Sunday, April 30, 2006

New look...

I seldom post the pictures of my own self on this blog, I have many reasons for that. But when I do put photos of my stunningly handsome face, I am sure to receive a number of unexpected comments.

The most recent one was when I posted this (photo below) in my Dim Sum post (click) not too long ago. The first one to approach me on my "have not seen in a long time" appearance was Jason.

Jason: Oii.. Ur hair so long liaw...
Robin: Yahh.. why?
Jason: It is
really long lar....
Robin: So what? I had longer hair last year...
Jason: Since when was the last time you cut your hair?
Robin: Since...
before Chinese New Year?
Jason: !!!!!!!!!

Not only that.. I there was also Debra, a friend from OCF, who came to me....

Debra: Hey, your hair is too long...
Robin: I think I look good in long
***Debra gives the one kind look at me***
Robin: No meh??? Not good looking on me meh??
Debra: Honestly.. NO worr....
Robin: !!!!!!!
***Ouch ouch ouch***

I mean, what is the big deal of having hair slightly longer than usual? I recalled my time in Perth last year, I left my hair uncut since I came to Perth right after Chinese New Year, until spring, which was in September when I had a 2 week spring break uni holidays, then I decided to give my head a little trim.

Wonder how I looked like back then? Like a sua ku? Like a jungle man?

I think not so bad leh... and that time my hair was much longer than it is now...

Ok, you may ask why the laziness to keep my appearance tidy?

Do you know how much it costs to have a haircut here in Australia?
AUD14 (concession price, cheapest I can find here).... which is approximately.... RM30

Do you know how much it costs to have a haircut back in Kuching?
RM5 (student price).... which is..... AMAZINGLY less than AUD2 in conversion !!!

You see, for a financially broken boy like me, I would choose to minimise my visits to the barber shop and have my hair cut just when it is really really really necessary. Call me kiam siap. Call me stingy. By the way, I kinda like the way my hair flows when they are long, no, I am not one of those people who drool over Loreal or Pantene advertisements. I just think that having long hair seems to suit my style and outlook. Coz I am worth it

Well, despite all that, I took a bus down the city for a haircut in the afternoon anyway.

For AUD14... I changed my hairstyle.....

What do you think?

Alright, I know I will be wearing my cap on most of the time in thge following week.

Man, I so miss my long hair. Should have kept it that way.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Speed detector

If you have been following my blog for some time, by now you must have known the fact that the university I am currently studying at knows the best ways to flush their excess money down the drain while making the whole place looks much nicer. Remember my previous post on the insanely useless piece of equipments installed for fire emergency (click) ? I took a better look around the places and found a few more stuff that raised many eyebrows.

Not too far away from the Computer Science building, there is this speed detector proudly positioned right at the road side. This place is constantly trafficked not only by vehicles, but also pedestrians and cyclists. I pass by this road to the university every single fucking day, and the new addition of this technologically advanced device is truly something obvious and out of the ordinary.

The detector plainly displays the speed of the vehicle coming towards it, and I find that is all to it for the functionality, nothing more. Right on the first time I spotted this device, I instantly thought to myself the following question, if the driver of the vehicle passing by the road needs to know the speed of the vehicle, he or she can conveniently refer to the speedometer behind the steering wheel, right? Soon I realised perhaps there is speed camera or something installed somewhere nearby, but after going around much, I could find none. Unless I am a completely useless person who was not even able to find something so overly obvious, the speed detector thingy is just there, solely to display the speed.

Check out the video clip, there was a car passing by the speed of 20-25 km/hour, the display may not be clearly recorded with my camera under such bright afternoon sun, but I believe the faint fast flickering light of the changing numbers is enough to show the device is workig. Heck, I am an engineering student, it is upmost important to verify if the stuff you are utilizing actually works.

I still cant quite come to the reasons why they installed such pointless device there. Maybe it is just for pure cosmetic reasons. But, come to think of it, is that necessary? If turning heads and attracting whistles are the intended motives behind the installation of that device, why not just hire some really hot babes with extra large boobies in really tight bikinis standing right at the same position instead? It might just work as fine, I can even assure you it would be more effective. Sex is always the best selling point anyway.

