Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Of a Monster Walking the Uni

Well, if you do not know much or have not even heard of the university I am studying at, the University of Western Australia (UWA), this is the chance for you to discover some eerie truths lurking around the uni. UWA is one of the Group of Eight Universities, which ultimately means the uni I am at now is ranked pretty prestigiously in this Land Down Under. Having been here for a couple of years, I gotta say that one thing extraordinarily outstanding about the uni itself, would be... the extensive researches performed in every disciplines and fileds. Heck, the Medicine Department even came up with the first cure for the ulser.. and just because of that it has earned UWA two nobel prizes (click) last year. Yes, Nobel Prizes... imagine how serious the university is about the researches.

Do not let the beautiful scenery fool you !! It is much less peaceful and innocent as it portrays... pictures can be deceitful....

You see, the university can perform researches in any forms, to anything, at any costs. God knows what they have been experiementing on, and created in the closed doors of the suspiciously evil and menacing looking laboratories.

Heck, they even do testing on Children !!! Poor innocent kids... what have they become...

Quarantine area.... probably that would be the place whjere all the failed experiemental subjects would be thrown into and disposed off in top isolation and secrecy.

WTF !!??!! Radioactive somemore. Maybe the radioactive-infected spider that bites spiderman originated from this laboratory.

Biological Hazard. Goodness..

You see, like other students that unfortunately fell to the traps of this miserably thirst-for-research university, I have become one of the experimental subjects. Ohh please do not ask me what have they done to me, it is of more importance to know of what I have turned into. You see, I have changed. I have changed a lot. Somehow, my body feels that the days are endless and nightless. My body loses appetite for food, and fails to crave or hunger for food during meal times. My body refuses to shut down into sleep mode, regardless of what time in the day would be. I feel like... a walking zombie, obeying commands set out from the direct orders in the university.

Assignments, projects, exams, assignment, projects, exams... thesis... reports.. assignment.. projects... exam... AARRRRRGGGHHHHH..... Not only we have eating disorder, sleep disoerder, deprivation of entertainment, I believe we have come to develop other more severe symptoms like psychological madness, uncharacteristic depression and God Knows what other diseases.

In short, I have become...


Fug UWA. Fug Stress. Give me back my freedom !! Give me back my pride....

Alright, obviously I look very stressed out. But guys.. seriously I am fine. It will all be over soon... they can take my life away, they can even take my freedom away... but they can never touch my sanity !!!!

Or have I lost my sanity?? Oh well.. whatever....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Of Bloggers and Lunch

I know I have been complaining about being super busy with school work and all. Heck I have a thesis to write, and examinations are drawing near. There are assignments and projects with deadlines on due soon.... Have not had enough sleep, have not have proper meals, have not have sufficient pornographic time rests and entertainment for a while.... All in hope to do my best and give my all for this final, final semester that I am in now.

All I can sum up is.. STRESSSSSSSSS

Yet, suddenly something happened..

Over the wonderous online chatting machine called the MSN....

Cynthia: How are you Robin?
Robin: Stress like hell, busy with work....
Cynthia: Anyway, u free tomolo? Got lunch with the bloggers....
Robin: Freeeeeeeee... who where when and what?
Cynthia: Eh? Thought U busy with school work?
Robin: F*** school work... lets go to the details of the bloggers' lunch meet..
Cynthia: !!!!!!
Robin: What??
Cynthia: Like that also can??
Robin: Like that SURELY can one !!!!

In the midst of all those insanely busy schedule and overloaded work that never seem to have sufficient time to be comepleted.... I chose to go to the lunch meet. Call me insane. Critisize my time management skills. Say whatever you want. I just WANTED to go to he lunch meet. And so I travelled all the way down to South Perth and meet up with the Bloggers gang. We went to this cool place for lunch, and had some really cool food. We had wonderful chat and share good dose of laughters with everyone. It was like mini-meet-the-blogger-session !! It was asbolutely awesome... And I am truly glad I made it there !!

