahahaha lets not be over-imaginative ya??
    I came from an all-boy school, so being in the same room with guys have always been a normal thing to me.

  3. oohhh breathtaking pics!! hehe.

    3 musketeers!! :P

  4. hey san !!
    ahahhaha, thanks thanks...
    3 musketeers indeed....

  5. nice pics... the monkey is funny..hahaha.

  6. btw im frank lol. cheers

  7. hey frank,
    ahahahahahaha indeed, the monkey was funny !!!!!

  8. Waaah, you really are black liaw, haha.

    And sigh...the pics make me more homesick, although I AM abit fedap of Damai. Every year end sure go one, to either Damai, Permai or Santubong, and hang around the area.

  9. hey cynical-idealist...
    Waaahhh u get to go there EVERY YEAR???? Eeeeeeee i havent been there for like... 3 years oledy !!
    ahahahahaa... but i bet it will always be fun if you are with the right kind of people eh?? ahahahaha

  10. Hey Robin,
    lovely pics you've got there! I can feel the therapeutic effects already...

    Three guys in a room can only mean that the housekeeping staff worked extra hard when you guys left. :P

  11. hey miracle8,
    ahahahahaha thanks !!
    but we are three very responsible guys !!! we keep the room neat and tidy !
    Aheemmm. who was I kidding? ahahahaha

  12. erm... i think i left the cheezels and cintan noodle there la. free food for them...hahaha.

  13. hey chun chow
    i left my indo mee there too !!! LOL....

  14. Aiyoyoy... your poses very stiff ler :P ehehhe...

  15. hey irene,
    hmmmmmphhh !!!! complain bout my posing !! U wait.. i kenakan u back later, ahahahahhhaah