Anyway, many unexpected things did happen following the existance of the new speed detector. I was standing around the place for quite some time to observe.

There were people, running as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can run.

They were people, cycling as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can cycle.

There were also people, who skateboarded as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can skateboard.

I was so tempted to run as fast as I could and see how fast I can run to record the whole event down with my ever-ready digital-cam, but doing so in public would most probably get my perfectly handsome face being creamed into mashed potatos. No way, I am not taking the risk.

And I thought Kuching people are the only sua kus (beetles that live in the jungle) in the world. Seeing what those people did because of the speed detector totally opened my eyes to the other side of the people here that I thought would not possess. Yeah, complete "sua ku" ness.

Well, it is undeniable, ridiculous device makes people do ridiculous stuff.

Lin Dynasty (continued)

This is yet another entry made customized for the tag from Luxferi. It is a story-line continuation, and this is my version of the follow up from Luxferi's chapter 24: Creatures of the night" (click). Hope I wont bore you guys to death with this.

Here goes something.
Chapter 25: Immortality

It hurt her eyes, the light was too bright. Perhaps she had not opened her eyes for quite some time. Soon enough, she realised she was lying on a not so comfortable bed, and she quickly recognised the familiarity of the place. It was the same place she spent days and nights in for months, taking care of her dying mother many years ago. The difference was, she was now on the bed, in the same hospital her mother died.

Puki Galore could only recall vaguely what happened. Soon enough, flashbacks ran quickly on her mind, like a film rolling in fast motion, playing scenes from seperate cuts. She remembered being seduced and embraced by a dead gorgeous blond guy from the Bronze, and somewhere in the middle of climaxing scenes things got wild, and she was having the best sex of her lives, until suddenly she felt deep cut running into her neck, draining her life away from her. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that was the creature of the night preying on her.

But the question was, why was she still alive? For one she knew she was far from dead. She felt, alive.

Someone barged in the door so suddenly that Puki shrieked in horror.

"Oh sorry Pussy, Oh, I mean... Puki, I did not know you have come around. How are you doing anyway?" asked the guy with the babyface. Looking on the whole he may be only in his mid-twenties, with black hair combed right to the back, and brown huge eyes. He was tall, and he wore black shirt and jeans.

"Errm, I feel alright. Who are you?" Puki gazed at him as she questioned him.

There was silence. Puki kept staring at the guy, standing just a foot away from her. There was something awefully familiar in his eyes, yet she felt as if she had not seen him before.

"I am a friend. I see that you are doing alright. I shall let the doctor take care of you from now onwards". The mysterious guy dashed out of the room so abruptly that Puki was puzzled with so many unanswered questions. However, she sensed sadness in his eyes, she sensed pain and suffering.

She sensed right. Robin left with tears rolling down his cheeks. He knew this would happen. He knew it all along, but it was a choice to make. There was a price to pay. And he made the choice, and suffered the consequences. It may not seemed to be the best choice, but Robin knew in his heart that Puki must live on.

Robin was a powerful wiccan, originated from the line of the Lin Dynasty. It was said that Robin would inherit ten fold the power of the magic originally achieved by his ancestors. He has been using his powers for good, like treating patients with Erectile Dysfunction, improving sexual drives and health, instant body reshape which includes unlimited breasts and penis enlargements, as well as fast fat burning services, all done by pure clean magic. Of course, he used his magic for other better activities also, like curing diseases such as AIDS. Robin had always tried to make things better for the world, mainly by aiding people to fully enjoy their sex lives.

When the Creature of the night nearly drained the final essence of life out of Puki, Robin jumped out from the darkness, and raised his right arm to the air, with his middle finger pointing out, chanting the following spell:

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Assholes to dickholes,

I am the light that shines over darkness,
I am the light that burns your dick,
I am the light that burns your balls,
I am the light that burns your ass,

you creature of darkness, go F**K yourself lar !!
Now, you F**K off,
I rebuke thee,
F**K off !!

Then there was a bright light, a bright brighter than any human eye will ever see, shining from the middle finger of Robin.