Introducing new cool awesome interesting dudes I have had the opportunity to know better in the lunch meet...

JON from

Sweet young innocent Jon Ling.. another cool blogger I know in Perth !! Woo hoooo... the striking part about this fellow blogger and friend: He is not into soccer/football, he is not a big fan of cars/automobile, he owns a decent normal mobile phone, and not that crazy about mobile phones!! Why striking? I find myself having the exact same traits !! Gosh, though we may not know each other before the meet, but we do have so much in common !! It is rare to find people with such appealing similarities with me... oh ya... not to mention we are born in the same month.. December guys rocks !!

JAY Errr... not a blogger.. JON's Friend...

Cool guy.. tags along Jon.. we shall start our evil master plan to convert him into out religion, Blogging !! Aahahaa.. alright.. that is utterly silly and ridiculous.. As young and as innocent looking if not more than Jon himself... super smart guy in school.. one of the very limited editions of Kedah guys who are studying in Perth !! Dude... start a blog soon.. come to the dark side !!

And the same old brand new faces from previous blogger meets here (click) and here (click)....

CYNTHIA, CHARMAINE and MARCUS (not in picture below)

Again, it was Cynthia who organised the entire meet !! Thanks for inviting me this time... like usual, Cynthia was the talkative one... yacking yacking yacking... ahaha no it was actually not as bad as it sounded, much better actually !! It was because of her that the entire atmosphere was so lively and light.. Also, nice seeing Charmaine and Marcus too !! Ahh this lunch was just the right opportunity to get to know everyone better !! We bloggers must stick together, stand strong !! Soon we shall be strong enough to conquer the cyber space, and beyond ..... world domination....

Muahhaha muahaha muahahhaahahahahhahaa !!!

Alright.. I wrote those things out of pure STREEESSsss.

Oh, and the food was simply delicious... I had duck rice for lunch... Syokness.. havent had one for a while...

Ta daaa.. the group photo...

Marcus. Cynthia, Jon, Cynthia, Me me me me !!!!

I gotta admit, though it was just a simple lunch, it was a total blast for me!! I so need to have a break.. and this was the right timing and opportunity. Everything was well, until something went terribly wrong. The girls decided to turn cheeky and imaginative.... Check out Charmaine's blog (click).... see it for yourself.. seriously.. you guys gotta see what happened after lunch... Oh goodness what have they done to me....

Oh dear.. and I thought I was the only one being stressed out... its good to know I am not alone !! Add oil people, burn the extra flame, go the extra mile !!

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Last week, I have received a letter from my university. As awkward as this sounds, no one would expect any snail mail from the university nowadays, most messages, notifications and basically every other business of the day that you can think of would be handled effieciently by e-mail. It was rather exciting and exhilirating to receive papers wrapped inside envelope. I guess I do miss the tangible feeling of the paper in my hands while reading whatever message written in the paper.

Opening the letter....

I do not know why, but the words in the letter did affect me deeply. In case you wonder which part I was refering to.... here are the few striking words that blew me off...

I know I know, most of you would come to me and say, hey, graduation is not such of a big deal anyway, many people have it, so what is the fuss? Well, for those of you who do not know me that well, or do not know me at all, let me tell me a little about my background.

I come from a considerably lower end family with incomes barely scrapping its way to survive the monthly family expenses. Therefore, right from the beginning of time, it was all clear that this poor child shall never accomplish anything beyond high school, or college. University education was definitely out of the question. However, sometimes, things that people so often called miracles do happen there and here. I am truly thankful to God that I am given this chance and opportunity to walk this path where I am leading now. I am truly proud of my parents for what they have done for me and in me. They have provided so much to me that I could not have asked more from any other ordinary parents out there. Their love and understanding is unsurpased by any others that I have come across.

Of course there are people in the overall family who are against the intention of me studying in a foreign country. The ugliness of the long family history shall not be revealed in this blog. But I shall outline the general challenges that still upset me till this very day.

Relative A said (in hokkien originally) "if your butt is not made of gold, do not sit on the seats made of gold"....
To me, the remark is rather cold and pierces right through the very sensitive part of any human feelings. What the comment simply tries to imply is of me and my family not being able to afford such expensive education in Australia for me, why go through all the trouble and difficulties? Why not just study locally in Malaysia? Is not the education system in Malaysia as good, since ultimately I will be returning to Malaysia to work anyway? Gosh, I have so many relevent and practical explanations to those questions, but hey, I do not prove a thing. I do not have to make myself a slave so such an insulting and devastating comment.

Relative B said "I seriously doubt his (me of course) potential to even get into the foreign university. Even if he does, I would chop my head off if he can survive it there."
Now this is something I still resent today. Being looked down is one thing, but being traumatised by such words burning off every single bit of my dignity, it just felt so painful. I may not be a super-ace student, but it does not mean I should be held back from achieving my full potential. It does not give them the right to take my dream away !!

I am not saying that I have horrible people in my roots. Heck I believe generally those people are everywhere and in most families, causing all sorts of undesirable troubles in any forms they could think of. They are like weeds, you just cant really get rid of them, they will crawl their way back to you. Why care about what others think you say? Well, if I am to fulfill this dream, but everyone else around me is againts that dream, it just makes the dream a little, no, not a little, but rather A LOT MORE difficult to achieve. Not to mention the level of deteriotation on my motivation that those difficulties have caused. Emotional stress is never helpful in promoting progress and growth anyway.

Please lar, for goodness sake, if you are not there to help, aid or support me through my difficulties in my education, please, I beg you do not dampen my already crushed spirit.

With God's will, and with sheer determination, I have come this far. My parents have always been there to support me. I have received wondeful inspiration from friends around me. From the little and simple things that I encounter in my every day life, I move on. I drew strength bit by bit from each meaningful encounter that I have. Gathering those motivation together, I move on. I move on and on and on.

And I have come to this point. I am now, a prospective graduand.

So to relative 1: When the day comes that my huge heavy ass is sitting on the Golden Throne, you will be the last one I would think and care of.

And to relative 2: Well, why is your head still attached?

Now, you guys know why the graduation means a lot to me. Yes, it means a HELL lot to me. It may just be another boring additional event to others, but to me this is something rather different. It is an accomplishment in my life that has been thought of as an impossible mission by many others.

Side note: Guys, sorry for the vague details there and here. I do not wish to elaborate further on these unnecessary details. Do not congratulate me yet, I will blog more on the REAL graduation itself as it comes nearer. As for now, the most important thing is to survive this final semester. I have a thesis to write and final papers to revise for. Please forgive me for my coming absence. shall not be updated as often as usual. But I am still floating around.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Of Swans Being Painted black

Ahh.. so were you guys curious of what the BLACK and HUGE creatures were, from the previous post??

I have received a number of interesting feedbacks. Dolphins, not surprising, since I purposely wanted to mislead you guys into believing that. However one of my intentions in joining the fishing trip was originally to watch dolphins !! Since I have spotted dolphins previously (click) at the same river and heard so countless sightings by my friends who successfully achieved multiple sexual climaxes through fishing activities. No kidding I tell you. No, not on the sexual climax part, but on the many sightings of dolphins.

And so I stayed patiently, waiting for the dolphins to suddenly come up and say hi to me. I kept staring at the water, left and right.. again and again.... for so long.. nothing came out... all I saw was this....

Celaka punya jellyfish...

However, something else, something rather unexpected showed up in the river !! Yeah, like I said, something HUGE and something BLACK....


Alright, for a boy who comes from a place where white swans might probably be extinct, this is truly something magical. The interesting part is... the swans swam all the way to the jetty, which means, towards us, cruel evil monstrous humans without fear !! They came to us directly.... I do not know why.. we did not have food with us.. but they still came to us. It was as close as french kissing distance can get.