"Nooooooo.. arrrrghhhh.. that burns my Dick !! Arrghhhh... it hurts !!! Ahhh.. my balls are burning as well... arrrrrghhh... no no no....... I can feel my ass on fire !! You have not seen the last of me, I am LUKE CHARMAINE the Vampire, mark my words, I will be back.. I will be back !!" Feeling enormous pain from the burning effect of the "light that destroys the shadow" summoned by Robin, the creature retreated from the scene and vanished into the night.

Puki was near her last breath. Robin knew he had not much time left. He knew the person he has loved more than anything in the world would be gone soon. But it was written in the prophesies that Puki Galore was the Chosen One. She was destined to do great things, and save the lives of the million in the future. This was not her time yet. Something has to be done. Something must be done soon.

In every magic that Robin performed, there must be a sacrifice of an equal value made to obtain the object of desire. For example, if you want your dick to be longer by 2 inches, your balls will be shrunk by 1 inch each. Or if you want to be cured of sifilis, you may lose your ability to have multiple orgasms. If the object of demand is of extremely high value, then the price to pay would be extremely high as well. Therefore, in order to bring Puki back to living ordinarily from her dangerously near death condition, there was only one thing to offer for this magic to be performed:

The memory of the person Puki loved and cared most will be erased forever.

Which means, Robin, whom Puki had loved since her younger days, will be deleted from her hard disk memory. When she woke up, there wont be a single trace of existance of Robin in the life that she remembered, and thought she was living.

Knowing that Puki was all that he would ever cared for, knowing Puki was the only girl in the whole universe that he would ever love, knowing that Puki was not meant to die here, Robin chose to save her.

This time, Robin used his most powerful magical instrument, his 9 inch hard ejaculating staff. As he chanted in God-Knows-What spell, he rubbed his magical staff hard until the wonderous juice of life-replenisher starts squirting out from the center of the staff. In 5 minutes, the juice was sprayed all over Puki, and she glowed in bright yellowish orange light.

In tears, Robin can sense every memory he ever had with Puki slowly drifting away. All those sweet moments, all those sex that they had, all those beautiful times, will all go down the longkang. There was no turning back. He knew that she wont remember him, but that was ok, he just wanted her alive. He cant afford to lose her now. Seeing her well and alive again would make him happy enough. Happy, in such a painful manner.
He was silently hoping, maybe one day, one day, she will fall in love with him again, even without her past memories. It was such a faint hope, but he knew he would hold on to it regardless how impossible it may seem.

"and so it has begun" said Robin, in sobbing tone.

To be continued....
And now, I pass on the continuation to:

Side note: Sorry guys for drifting away from my normal pattern of blogging. This is just a temporary flow to accomodate the tags I had reeceived, and doing my part in response to them. I know some of you may not like these type of entries, but hey, you know what, I thoroughly enjoyed what I did. I will be back to my normal style right after this entry. So stay tuned !!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Meme

Alright, in less than 24 hours, I discovered that I have been tagged, TWICE, by the same blogger, none other than the lovely Luxferi (click). Gosh.... I can only do one at a time lar.. and the other one seems to be rather... challenging for me. Might take more time to complete that one.

However, this one I am dealing with in this entry is more on the lighter side, and done out of complete randomness.

Here goes.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.

Hmm.. the nearest book I can reach would be.. Stephen King - Skeleton Crew

What it says at line 4 is rather interesting... errr.. the book is generally horror, with a a twist of erotic element in it.. Just something I deeply need in times of lonesomeness.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.

My comfy bed is calling out desperately for me... Man... In this cold weather.. nothing seems more tempting that warm bed with quilt and blanket.... cozy...

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

I do not have a TV in Australia.. sadness....

4.Without looking, guess what time it is?

Hmmm.. somewhere past midnite.. say... 12.15am??

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

Ooops.. it is later than I thought... its 12.28am !!!

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

I am now listening to my precious mp3 player, with my Koss in-ear headphones. What song am I listening to now?? Something recommended to me by Chun Chow (click) out of the blue... Shannon Noll - Shine. Thanks Chun Chow, it is a good song.. simply love it.

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Well, I came back from the University, was at the computer laboratory trying to solve an assignment project question. Man, had my brain almost cracked wide open figuring the whole thing out. It is gonna due soon, I gotta get things going, or else I will end myself up burried in deep shit. No kidding.

8. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?