The black swans were so gentle and soft, graceful in their swimming and navigation on the waters. When they flip their wings, you can literally feel the wind blowing on you, yeah that is how powerful their wings are. Their neck is long and slender, seems like I could just grab it with my bare hands and snap it into two. OK.. that does not sound right... but anyway.. check out the pictures and video clips to see it for yourself.

The moment I saw them swimming from a distance towards us, I powered up my camera and recorded the beautiful creatures in video clips.

Check out my friends playing snakes with the swans.. and the wicked laughter of someone evil that follows after that. Shhheeeesssssssshh...

How, who says the ugly duckling that is black from birth will turn into white swan when she grows up? Obviously, the author of that fairy tale did not know the existance of black swan, nor did he/she witness the beauty and splendour of those creatures with his/her own eyes !!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Of Fishing in Sunset

There are many cheap and free activities (and clean also.. aheemm) that one could take up to kill time, or just simply for leisure and entertainment. On the last weekend, being overly immersed in school work with deadlines due in no time, I guess everyone needed time off and do something more relaxing for a while. Alright, by now I probably have a long list of "relaxing activities" but hey, I have also overworked myself pretty badly. I deserve to treat myself some time away.

What we did you ask? Right. Fishing. I have never fished before in my life, nor have I really seen and joined anyone fishing before. ironically, I do love fish. Let me rephrase this, I actually love EATING fish, and Cicerello Fish and Chips is simply heavenly. Coincidentally, I have friends who are overly excited about fishing, and I have even come to think that it is possible to achieve orgasm through fishing for them. We went to the beautiful Matilda Bay (alright, I lost count on how many times I blogged about this place) and yeah.. we fished, not for hot babes, but fished, literally. A few bottles of beer with the fishing trip, with the right company of people was just perfect.

Hah... Robin, this time I did think of you paddling besides Unker... Ohh the ripple effect on the water created was truly beautiful in this shot.

I guess I was there not to fish. I did not even touch the fishing rod. Seeing my friends fish was good enough for me, and believe me when they got so turned on excited catching fish after fish.. I myself automatically got excited too.. I do not why, but being there itself was a wonderful experience. Matilda Bay is always the good place to hang out with friends, especially during sunset. The view there is just simply spectacular. Clear blue waters, beautiful sunset sky, distant view of the city skyline.... and now.. with fishes swimming all around the river... gosh.. photography was a must !! I regretted not bringing along my tripod, or else I would have taken more pictures especially the post-sunset landscape.

My friends caught a variety of fishes from the river. Heck I could not even remember or spell the names correctly. Man, I do not even know how to differentiate the fishes that are safe to be consumed from the poisonous ones. From what I remember..

This is the edible one....

This is the poisonous one.... remember the fish that bloated up from Nemo? Yeah this is the one...

I had no idea how many fishes there are in Matilda bay !! It is like almost every few minutes there would surely be one catch !! We used prawns as baits, and those prawns were already dead, proving how stupid and desperately hungry the fishes here in Perth could be. Unfortunately most of the catch that day was undersized fish, which means that by the rule we were required to release the undersized fish back into the waters. It is not like there was anyone to spot our activity anyway, but if we did bring back the undersized fish, and got caught in the process, the consequence could be more serious and horrible than the fish dying from dehydration, being hooked off the water.

However, you gotta admit, looking at the fish gasping desperately for water.. flopping around shaking like mad... is kinda enjoyable. I know I am cruel. That makes me human too.

While everyone was so engrossed with fishing and cacthing trying to catch bigger ones, something unexpected came to visit us.

Something HUGE.
Something BLACK.
Something swimming in the waters, and came to us willingly, harmlessly...

And there were two of them.... I was surprised, and it was truly a magical sight for a sua ku like me...