I was still looking at my assignment questions, since it is computer based. OK, I shall not go on with more details, this will just probably bore you to death. Full stop.

9. What are you wearing?

I know Luxferi wants to see me in boxers displaying my prominent bulge. Well, sadly that would only happen in summer, now it is approaching winter, with temperature dropping down to less than 10 degrees at night.. my balls would shrink to the size of peanuts if I wear just boxers to fulfill Luxferi's fantasy !

Standard thick sweater with ordinary T-shirt and short pants. Yeah, see for yourself.

10. Did you dream last night?

I dream every night, though I could vaguely recall what was in the dream. I remembered something about tennis, me meeting my old pals from school days, playing tennis together, and catching up the lost times. Maybe it is just me being so heavily occupied with school work that I abandoned my desires to play tennis completely for many months now. My body is dying for tennis. I just wish my engineering life is not as hectic as it is now.

11. When did you last laugh?

I know back in secondary school days, I laughed almost everyday when I was around with my close circle of friends, Mervyn and Libren, we had such crazy times back then. Back in College days, I had crazy friends too but in much different yet surprisingly interesting ways, Chun Chow, Frederick and gang. Man... when we had something to laugh about.. I can laugh all the way non stop till my stomach hurts. I guess that kind of laughter does not happen at all nowadays. I can only truly laugh my heart out in front of true friends. I choose to express my happiness selectively. Is that a good or bad thing?

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?

I am renting this place now, I dare not hang or paste anything on the wall, if the property is damaged, I may be penalised and pay extra to cover the repair costs.. Ouch... not something I would want to come to, though I have been dying to hang Jennifer Love Hewwitt in tight bikinis next to my bed... Ohh La La....

13. Seen anything weird lately?

I have seen MANY weird things lately... would love to share them in seperate blog entries. Well, me and my housemates exterminating a black widow spider.. I consider that pretty weird. Dont you agree?

14. What do you think of this quiz?

I think this quiz is too random. I seldom indulge myself in random stuff. I choose carefully what I want to do and write in this blog.

15. What is the last film you saw?

V for Vendetta !! Woooo.. Remember, remember, the 5th of November !!

16. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Wow, if I am a millionaire.. the first thing I would do.. travel around the world. I have always wanted to go to different places, see different things, experience different cultures, and best of all, EAT different food !!!! Oh ya, not to forget, I would invest crazily on Audio and Visual stuff. No, no chance of me getting an expensive car. No way, I am not a car freak.

17. Tell me something about you that I dunno.

I am an audio freak. Yeap, I mentioned that in the previous question, but let me elaborate further. I fancy all those hi-fi systems, good surround sound, cd-players, subwoofers.. anything that is related to producing audio. Fidelity is what I seek. I indulge myself in good sound, and music to my ears is not music at all if the sound is cheap and of no quality.

To prove my point.. I currenly own more than 10 sets of earphones....

Those are just a few.. I have more in Kuching. Oh, by the way, Sony Sucks.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

Lets see, If I could change the world, I would show that love is all that matters. Seriously, people nowadays do not show enough love. Where is the love huh?? If only people care more of each other, and show a little bit more affection, give a little bit more, and hate a little less, the planet Earth is a much better place to live on.

19. Do you like to dance?

Yeah, how can one hate to dance?

20. George Bush.

Is just another guy in this dying world.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

Angelia. I just want the name Angel to stick out. I believe in Angels. And if I am blessed with a daughter, I am damned sure I am blessed with an Angel in my life.

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Hamish would be in the list, though I would definitely have many other alternatives by then. Hamish was one of the names in consideration for me, though ultimately Robin was chosen, and henceforth, I am ... Robin !! I kinda like Hamish though.

23. Would you ever consider living abroad?

I miss home.

24.What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?

Welcome, Robin my child !!

25. Five (5) people who must might want to do this meme in their journal.

I am in generous mood now. Not tagging anyone. This ends here.. yeah..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dim sum

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the ANZAC day, something like the national day for Australia and New Zealand, a commemorative event for the brave sexy soldiers who died in war fighting for the freedom of these lands. Yeah, like I would be interested enough to care. ANZAC day was a public holiday, officially a university holiday as well. Such extra time was very much needed for my extensive revision for my last paper of mid semester examinations earlier on today.