I shall blog about that in another entry. Stay tuned people !!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Of Six Rockets Flying High

My cousin in the States has always been feeding me with the breathtaking pictures he collected from the beautiful places and sigths he visited there. I have always shared the awe and wonder and wishing I was there to experience the magic.

The latest picture he sent me was of this twin memorial lights, beaming up high proudly from the original foot of the WTC that was annhilated in total destruction over the 9/11 tragedy. You have gotta admit the way the Americans commemorate such tragedy is truly stylish. The lights stretch as far as 11-12 times taller than the original height of the fallen WTC itself.

Concurrently, Sarawak has just wrapped up the state election recently. The results of the election was, somehow, unexpectedly SHOCKING to say the least.


Yeah, that SHOCKING !!!! Stunningly SHOCKING !!


They must have somehow seen a total of SIX lights beaming up high instead of two. No kidding...

Taken from

The six DAP Sarawak Assembly members elected today are:

1.Bukit Assek – Wong Ho Leng – 10,380 votes – 4,751 majority
2.Kidurong – Chiew Chiu Sing- 8,517 votes – 1,664 majority
3.Kota Sentosa – Chong Chieng Jen – 6,579 votes- 531 majority
4.Batu Lintang – Voon Lee Shan – 8,806 votes – 3,407 majority
5.Pending – Violet Yong Wui Wui-11,632 votes – 4,372 majority
6.Meradong – Ting Tse Hui – 5,990 votes – 3,578 majority

Do not get me wrong. I am entirely neutral when it comes to politics. But you gotta admit, the expression on their faces was priceless. Freedom of speech finally creeps its way into the life of Sarawakians.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Malaysia Cultural Dance in Perth

After finishing my long miserable dreadful lectures in the Friday morning, me and my buddies decided to go for a drink (just coffee, harmless coffee) at the University Cafe. Yeah, we need to de-stress. We need to get off a little while. Somewhere outside the Cafe, we noticed something rather familiar being prominently displayed - the Malaysian Flag. Being all inquisitive and curious, we stepped in the place and found out that there would be a stage cultural dance performance in the following afternoon in the University lawn itself.

The setting of the cultural dance was just perfect. Situated right in the middle of the dry multi-purpose lawn, and performing there during lunch time was just great. Since it was just outside the University Cafe, many people would flock that area. How much better could this be, sitting on the grass, munching your food away while watching a free cultural presentation from a foreign land?

The performers/dancers for the event came all the way from the local university in Malaysia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Most of the students were Malay, since most of the dances are of Malay in origin, and there were a few Chinese and Indian performers as well. Perhaps the students have so much free time in their hand that dancing has become their routine putting aside university academic life, and has earned themselves this tour to Australia. Darn, I am so envious looking at the students given a chance to just travel to places, and all they need to do in return was just shaking their heads a little, waving their hands up and down and probably sway their butt a little to the right. What a treat it was for them to tour Perth.

It is rather fascinating to witness this unusual event to be held in my University, since this is a so called Ang Mo land. Most people here would not even know where Malaysia is, they would probably know better where Singapore or Thailand would be. Seeing the terrible horijibeer MCs speaking such broken and uniquely English with Manglish accent had undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows on the level of English command in Malaysian local universities. Come on... the MCs could not even pronounce Appre-ssssss-iee- sss-sen, ahem I mean appreciation properly. What a joke that was. To represent the University itself, and worse, representing Malaysia and speaking in public at such place where English is the dominant language, they surely could have picked someone with much better English standards. No offense here, but I think the MCs sucked big time. And I believe the ang mos and everyone else present would say so too. I know I could do better

Alright, enough of my complaining and lets move on to something more interesting. I gotta admit though I did enjoy the overall performance. I was not thoroughly overly excited about the whole thing, just that the cultural dance was not something you can see everyday in Malaysia, they are only performed on special occasions, and sometimes we even have to pay for the performance. Well, it appeared suddenly in my university, and yeah, why not go and have a look-see? Something rare and, better even free, should not be taken for granted.