I think I survived my examinations. I have a feeling I could at least get a pass for everything. I have a good feeling.

Anyway, stress was definitely building up in all of us, so Thiam, Me, Sarah and Diaz decided to go for an authentic Dim Sum Lunch. Since it was ANZAC day, many places were closed. After driving all the way across the river to the land far far away going around much we arrived at a Chinese Restuarant somewhere in South Perth, called Yummy BBQ.

Ok, I know you will ask where got dim sum in a BBQ place?? Insane or not? Well, aparently the place serves dim sum particularly for breakfast and lunch, and it is then converted into an ordinary Chinese Restaurant with BBQ menu to go along with it later in the afternoon. Many places in Perth adopts similar patern in dining business. Weird, more like a 2 in 1 combo to me, but it works just fine, as long as the food prepared is good to the taste.

For those of you who do not know anything about dim sum, here is a short intro description. This is a form of lunch, prepared in sets of 2 to 4 pieces of yummy small portions, piled in trays dragged along by the restaurant waitors or waitresses passing your table. You can pick whatever you like from the selections available at the tray, and the bill will be marked accumulating each item you add on the table. Basically everything will look deliciously tempting, and the people serving the dim sum speak very fluent cantonese, which I know none of. Another sad fact about Robin Wong.

This will be a a food photoblog, so yeah, just feel free to lick your monitor screen if you can actually smell the aroma coming out from the pictures. Be hungry, be very, very hungry looking at the photos....


This is one of my favourites in Dim Sum, but unfortunately the deep fried squid here is not crispy enough to my taste. And the chunky huge pieces do not add to my liking as well. Could have been better.


Fresh Prawns wrapped in golden crispy fried wanton skin... one of my favourites.. served with creamy mayonaise, arrrghh...

Err.. isit HAR KOW

Also with prawn stuffed inside dunno what skin... ok im starting to get lost on the things I have eaten. Well, who cares.. as long as they taste nice...

Ok... I do not know what this is...

But it sure is delicious.. yummy.... with pork and prawn inside too.. man.. im starting to feel that everything has prawn inside...


I seriously do not know what the canton-name means in English, but it is rice skin with prawn, again, wrapped inside. The sauce outside is something similar to light soy sauce.. Man, this feels like prawn fiesta !!


Porridge serves with crispy dunno what yellowish stuff, and traces of century egg inside. I personally hate century eggs, but hey, since it comes with the package, I just swallow everything down lar.


Ok, this is supposed to be desert, but hey, it is warm, and I do not quite like my deserts warm. I would prefer to have something cold with the chilling effect to soothe the mouth and throat after gulping hot and oily stuff. So this counts as one of the main dishes as well. Soft egg fillings, and crumby crust on the outside.


White bun with bbq pork filling. Alright this is the beginning of dishes with no prawn fillngs in them.


I would say this is my most favourite of all, selected by Diaz... Simply love the beancurd skin, and the meat stuffing inside was just tender and juicy.


Now this is what I call a real desert, something cold and SWEEEEEET.... ahhh..

I gotta say I enjoyed the lucnch tremendously. I seriously need to indulge myself in something nice to take off some of the stress induced by intensive studies preparation for the endless mid sem examinations. Well, I have not had dim sum lunch for quite some time, and i do miss it some how.

How much did it cost me?

Thanks to this lovely friend-gal of mine, Sarah.. It was paid for !!! Awwwhh.. sweeeeeet...

And thats me, enjoying my desert.. yummy.. ohh yummy...

Thanks Diaz for driving us around !! The lunch was indeed awesome. Man, I am starting to crave for dim sum again....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Black Widow Spider

I am scared of a lot of things. One of my natural fear is of spiders. I just hate spiders. I do not know why, maybe it is my natural instinct that tells me spiders are dangerous, and do not touch them !!!

Today, of all the places in the house, right at the corner of the washing sink in the kitchen, I found this.

Ok, that spider has moved up a bit since i scared it off. I took a closer look. Observe the RED SPOT on the abdomen.

For a moment there I almost fainted. Call me a wuss. Whatever. That is a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. The only spider with red spot on their body is black widow spider. Just in case you are like my housemates who are total sua kus (beetles in the jungle) who have not heard of its existance, black widow spider is considered the most venomous spider in the entire planet Earth, with the intensity of their venom 15 times greater of the standard venom released by a rattle snake.


I went to Wikipedia and came out with this results (click)

Adult female black widow spiders are shiny black with an hourglass shaped
marking on the bottom of its abdomen.

Yeap, that pretty much describes the spider in my kitchen, so it is no doubt a black widow spider... no kidding..

Widow spiders have more potent venom than most spiders, and 5% of reported bites
result in fatalities...

What what what !!! Fatalities !! People can actually DIE from the bites??
Arrrghhh !!

Only sixty-three deaths were reported in the United States between 1950 and 1989
(Miller, 1992).

What do you mean "only"?? 63 people actually DIED from the black widow venom ?? ***GASSSPPPP***

And there it was, a black widow spider hanging around my house !!!

I do not know how common this is in Australia, maybe there is an average of 5 to 10 spiders lingering in each house (pure baseless hypothetical assumption). Maybe there are some lurking around the corners of my bedroom. Maybe it is not as lethal as it is supposed to be. I do not know. I remembered vaguely from this TV series back in my childhood called "recscue 911", there was this episode where a girl was bitten by the black widow spider and rushed to the hospital. I am entirely sure that they mentioned the only reason why she did not die was because the spider might have bitten something else before the girl, thus releasing a huge amount of venom into the previous victim.

Wow... now.... there it was. A black widow spider hanging around my house !!

And so I alerted my hosuemates who know none about black widow spider its special abilities (killing humans that is), and initially they would not care that much, until they heard about the killing part.

WT: Har.. such small thing can kill human ah??
Robin: Yes.
WT: You sure that is black widow?
Robin: Yes.
WT: How come u so sure? It can be just any red dot on the body what...

*WT googled black widow spider*

Wt: ok... that IS a black widow spider....

*WT googled more*

WT: OK... lets KILL it.... before it gets to us...

Kids, do not try this at home. If you found a black widow spider somewhere in your house, please alert your mama or papa. Please do not alert your Grandma.. or she might think that is a cute beetle and play with it instead... You do not want to see your Ah Ma turn into an ugly SpiderWoman after bitten by the spider and jump around the house crazily, happily spinning webs do you?? For goodness sake, be a good kid.

You see, the spider was hiding at that corner, heck they always do. We cant have a clean flat WHACK on it. So we have to find other means to get to it, without our skins near the jumping range (estimated spiders can jump up to 30cm radius) of the spider.

Here are the eauipments we gathered and the short sequence of our process in extermination the spider. The spider may not be visible, due to the black glass window behind it and the poor lighting in the kitchen. But heck, just watch the clips for the actions.

Mold Spray.

This is a good way to slow down the movement of the spider. The acidic content should torture and hurt the spider enough, sending a clear message that humans can hurt them as well. Yeah, we are good at tortures !!!!

Fire Starter

The HOT flame should fry the butt for sure. Burning the spider alive after acidic torture is just as fantastic as having ice cream after eating fried chicken. Alright.. that does not sound so right.. but yeah... adding fire in the scene means.. adding life !!! Woo hooo...

And you know what... The spider is still F**king ALIVE after acid and FIRE burn !!!
Damned.. what are spiders made of? Fire resistant and acid proof material??

And so... here goes another round..


We do not know if we really killed the spider for sure, it went to the hole in the dark corner, and we could not really tell for sure. Maybe it died. Maybe it is still alive. For what we are certain, there was no movement for a long time.

Yeah, call us crazy. Call us Chiak Pa Boh Su cho (Having nothing better to do). But I am sure none of us wants to be bitten by the deadly spider with the fatal venom it carries. No way, I am only so young that there is an entire stretch of my life laid in front of me. I guess my other friends standing together with me ok lar, I am only holding the camera doing nothing all the time exterminating the spider would feel the same too.

Have any of you seen a black widow spider before? Man, I never knew I would come face to face with one before...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Who needs to lock the car?

You may install the lastest security system on your precious 4-wheel babe, yet, if the thief really wants your car, he will have his way around virtually anything. I guess cases of break-ins with core equipments stolen have been rather frequent and common nowadays.