I believe one dazzling point in the whole dance was the outstanding costumes. You gotta admit those traditional costumes selected for the dance were full of variation and rare features that even I, who have seen many cultural dances back in my home land, had never seen before. The colors and texture were absolutely stunning and brilliant, and they each signified the background and culture of the country. Just take a look at the photopraghs.

I would not say that the dance was of top quality, nor would I have expected them to be. The performers were quite well synchronised, but not perfectly matched up in tempo all the time. Little flaws and mis-allignments can be spotted obviously from time to time. This was just a display of art, it was not a competition, so perfection was not a necessity. I gotta admit judging from the way they perform, they did their part, and much effort was given into it. Good job for the dancers. Of course, their overly fake smile on their face may seem a little welcoming and sweet in the first place, but when the wide smiles were stuck on their face throughout the dance, it just, kinda felt, freaky. It gives me a creep when seeing people smile to me non stop. There is just something not right about that.

The first few dances were rather slow, and loooooong, a stretch too long to my liking. Towards the middle of the event, the beat started to pick up, and the music of much faster pace was played alongside the dance, making the exprience more lively and less yawn-inducing. Even the dance moves were faster and more dramatic. Luckily none of the dancers fell rolling down the lawn. That would have been the main focus on this blog entry.

The photos wont do much good in capturing the best moment and atmosphere of the dances. With the limited battery life in my camera, I managed to record a few video clips of some of the dances. I have uploaded the ones that I liked most, and please watch the following video clips if you have so much spare time to kill.

Seriously, they shook their butt so much that I am beginning to think that their waists and butts must have pretty darn strong muscles by now.

Go Sarawak Go !!!

With red as the main color and fans as the traditional accesories

On the whole, I think it was an uberly cool idea to organize such event to promote Malaysia in Perth, especially in the University grounds. Not many chances were there to show our colors and unique culture to the people in foreign places. The look on the Ang-mos faces when they saw the dance was just priceless. It was as if they have never seen such weird moves and costumes before. I hope that the audeince could grasp the right impression portrayed by the dancers. I hope they see the uniqueness and the magnificence of Malaysia through the entire dance performance. I wish, somehow, they would remember those dances in their scrambled brains, and God, let them know that it was from MALAYSIA !! Would be a waste if they could not remmeber the country the dances come from.

Friday, May 19, 2006

HIllsongs United Live Conference in Perth !!

You have heard that title right, Hillsongs United Live (click) was performing live in Perth tonight, and I had the priviledege to attend the public conference at the Metro Church. For those of you who are non Christians, or Christians who do not know what or who those Hillsongs people are, well, honestly I do not know much about them as well. All I know is they all started as a Church called Hillsong in Australia and over the years they have expanded and became so huge that even a poor and lost boy like me from Kuching has heard of them. In fact, they have become so huge and successful that many people from Kuching, and from all over the places in the world has come to know Hillsongs, their work and mission, and of course, above all, their great worship songs.

Hillsongs and Hillsongs United Live have produced numerous albums, with hit singles that have topped the charts of radio hits across Australia. Their albums are made avaliable at local Christian Bookstores in Kuching, and I know of many friends who are overly obsessed with their music that they can listen to them repeatedly for 1000 times a day. I myself own some of their CDs in pirated format of course and have fallen in love with a few of their tracks. I am not overly crazy over them, heck I do not even know the names of the people in the group. But here they were in Perth, and performing live. So why not go and have a look-see?

Thanks to Ruthie (click) who drove me all the way to the Metro Church. This is my first time coming to Metro Church. We arrived at the place an hour earlier than the start time, and though the entrance was still shut, people from God Knows where were already lining up miles away. Just look at the line, scary I tell you !! Imagine all the people, standing there doing nothing, probably talking cock with their buddies for over a dreadful long hour, just in hope to get better seats !!