On my way back from McD yesterday, I saw this beauty. I guess she would have caught anyone's attention passing by.

With no one around, I can even jump in and have a seat. The owner of the car seriously has no issues with the security, or so it seems. What is the point of having locks, when anyone could just hop in.

I wonder, what would happen if this car is found parking somewhere in Kuching. So car thieves of Kuching, why don't you try your luck in Australia? Your job seems much easier here.

Side Note: I may not be able to update this place for the coming few days, due to heavy university workload and mid semester examinations. So do not panic and alert 911 if this place is silent for longer than usual. Hopefully things will be cleared as soon as Wednesday, and I will be back blogging as ordinary.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

McDonalds by the Sea

My sadly short holiday has come to an end, this coming Monday will resume as ordinary boring days of a university student yet full of torture with work and burden. On this Monday the first thing that would welcome me back to university would be a mid semester paper. Boy, am I ready for that?

I have tried going through the lecture and tutorial notes, unfortunately I could not digest them very well. I needed a break. I needed to go off to somewhere FAR from my place, and just sit down, relax for a while, and probably use that space later for studies as well. I need an environment change. Studying in my room, or at the library has become rather typical and sadly, "uninteresting". I need to find something new to ignite my motivation in studies. This is, in fact, just a temporary need.

And so in the afternoon, I dashed out from home with my revision necessities and hopped on a bus to the city to catch a train to somewhere, yet to be known. On the way to the city, somewhere near the artificial lake with fountains and ducks swimming in it (click), something strikingly freaky drew everyones attention in the bus.

Now, how on earth did something like that happened?

I was still on the bus while the pictures were taken, and I am still not entirely sure what exactly happened. From my observation, there was no other vehicle involved. My guess was that the driver or whoever that may be on the truck was not badly injured, for no ambulance were spotted nearby. Just because of that capsized truck, the entire road was blocked from public access, and boy, for the first time have I witnessed such horrific traffic jam in Perth. Yet surprisingly, the road was perfectly calm, with not even one person hitting the honk nor yelling undesirable words. While I had my hands on the camera, focusing on the accident scene, I was hoping eagerly for something HUGE to occur, like HUGE explosion or something...

Nah, life is not so much of a drama after all. Sheeeeessshh..

After being trapped in the jam for over 30 minutes, I reached the train station, and took a trip down to the Fremantle. Call me nuts, since Fremantle is like an hour's drive away from the city, but I just needed to get as far away as possible. There was this urge in me, I do not know why.

Here I was. In the McDonalds, uniquely sitting next to a beach. The beach was not huge, or having hot babes in bikini or something, and no guys surfing and anything of that sort. Just plain small beach, with plenty of sea gulls making lots of noise, and rough wind blowing your hair and hot sun beaming down on your face. But having a double beef, double bacon burger (Hah, something you shall NEVER find in McD Malaysia..) with the ever-famous fries and coke in such environment, the experience is truly wonderful. So I thought to myself, why not study here as well?

And yeah, I did. Took out my lecture notes, and spent 2 solid hours ok, maybe one hour plus only lar, but I can make myself feel better, can I not?? studying for my coming mid-sem paper. Was it good? I say, it was awesome, and definitely worth the long travel. I have found the inspiration I desperately needed through the sound of the waves and the blueness of the waters.

I just hope I wont do badly for the coming paper. Much work is yet to be done. I shall get to it soon.

Guys, wish me luck.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pancakes in toilet

I know the toilets in Australia everywhere are impossibly clean. I know the people here are responsible enough to flush after using and not spray their human waste all over the places. I know some toilets even have music radio broadcast for your to enjoy while you do your business.

But what I do not know is, pancakes served right at the entrance to the toilet.

This is the entrance...

And there you go, I imagine pancakes deliciously prepared and served behind this very door...

In the end, after going around the place, I figured out that the door was the back entrance to the restaurant located adjacent to the washrooms. Yeah, the name of the restaurant is indeed, PANCAKES. No kidding. I did not take any pictures of the restaurant since there are too many eyes looking my direction.

Now everytime I eat pancakes, I will think of toilet. Nice.