Once the door was opened, people rushed in like there was free cash giveaways in the hall. Stepping inside, most of the good spots were already taken, leaving far rear seats, and I sat at the second row from the back of the hall. Pathetic position for photography and video shooting if you ask me, but we just had to make do with what was best at the given situation, complain less and rather enjoy the moment as we could. In no time, the whole place was fully jammed. There were 4 seperate halls for the audience, the balcony above our level, the lower level below us, a small chappel room adjacent to our floor and of course, our own ground level. Yet, we were told that there were not less than 150 people waiting outside since all the seats in the house were fully taken. Poor souls... you cant possibly expect to even compete with people like us who stood for over one hour waiting !!!! Ohh no..

Sorry bout the poor qualities of the pictures. I was standing at the very poor position.

Once the band and groups of performers have taken their respective postitions, the concert was started with a very upbeat track: Salvation Is Here, followed by my long time favourite: One Way !! Check out the short video clip below:

One Way

Truthfully, I am not a big fan of the idea of praise and worship in church. But hey, this is a night of performance, a public worship session, a concert of world-famous aclaimed artists, Hillsongs !! the entire night was devoted to only worship session, hardcore worship and prayers, with no preachings and boring talks whatsoever. Purely heavy worship, from beginning to the end.

Having heard their songs from CDs and cassettes over the years, this was my first time watching the performance live. I gotta admit, the experience was truly awesome and absolutely out-of-the-ordinary. What you felt and sensed from the worship songs in the CD, are portrayed in an even more realistic and true to the heart feelings in this live worship session !!! I do not know how to descirbe this fully, but if you want an analogy, lets just say listening to the CDs of Linkin Park or Mariah Carey would not be as enjoyable as watching their performance live !!!

The songs and words were already familiar to many, and the way the performers bring out the meaning and power in the music was really praise-worthy. Everyone seemed to be really immersed deeply into the worship, and surely the vocal and music touched every soul. It was a live worship experience.

Here I am to Worship

This song, "Here I am to worhip" has been my favourite song for so many many many years !!! Having the chance to hear it performed live, ohh Gosh... this was just truly amazing.

Somewhere after 5-6 songs, the concert took a pause and the speaker of the night took over the stage. He brainwashed the audience by showing pictures of poor kids suffering in God knows what forbidden land, and people dying in those places. I could not recall excatly what the entire thing was, but it has something to do with Genocide and scary things like poeple dying every minute. Alright, I admit I was not paying attention, since I had a very long day, waking up early for lectures and doing my school work for the entire day. The interesting part was, the brainwashing session was so successful that the speaker managed to enter and control many minds present, and made them willingly sacrificed their own money for the charity thingy. The total collection of donations for the night was approximately near AUD40000. Ouch... Hah, this shows how filthy and stinking rich generous and kind hearted people in Western Australia can be.

After the brainwashing session, the worship continued. The final song performed was rather upbeat and full of life. Take it all, a song that raises the urge to jump up and down wildly in everyone, and giving a sense of much hope and inspiring reasons to live our lives. Bad choice as an end song. Once the song ended, as the lead performers were giving their closing words, the crowd kept chanting ONE MORE !! ONE MORE !! ONE MORE !!!

King Of Majesty

And United-Live stayed a while longer, accepting the request of the audience !!!! I could not believe how generous they were, and the bonus performace track was none other than "King Of Majesty". Another up-beat super lively song, which was even extended to satisfy the ever hungry for worship Christians there !!! I believed every one was fully satisfied with the overall performance, well, what more can one ask for, we have got one extra song already !!

And the best part of all, the concert was absolutely FREE !! You got that right, Hillsongs-United Live conference in Perth was freee.. and I was there !! Woo hoooooo....

Side note: Happy Birthday Chun Chow (click) !! Yeap, thats the guy who took the awesome picture of me looking to the sky with the sea landscape background. That picture was truly awesome, all thanks to Chun Chow. Dude, wish I was there celebrating your birthday !! Arrghhh.... I am so far away..